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Aug 23, 2022

From: Housewives Franchise
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Subject: Just Can’t Get Enough

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Lately Bravo tea has been getting out & even if it’s true they make bravo correspondents/blogs/casting ppl post that it’s not true, because it’s ruining their big announcements. The cast for RHONY that was leaked, those women were all in the final running and some made the cut. Bravo is definitely bringing back Dallas with D’Andra a part of it. San Francisco, Winnetka, Scottsdale, Nashville & the Boca Raton area are all being tested. It still hasn’t been decided yet which one will be the next franchise. But the plan is the new city will be announced at Bravocon so Bravo has less than 2 months to make the final decision!

Expect a new city to be announced every year or so. Right now Beverly Hills, Jersey, Potomac and Salt Lake City are Bravos top priority since they are doing the best especially with their cast being consistent. If this upcoming season of RHOC doesn’t do well, it will be put on an indefinite break. They have no interest in making a legacy of Orange County. Dubai is getting another season but if it doesn’t do well instead of cancelling after that, it will just be moved to Peacock. Atlanta is still ok but they are bringing pack a housewive next season cause they don’t want the risk of the ratings going down even more. RHONY Legacy will most likely be a short season & they are going all out on the RHONY reboot to premiere March 2023

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  1. Fake

    RHONY reboot won’t happen in March 2023. It takes 6 months to edit after wrapping shooting. They would need to finish shooting in October and they haven’t even started yet.


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