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Six months ago rumors began floating about Bravo’s attempt to venture into daytime tv. They’ve been testing ex housewives to become hosts on a daytime lifestyle talk show, essentially The View Bravo Edition, it’s a way to promote new shows and increase audience share. They tested on a format with cohosts Lisa Vanderpump, Joanna Krupa, Kathy Waikle, Dorinda Medley and Cynthia Bailey as moderator. The network is going forward with the plan, but just without a certain NY housewife, who after her latest TV stint isn’t the fit for the show. It looks like they’ll be bringing in someone from the Dallas franchise. This housewife, whose husband was rumored to fund their show, is still in Bravo’s good graces and regardless of what Twitter says, is largely popular with the networks demographics. She’s going to be back on the network anyway in the next year with Dallas, so the network feel her presence on their new daytime schedule will help bridge gap between the show and Housewives. Likely a former walking billboard NY Housewife will appear regularly on the talk show also. As the network plans to capitalise off this venture promoting Bravocon and many bravo related products.

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  1. Slurinda

    Thank god Dorinda is out. She is the most vile human being to ever be on TV.

    • Jay

      Then why do so many of us love her so much? If she was so vile she’d have way more hater, like Kenya does.

  2. RNR

    Hopefully, it’s Stephanie. I can’t really think of another Dallas HW I would want to watch in daytime.

    Also…Joanna Krupa? Really?

  3. Ally L

    Former Walking billboard NY Housewife = Jill?

  4. Zoila

    What about Jeff Lewis? Thought I saw he would be a host.

    • Not today

      Jeff..and recently Rezza. I never watched Shahs but just listened to him on Amy Phillips show – he spilled some tea & shade. Great

  5. Meg

    This has to be D’Andra especially from her recent posts

    • Kiki

      I agree with you. I think it’s her too.

      • Bitchybravolover

        Her husband definitely would not have been able to fund the Dallas housewives show though..

  6. Sam

    This is fire if its true! Kathy Wakile has been MISSED

    • karlcanada


  7. Bravo babe

    Drunk Dorinda

  8. Just say'n

    Stephanie Hollman and Bethenny or Jill ??

  9. Tinsley Mortimer

    Steph Holman is the Dallas HW.

  10. Skye

    Please not Stephanie, she’s a fake.

  11. Live with Bravo and Cocktails

    NY Housewife No Longer Invited: Jill Zawren
    Dallas Housewife Favorited: Deandra Simmons -with the walking check book.. I mean her husband…
    Walking Billboard: Bethenny “SkinnyGirl” Frankel

  12. --

    So Stephanie is going to replace Dorinda and is the walking billboard NY housewife Bethenney?

  13. Talia

    I bet the Dallas housewife is Kameron Westcott

  14. On pause

    Dorinda 👀 God forbid someone has a difference of opinion. She’d chew them up and spit them right out.. 🫣

  15. Mamabravo

    Stephanie and Jill

  16. SusieQHatesYou

    Well it’s clear Dorinda was on the panel & then ‘put on pause’ as she likes to put it.

  17. Sar

    If the Dallas HW is Kam I will truly lose it.

  18. Tee

    So dorinda is out which I think is for the best. I think rhugt has show us she needs therapy. And isn’t in a fit state, especially under the influence, to be on any show right now

  19. Sara

    Ugh….. Cameron. Dorinda and her antics made that housewife spin-off. Same can’t be said for Cam.

  20. Kathleen

    I’m guessing that last mention of a NY housewife that is a walking billboard is Bethany. This is a great idea because she already had a talk show. I love this idea. I work remotely and would definitely tune in on demand or in real time.

  21. Phillipa

    I would tune into this, and Kameron was more villified on Reddit and Twitter than she was among literally anyone I know. She is delusional but no more so than most other housewives.


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