Not her favorite?

Lots of rumors swirling around this family lately. Truth is it isn’t exactly favoritism , word is one of her children recently  invested in the business and the other hasn’t (isn’t able to?). Allegedly.

Even the wigs?

This family has a canceled show and nothing in the works. The mother tried to take a page from another housewife and go “spiritual” but that scam didn’t work. Now they’re literally selling the clothes off their backs…for retail price. Expect a “move” from their...

Money by….

This recently dumped Hollywood guy has been called out for many things. Cheating, owing money, being corny, but no one ever mentions his drug use. Allegedly.

Too much tequila…

This housewife’s upcoming season shows her messier than EVER. She’s super jealous of one of her cast mates and she really does her, and her child(ren) dirty. We’ll all see it. Blame it on the alcohol?! Allegedly.