RHOP !!!

From: New Potomac Housewife

Subject: New Potomac Housewife

Spill It to Bravoand Cocktails.com: Former CNN political commentator, Angela Rye, is being considered as a new housewife for RHOP season 8. All alleged! Look her up. She can reeeadd

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  1. Josie morris

    Angela would never. She has way too much class for housewives and their foolishness.

  2. Daddy

    If this is true, Wendy better bring it or else she’s losing her spot on the show next season! 👀

  3. SM

    I don’t know if Dr. Wendy will be an ally or a foe…either way, GIVE THIS TO US!

    • Tee

      First season Wendy… Ally. Second season Wendy and her thirst for screen time… Foe

  4. Rae

    Here for this!!


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