Oct 1, 2022

From: trouble in bh

Subject: Salary troubles in Beverly Hills and Encino.

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Lisa Rinna is asking $2M next season and production doesn’t want to pay her that much. They are thinking about firing Erika since her salary is in the $700s. They want to split that between Lisa Rinna and Kyle. Kathy is also asking too much money to just be a friend of, we will most likely not see her next season. They want to get another “Dorit” who brings fashion and some what drama because her salary is only $100k and has more of a lifestyle fan base which is why she has been on all the BRAVO commercials.

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  1. Doubtful

    This seems fake.. How much is Lisa on now to demand 2 mil?!
    Also all the other blinds say she is leaving, so why would they bend and give her $2 million?!

    It also seems unlikely that Dorit would be getting $100k and Erica is getting seven times that…

    It all seems so unlikely

  2. Berlin Housewife

    NOT RINNA STAYING! I call BS. They should fire Rinna. And maybe keep Erika, make her make friends with Sutton or something. But not evil Rinna who has no storyline at all. And keep Kathy!

  3. Just No.

    I don’t like the sound of this. If they keep Rinna I don’t think I will be able to stomach next season. She was so awful to everyone this season and just laughs about it. It’s gross.

  4. ParaDiamond

    This is the biggest load of bullshit ever.

    Dorits salary is most likely around $500k, Erikas salary is close to $1m.

  5. Mikey

    No way are they firing Erika for Rinna. Her drama has been a focus for two seasons.

  6. Bee

    I almost believed some of this but I definitely don’t believe Dorit only makes $100k. This is all BS. Hey Rinna, find a new hobby.

  7. Carol

    I bet Rinna put out she asked for $2M so that when she’s fired, it’s over salary, not her being a demon.

  8. Meredith

    Whoa whoa, Dorit is only making that much.? Please give the money to Dorit. I quite enjoy her and I think she does encompass more than messiness, unlike some others.

  9. Math is Hard

    My guess is they meant that they could hire a newbie for around 100k with a similar fashion style/lifestyle as Dorit. To replace Erika. Then split the reset of Erika’s salary between Rinna & Kyle. At least that is how I read it.

  10. Chiiiic

    According to most articles (dated last year at least) she does make $100k. But those same articles say Rinna makes $500k so I can’t imagine she would make quadruple that lol she suuuucks no one enjoys her anymore.

  11. Somewhat intelligent human

    The fact that this blind says Dorit is only being paid $100k per season makes it completely unreliable. Why was this even posted? Come on…

  12. I call BS

    If they kept Jen Shah they are keeping Erika.

  13. heidi

    Why would they keep Rinna let alone give her more money? Viewers hate her and she’s made the show so dark. I don’t believe Dorit only makes 100k a year, but I’d love another fashion loving woman on the show.


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