Seating details!

Sep 9, 2022

Kathy will be sitting between Kyle & Garcelle


  1. Lips

    Good – Kyle is the most annoying but I hope both of them will defend Kathy

  2. Karen

    Kathy unfollowed Kyle. They are. OT getting along so why seat them together?

    • Kelly

      What are you on about? Kathy is currently following Kyle.

  3. Gird your loins

    Can the mole provide details on why they’re filming the reunion before the most hyped and arguably controversial moment has aired? It seems it’d benefit Andy and his interviewing to know what audience reaction is to what’s been teased on social media since it happened. And do the women get advanced viewing of the episodes or do they see how the footage is edited in real time with us? Because if they see the episode before we do and before the reunion I can only imagine the revisionism that’s happening. It’d be more satisfying for the viewers if we could tell Andy what we want to hear about that incident specifically.

    • Lazy Gray

      They typically film before final episodes have aired. It seems in recent years, they get to watch the final episodes the day before the reunion. That’s what was revealed about the Salt Lake City recent reunion.

    • Kristi

      They always film the reunion prior to the last episodes. The cast sees the last couple of episodes before they air, plus they lived it. But, this is typical for all of the reunions because they have to have time to edit and get it ready for production to air the week after the finale.


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