Who walked off?

Sep 22, 2022

From a source.

It was Kyle. She walked off because she was upset over her friends fighting with Kathy and she always picks her friends over her sisters.


  1. Loose lips

    That is 100000% not a shock. She will never chose family, it was evident with Kim. She is the vile sister & it’s showing.

  2. Toxic Family

    With sisters like that, I would too. It’s never addressed, but why can’t the 3 sisters ever be “talking” to each other at the same time. Why are they constantly upset with each other and then ignoring each other.

  3. Family can be messy

    I think their family dynamics are complicated and messy. They had a whack mom and upbringing. I think Kyle seems like the healthiest of all three and there is a lot more there than meets the eye. I feel like there is a lot she is holding back to protect her sisters and family. Not saying she is perfect but I do sense it is way more complicated than we realize.

  4. Not a KH fan

    It’s pretty obvious that if you do not say or do what KH says, then she writes you off. Look how she handled Paris, having her kidnapped in the middle of the night. KH never denied she said those things about Kyle and that is sad.

  5. Candi

    I blame Big Kathy for all of this.

  6. Dontbealluncool00

    Kathy is not the person she is on this show. It’s actually shocking to me how many people believe what they see on RHOBH is how she is. The dynamics between her and Kyle are co complicated and Kathy is no saint.

  7. House of Hilton

    People who question why they have so many issues with one another should look into their mother and their childhood. Big Kathy was horrible and literally whored Kim out for money.

  8. Team Paris

    Paris’ documentary is very telling on Kathy’s character – you can still see how scared her own daughter is of her. Also, if this affects Farrah’s wedding, it would be extremely disappointing – it’s not a fight between cousins.

  9. Kyle is vile

    Kyle has chosen bad friends over both her sisters multiple times. The world is seeing Kyle is not up to much and she doesn’t like it.

  10. Gina Kehough

    Everyone in these comments- watch paris in love. She even admits her character comes out on that show. Also I want to be a Hilton on Tubi -but this one’s just super fun to watch – nostalgic

  11. Jess

    I saw an interview with Kathy a few months ago and she said she has never had problems with Kim, that the two of them have never stopped talking to each other. So it seems Kyle is the common denominator in their issues.

  12. CaliSteve


    Kyle knew all about the Kathy takedown from the start. I do believe she didn’t think it was going to go far as it did.

  13. JC

    BECAUSE KATHY IS TOXIC AND A BULLY AND ITS HER WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!! Kyle is no saint but if Kathy doesn’t get her way she ices people out and now she’s going after Rinna’s career for calling out her horrible behavior. *allegedly*

  14. Kathy is a bully

    Team Kyle!

  15. Milton

    Kathy said it all and she’s not as innocent and harmless like people think. She has money and knows people in high places. That’s why we didn’t get to see it ALL. I feel bad for Kyle, her sisters are a mess.


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