Dubai housewife…

Jul 24, 2022

OK so let’s start with **** she used to
be an escort in Miami and “dated”
some high profile athletes (Usain Bolt
being one, will have to ask which
others). Her husband is supposed to be
heavily in debt and word over there is
he is a scammer. Her clothing line
which will be featured on the show is
just clothes she slapped her name on.
None are her creations.


  1. LA

    On no my favorite couple on there ??

  2. TM

    Lesa Milan. Did Caroline Stanbury write this?

  3. ??

    Lesa? Nope I don’t believe it. Love her

    • Toy Boy

      Hahaha Caroline and her “toy boy” hard at work trying to take a real couple down. Hi guys!!!!!! Who cares if Lesa was an escort; her marriage seems way more genuine & real than Stanbury’s which is all for social media.

    • KW

      No! I really liked them and though they seemed genuine (well as genuine as a reality tv star can be).

  4. Kt

    Lol did Sergio write this about lesa .. sheesh

  5. Inhunswetrust

    Lesa with Mina Roe??

  6. Jamie

    Lesa Milan. Nooo, I actually like her & her little family. Why do people get on reality tv when they have things to hide

  7. Nicki

    I don’t believe this for a second. There’s some very nasty rumours being spread about the Dubai HW’s at the moment. Some PR idiot from the UK called Nick was responsible for a lot of them. Wonder if he’s behind these ones?

    • Dontbelievethehype

      Absolutely. You can go on Companies House here in the UK and see her husband has money and is successful. His companies are all doing well! But Nina’s husband is another story. His company wrapped up “under exceptional circumstances”. Never a good sign. Probably part of why they ended up in Dubai. Creditors won’t chase you.

  8. Lesa is an escort??

    Omg no way Lesa??????? ? I heard rumors brooks was a big time escort

    • None of ya

      Yesss I’ve heard Brooke’s was the escort to a lot of Nigerian billionaires

  9. sipsiptea

    Going by the number of stars, I’m assuming this is Lesa. I can tolerate her…But Caroline Brooks….girl, BYE!

  10. Rich ain’t rich

    This has been on Lipstick Alley since filming began, with more details and other shadiness regarding friends, so I believe it.

  11. SugarBaby

    Even if she was an escort…..who cares?

    At least she got paid for her one night stands! ?

  12. No shock at all

    I had heard Lesa was an ex escort before the show started and yes, the money troubles are actually not that big a secret. He has nowhere near what he claims to.

  13. Yeah right

    Don’t believe this at all.

  14. Drizzu

    Caroline S please log off and go warm up Sergio’s bottle.


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