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At Cocktails and Gossip, we drink cocktails, but you better believe we spill the tea. Here in the Cocktail Party community, we’re throwing a messy tea party – exclusively for our Cocktail Party members.

When you join the Cocktail Party community, you’ll get access to the hottest tea that we can serve – exclusive bonus podcast content that you won’t find on the podcast, the website or social media, early access to the ad-free version of the podcast, and the opportunity to talk about all the tea with B, Amanda and the Cocktailers community on our Community page. We’ll also ask you what you want to know more about and we’ll get your feedback on what else we can do to take the party up a notch. 

Thank you, Cocktailers! Get your cocktail shakers ready…

-B and Amanda

What’s Included

You love the tea. And you want to join our community so you can get even more Cocktails and Gossip. Become a member and get access to:

  • Ad-free podcast episodes
  • Early access: You’ll get the podcast a day early
  • Exclusive content: Each week, you’ll get exclusive bonus mini-podcasts with tea you won’t get anywhere else – only our Cocktail Party members will see
  • Private Community: Hang out with us! Let’s talk tea (and talk sh!t) on our Community page where anyone in our community can post and we can all weigh in 
  • Immediate access to all of the previous exclusive content
  • Behind the scenes content: Want to see what Amanda and B text about? Want to hear about what we wanted to post but couldn’t? We’ll mention it all. 
  • Voting power: Vote on the topics we should take a deep dive into. Tell us what you really think about the latest episode of Housewives. 
  • Monthly Zoom call with B and Amanda: Sit down, have a drink and join us for a monthly Zoom – let’s drink and gossip together, two of our favorite things to do. 

$7.50/month or $80/year

(All for $7.50/month! That’s less than the price of a cocktail at a restaurant.)

Here’s what Cocktailers are saying…

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$80 / Year
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