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Sep 11, 2022

From: Just Say’n

Subject: 1st bombshell

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Rumor has it the 1st RHOBH reunion bombshell is Rinna was the one that threw Garcelle’s book away and that Erika posted the pic on her Instagram maybe its just me but that’s not really a bombshell. Hope the rest of the taping is better than that

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Side note, our friend @yourmomsarewatching also reported this … it better be more juicy than this lol


  1. Yasin

    Wasn’t this like basically what the fans thought especially since Erika kind of alluded to it?

    • News We Already Knew

      Yea there’s a pic floating around Reddit showing Lisas patio floor and it being the same one in the book toss photo

  2. Kyles hand

    As per uzh, BH reunions are BORING AF!!!!

  3. Anon

    I knew it! I remember someone saying that it wasn’t Erika who threw it out, and I recognized the phone in the photo from Rinna’s house. I figured it was her.

  4. Bee

    All of Reddit knew this thanks to a skilled reddit user’s investigating skills

  5. Bee

    All of Reddit knew this thanks to a skilled reddit user’s investigating skills

  6. Not a bombshell

    Funny that they were saying in the last episode that Garcelle and Sutton are so high school, but that sounds like the pot calling the kettle black if this “bombshell” is true. Grow up ladies!

  7. Harry Hamlin

    We all knew that old phone (fax machine) came out of Rinna’s dated, rat infested house

  8. Lauren

    Rinna’s taking all the heat – IMO they both were involved. Rinna’s been sacked so she’s given Erika a pathway to make up with Garcelle. Though it’s hard to believe Rinna would do anything altruistic.

  9. Fraud Force Five

    So that’s okay but when Sutton and Garcelle have fun unfollowing Erika it’s mean girl behavior? Make it make sense

  10. Titsmcgee

    God rinna has turned into the rats that infested her home


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