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Aug 19, 2022

From: Rhobh Shift

Subject: A new era of BH.

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The fox force four will be dissolved after season 12 reunion, but it will be composed of somewhat new members. Production has told the ladies to not hold back at the reunion. We will see a lot of Rinna vs. Erika, Erika vs. Kyle, Dorit vs. Erika. Later this season Rinna and Erika get into a bad fight and it will rehash feelings. Same with Erika and Kyle. Dorit will want to save face and stay on good graces with Garcelle and will throw Erika under the bus. Just get ready for the reunion because there will be a huge shift, very similar to that of SLC. Also expect Sheree full time next season.

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  1. Kt

    I really hope this is true.

    • Sue Bell-Bondd

      Kyle will through whoever she needs to throw under the bus to help her stay on the show!

  2. Connor

    it also snows in pasadena

    • Ama


  3. Karen

    Breaking it up would be a start but time to let some go.
    Everyone turning on Erika it seems. About time

  4. Hope

    I don’t want sheree, she is another wannabe but the the rest of this sounds good

  5. Foxy Lady

    Composed of new member? We want them broken UP, not reformed! I can’t watch another newbie become a Kyle/Rinna lackey. I just can’t.

    • Just Because

      Only so they can stay on the show…

  6. Daddy

    So basically EVERYONE vs Erika?! LMAO! We won! WE LOVE TO SEE IT! ???

  7. Toothless and homeless

    I don’t think she’s brought anything to deserve full time?

  8. Tess

    I feel like this was supposed to happen last season. Like, I’ve heard all this before. I’ll believe when I see it bc those “ladies” are thick as thieves.

  9. RinnaLovesErika

    But clearly the Erika Rinna thing blows over because they were just on vacation in Hawaii together right?!?

  10. Fake force five

    I don’t buy it. RINNA and Erika were just in vacation with Diana.

    • Kristin

      My thoughts exactly!!! I call BS

  11. Anon

    I can 100% see this happening. It’s gonna be Erika against everyone else, other than Kyle who will probably stay neutral because she’s a social climber and only befriends people who benefit her/have money/famous friends.


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