Who walked off?

Sep 22, 2022

From a source.

It was Kyle. She walked off because she was upset over her friends fighting with Kathy and she always picks her friends over her sisters.


  1. Loose lips

    That is 100000% not a shock. She will never chose family, it was evident with Kim. She is the vile sister & it’s showing.

  2. Toxic Family

    With sisters like that, I would too. It’s never addressed, but why can’t the 3 sisters ever be “talking” to each other at the same time. Why are they constantly upset with each other and then ignoring each other.

  3. Family can be messy

    I think their family dynamics are complicated and messy. They had a whack mom and upbringing. I think Kyle seems like the healthiest of all three and there is a lot more there than meets the eye. I feel like there is a lot she is holding back to protect her sisters and family. Not saying she is perfect but I do sense it is way more complicated than we realize.


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