Southern Charm is filming. Without Naomie, and without Katherine, who is now on Only Fans. Amanda has a theory about why Shep is coming back after his rumored departure. Once again, our tea was hot and correct – Alex McCord is coming back to Bravo for Ultimate Girls Trip. We love the cast – and have some thoughts on who will get along, and who’s going to butt heads. And the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting firmed up – filming starts soon. Is Kathy coming back, who is going to be Erika’s ally? Who’s going to be the new castmate who can really shake things up?

TRANSCRIPT: Episode 36

B: [00:00:00] I don’t really remember, but it makes sense because they do have a bond. And even though there were some like arguments during that, they by and large really all got along at the end of the day, like they had good moments. And it’s like, it’s just natural that you connect with the people you know.

Welcome to Cocktails and Gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We chat reality tv, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and And as always, it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our blinds ambi.

Amanda: And I’m Amanda.

Let’s get into this week’s team.

B: What’s up, cocktailers? It’s been a week in the Bravo land and we’re bringing you all the scoop we’ve

Amanda: been hearing about. Hi Cock Taylors. I mean, I don’t know about you. [00:01:00] I don’t know if it’s, cuz it’s like the first week back, like full week back, but this has been like the long, it’s not been a bad week, it’s just been a long week.

And I think it’s too, cuz it’s like, I feel like every day something big is happening with Bravo and like, you know, we’re getting all these like comments and stuff that were responding to and it’s just like all of a sudden it’s just every, it’s gotten really busy in the Bravo

B: land. My mind is too many places.

And then I made the mistake of having like a couple hours to myself and asking for recommendations on shows to binge. I don’t know if you’ve seen Ginny and Georgia, have you? I haven’t yet. Okay. So I watched it. Well, don’t start it until you have like a gap of time because it’s very addicting and there I was staying up way, way past my bedtime, binging it and now I regret it cuz now it’s done.

It’s two seasons. It’s so good. I don’t know if I like the people, if I hate the people, I love the show. Mm-hmm. , it’s addicting. Then of course I ordered the spare. by King Harry. Mm-hmm. . That came yesterday. So right after I was done with my binge, I have that and then I have all this Bravo stuff going [00:02:00] on. Oh yes.

So my family just basically is like, we don’t have a wife, we don’t have a mother .

Amanda: I just got, I got spare on audio, so, cause I kind of wanna hear him read it in his own voice. So

B: we’ll have to, I’ve never done an audio book, but I feel like in this case it might be too hard because you’re gonna see it’s very, it’s a memoir and I’m not, and just to be clear, cocktailers, and we could flush this out, if you guys want us to talk more about it, we could always do an extra pod about it.

I am not Team Harry or and Megan, uh, or Team Royals. Honestly, I what I know about it, I just feel like it’s very complicated and I’m not on either side. I think that both probably are to blame for some things. You know, that being said, yeah. This is a memoir about a man who lost his mom as a boy and. You know, reading that as from my own point of view and everyone will have their own point of view as a mother, as someone who’s [00:03:00] lost her mother.

And gratefully, I, you know, I was lucky enough to have my mother into my adulthood, but it just brings up a lot of stuff. So I think it would be hard for me to like, hear him say it.

Amanda: Yeah, I hear you. I’m hoping to just like listen to it in bits and pieces, like on dog walks and like in the car, that kind of thing.

So I find it very

B: sexy too. Like when he was a teenager I found him sexy. And now as a man, I, and, and that’s not gross cuz like, I was a teenager too. . But like, and now as a man, I find him very sexy.

Amanda: Do you? I, so, I think there’s something very attractive about him too. I’ve always thought like redheaded guys are like good looking, which me too, like puts me in a adjacent.

It puts us in the, I think it puts us in like a smaller box of people, but I just always have, but I had noticed, I watched the 60 Minutes on Sunday, and then I watched a coup, [00:04:00] I, I can’t remember what was the other one? Nothing that was out A couple? No. There. Oh yes. That, yes. Those two things. Did you notice that?

And then like in any pictures, it cuts him off, like just over his hairline and like all the shots are like strategically because to not show his bald spot. And like, that’s, that was the first thing my husband noticed. Is it? That’s so funny. Yeah. When I, when the book

B: came, he’s like, that’s, that’s a very strategic photo.

Listen, I’m not a guy. And, and listen, some women deal with, with thinning hair, right? But I, you know, so I can’t speak to that, but I’m like, if they were concerned about it, which by the way, when you see pictures of William, when he had. hair. Yes. When he was younger. Yeah. He was arguably better looking than Harry.

However, I am a person who likes swag and I just think that Harry has that and he was the bad boy and like, you know, Williams like the rule follower, like I would prefer my [00:05:00] own son to be like that. But as far as like what I’m attracted to, I always go for the, like the one

Amanda: that’s a little left of center.

I hear you on that. And I, I think I agree with everything you just said cuz William and he looks so much. . William looks so much like Diana to me, especially with when he had all the hair. I just can’t help but wonder, wait.

B: And there’s a line in it, and I don’t, this is not really a spoiler, but it’s more like a zinger where he references his brother’s resemblance to his mother.

And he says something like, well, what he, he talks about his, he’s like, and my brother’s, you know, bolding at a much faster pace than I and his, his famous resemblance to my mother, which is fading by the day with his age, which can be, it was like the way it was worded was real Zer. But again, don’t forget, princess Diana was only how old when she passed.

Right. And now William is at least

Amanda: 40. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. I just like most, a lot of men I know have been doing Minoxidil or [00:06:00] whatever since they were in their twenties preventatively. And I just can’t help but wonder. I’m like, why wouldn’t you do that if you’re that? I don’t know. And Charles has all that hair.

I don’t know. I don’t

B: know why took, well, they say, I don’t know. I’m not a, you know, a person who know, but like the old wive’s tale is you take after your mother’s father where hair is concerned for men. Okay. So we’d have to look at Diane, Mr. Spencer’s hairs and her last name’s Spencer. Oh shoot. All right.

We’re off topic. Our cocktails are like, we don’t care about the royals. We could do an extra pod about the royals. We will, yeah.

Amanda: We’ll do a little book club and maybe what we’ll do too is we’ll talk about it. Maybe we’ll talk about it at next month’s Zoom for the members if they want to.

B: Oh, that sounds fun.


Amanda: okay, so back to our usual Bravo bullshit. , Southern char. I mean, I don’t even know where to start. There’s so much to start with, but let’s start with Southern charm because that feels like the, what are the [00:07:00] most recent things that started to happen this week? We’ve been hearing, they are filming. We got a confirmation from somebody that they actually saw them filming this week.

B: Yes. They’ve spotted a bunch. They saw yesterday somebody told me Craig was filming at his store. Austen and Taylor were filming together. I think that was last week. I know there was a question mark with Shep. What I learned was the ball was in Shep’s court. He was, he was sort of considering leaving the show and not filming in any capacity.

He’s currently in Africa. He’s returning, I think this week or next week, and he will start filming. So he did decide to come back. I don’t know what that’s gonna look like if he was on the fence. It may look like a more limited, you know, a more limited version of him. The network loves him. I mean, we know he is great friends with Whitney, who’s a producer, so, so.

But you know, and we heard these rumors and shout out to my girl Jen over at Block by Jax. She was in Charleston. [00:08:00] She had it confirmed by, I believe some of the Republican Lev’s staff. Mm-hmm. , that Catherine was indeed out. I heard it from another person and the people article dropped yesterday that she’s out.

Along with that, the rumor is that she was rude to production and they’ve had it with her. She immediately put, I am southern charm in her bio. Very true to form. In other words, like the show doesn’t exist without me and she started in only fans.

Amanda: Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s interesting, right? Because with some of the other casting changes that like we’ll talk about here in a minute, Catherine one didn’t surprise me.

What would surprise me is if essentially all of the old guard. W except for maybe Craig would be out. So that’s what, that’s one of the reasons I’m not surprised that Shep is coming back. I also have, uh, just my own little theory that they’re gonna make this Austen [00:09:00] and Taylor friendship thing, more of a storyline.

So of course they’re gonna want Shep on camera to be pissed about it. Right. Because it’s not an issue if Shep isn’t showing that he’s mad and you know, I don’t know. That’s a’s

B: great point. That’s a really good point. And, and listen, Austen and Taylor are gonna play into it cuz that’s a good storyline for them.

Right. Especially knowing it’s not real. Although that kind of stuff is very touchy cuz it could turn real very quickly. And

Amanda: everyone loves, everyone loves a will. They won’t they. Right,

B: right. And now that we know that the bull was in Shep’s court and he was considering not coming back, that your theory makes a lot of sense.

Charleston. People reach out to me. Yeah. ,

Amanda: yes. Have to watch and watch. Watch and see. So the

B: whole only fans thing concerns me because of who Thomas is and how he always tries to get custody. Beyond that last season, she was an outsider. We didn’t see her much when she was around. She wasn’t really meshing with the cast.

It was very obvious that it was a [00:10:00] show and she was a part of it. Like they would never hang out if the cameras weren’t there, is how I felt. I do feel sorry for her. I think we all have had sympathy for her for a long time. Yeah. It was very clear that Thomas took advantage. I mean, she was 21, he was 50 something.

Yeah. When they got together, you know, at what point is that no longer the network’s responsibility, right. To keep her on a show because she needs the check and you know what? Only fans apparently earns a lot of money, and that’s what it is. But I, I’ve always felt sympathy for her because of, of who she was involved with and the way that she was treated by

Amanda: him.

I agree. I’m sure he promised her the world. I have a question and it’s a dumb question and the Cocktailers are probably gonna give you a lot of shit about this, but I’ve never been on only fans. Does only fans like hard equal nudity? Is it alway? Like if you are on O. Okay, so I’m not

B: like on only fans, but the reason I know that is because I know that Sonja Morgan has an only fans.

I think [00:11:00] it’s more like, it could be bourgeois photos. So you have to be comfortable. Like it’s not, you’re not gonna be like in a suit and tie, you know what I mean? But you don’t have to be nude, but the idea is sexy. Got it. Okay. And I’m sure nude makes more money than clothes, right? Well cuz Right.

Amanda: Lars says on Miami that she just shows her toes, which I have a hard time believing

B: there’s a market for that.

I know. I don’t get. I have awful feet. So no. Are we in the right If that, like, if that for me, I’m, thank God it’s not my part of my business. My feet are, I hate my feet. And like anyone who liked my feet, I wouldn’t trust them.

Oh my God. I could tell a story, but I’m saving that for Cocktailers cuz it’s way embarrassing and I can’t have it. Like where It’s like public.

Amanda: Public. Yeah. So we can’t give that away because the, the foot fetish people need to subscribe. . Oh my god. Ew.

B: Oh my [00:12:00] God. I will not allow that swipe to go through because if anyone messages me saying they’re joining to hear about my feet, I’m, first, I’m puking on myself,

And then I am canceling everything, shutting down shop and running away Some.

Amanda: Oh my God. We’re already, so like, I don’t even know what we’re talking about anymore. Okay. So, oh my God. What else? What else do we have here? Okay. Oh, Naomi. Naomi, yes.

B: So I don’t think this has officially been announced, but I know it to be true that she’s out. She’s out. And by the time they, everyone hears this, I mean, listen, I think that it was kind of like Diana being out.

I think it was an assumed thing. She’s got this new boyfriend, Frank Keenan, his family owns The Breakers in Palm Beach. They’re in oil. He has a stadium at UN U N C and a business school named after him, super wealthy. He’s certainly not going on a reality show. Yeah. She has a pending lawsuit with her best friend, suing her Doubt.

She wants to talk about [00:13:00] that. Yeah. And she had a bad showing last season. I mean, and I’m not blaming it fully on her or whatever, but it just come on. I didn’t need anyone to tell me she wasn’t coming back, but it’s been

Amanda: confirmed. . Yeah, I, and I, I think we can probably guess like, just like she left by choice before that, this will be by choice again.

She’s, you know, clearly got a lot going on and don’t worry, cocktails, we’re gonna still stay on top of that lawsuit, which I believe they’re supposed to do their mediation in, or adr. Technically it didn’t say what kind of ADR they’re doing, but they’re, that’s gonna be in May, so, we’ll, we’ll definitely keep, keep an eye on that.

But again, not a huge shock, but going back to kind of where, what I was hinting at earlier, if Catherine’s gone, Naomi’s gone, Craig is still there. And if Shep were to leave too, it could, [00:14:00] it, it might feel like just too many people and not enough. Too many people have left and not enough threads to kind of keep people watching for the people that they, you know, that they love.

Right. From the OGs you have to, so you have to

B: soft launch new people.

Amanda: Right, exactly. I saw too, Austin was having lunch with his parents and with Patricia and Whitney, so I think it was lunch. It was some sort of meal. But I’m like smart. It’s smart of him to, you know, keep those relationships going.

Because did I mention

B: on here that has a lot of, I, you know, I have Austin blocked on Bravo and Cocktails, but did I mention that he followed me on cocktails and gossip? My backup slash our podcast account,

Amanda: the ice is thawing,

B: I mean, public apology. I want a post that says, I’m sorry for talking bad about Bravo and Cocktails.

She’s only ever recapped the [00:15:00] behaviors I’ve displayed on television. and maybe called me a Muppet mouth, but I did not make that up.

Perfect. Honestly and truly, I have really no ill will no towards him. Like if I saw him in person and I wasn’t scared of like the whole anonymity anonymous, I can’t talk. Yes. I’m, I’m guys so, and sober drinking water, I have to drive around later. I would totally go over and be like, what’s up? I really legitimately am Bravo and cocktails, and I think that he would be like, oh, why do you do that?

And like at the end of it, after we have like a glass of wine or a beer, we’d be like buddies because he’s just, he reminds me of some of like my college friends, like the frat guys or the football team that I hung out with, and like, they’re not bad people. They just put their foot in their mouth and they have a few too many beers and they act stupid, but like, they’re good people deep

Amanda: down.

Totally. I totally agree. I think he’s a, he’s got, he isn’t a grudge holder and. Is a pretty [00:16:00] amiable personality in general. Yes. So I would agree. I meant to say too, guys, if, if you guys like me, what are you talking about? With the lawsuit with Naomi, we did a deep dive back in the podcast, episode 24 and then a follow up in episode 30 talking about the ADR and thinking it’s probably mediation and all of that.

So if you wanna catch up with that, those are the episodes to kind of go back and look at. Okay. And Amanda

B: really goes into detail and, but what I like about your deep dives is you really do it in layman’s terms so that it’s easy to understand. Sometimes when you read stuff, it’s like, wait, what? Can you just tell me this in like, not in such legal jargon.

So it’s good. I know. And you’ll have a full understanding of what is what.

Amanda: Yes, yes. And we try, we really do try with these things to not take sides and not pass too much judgment. Because you have to always remember when you’re looking at court documents, that’s what one side. Says mm-hmm. , when it’s [00:17:00] especially a civil suit, when it’s, you know, like the Jen Shaw stuff, you know, when you see what the, the US government is saying, well that is backed with proof.

Um, right. But with a civil suit, it’s very much gonna be worded based on, well, I did this and you did this, and, and it’s gonna be very much coming from their own side. So we try hard out to, to pass judgment. Okay. Beverly Hills, let’s go there next. So Rena’s gone, which we spent some time being shocked about because it literally happened as we were recording last week.

We knew Diana was gonna be gone. So, like, not a huge shocker. Got some exclusive tea that we posted last week. If you wanna, you wanna share.

B: So the official cast really isn. Nailed down. Nailed down. We’ve heard different things about Crystal. We’ve heard she’s out. We’ve heard she’s demoted. So [00:18:00] obviously I would imagine it’s gonna be one of the two.

Then the Ultimate Girls trip cast was finally announced and on it are both Brandy and Camille. Now, if they’re on that, the assumption is they’re no longer ex-wives and they can’t be full-time on Beverly Hills. So did negotiations fall apart? Brandy was just on watch what Happens live. They did not confirm that she’d be on Beverly Hills, although they certainly teased that she wanted to come back and the audience wanted her back.

I love Brandy back. I like Camille back. I assume that we’re gonna see them, but so then what I hear from the source is there’s a lot of change going on this season and that minus Rena and Diana, it will be the same, but we can expect a couple of new faces. Uh, we can expect. Perhaps performance based, which is what we heard.

Doitt may be a performance based brandy, possibly could be a performance based. What that means, what does a performance based [00:19:00] mean? If you don’t have much of a storyline, you’re gonna be considered a friend. Right. Bill as a friend. Mm-hmm. . And if you give us something, you know, DOITT was in the situation last year and then she had the unfortunate robbery, which kept her as full-time.

So it’s something to look for. I, in my heart of hearts, and this isn’t from a source, I think that they’re holding out because I feel like, first of all, a lot’s going on. So Bravo has the benefit of keeping all of us happy with all these trailers and, you know, Miami and Southern Charmed School and all this stuff that’s happening.

I think that they are trying to lock somebody big. That’s what I think. Mm-hmm. , that was rent opens up a big salary. That’s a, it’s a lot of money that just opened up.

Amanda: I think, I mean, I think that’s a really, really good theory. I think they need something like that. You know? They’re gonna need something really interesting and different with Rene on, and I don’t think getting Kathy to be a full housewife, [00:20:00] is it?

I think it’s, I think you’re right. I think it’s gotta be somebody else. I would like to hereby suggest Jennifer Coolidge. Yes. Who said that in an interview that she would do it. I mean, how amazing would that be? But

B: I just feel like nobody could ever get mad at her, so she would just have to be on the show, just almost in a Sonya Morgan capacity.

Yeah. I mean, she is the Sonya Morgan of Hollywood. Is she not like, just like it’s impossible to dislike her and maybe they’ll get annoyed because she’s flighty or she’s late, or she’s whatever, but nobody ever really has true beef with her.

Amanda: Yeah, totally. I don’t know, maybe like a Heidi Klum or, gosh, I don’t know.

I mean, I think we’ve definitely had some guesses, but I also just wanted to point out, once again, you know, we put the tea out and people love to like rag on us and say it’s, you know, so wild. I mean the [00:21:00] cocktailers, you guys know, but I’m literally running out of fingers and toes to count on the times that this has happened where we put this tea out and people are like, ah, you’re so wrong.

You’re so wrong. And then it comes through cuz here we go. You know, we. , we know that brandy is coming back in some capacity. Camille is coming back in some capacity again. Alex, Alex

B: McCord is on the fucking yes girls trip. When I tell you the heat I took okay for this. And I said to myself like, I don’t even believe this, but you wanna know what the source had given me?

The full cast of the real housewife, the real girls, whatever it is. The girls trip. The third one. Yes. And I was like, listen, this dude knows what he’s talking about. He specifically gives me stuff about girls trips and lo and behold,

Amanda: I know. And they get, here we go, let’s So like big, high five for getting that scoop.

But also guys like [00:22:00] Cocktailers, you guys believe, like you guys know, I think B did such a good job of saying when something comes from a source versus, you know, when it doesn’t come from a source, often it’s, it’s just the tea. And so like, That’s something else that you know that you guys probably know just from reading the site and listening to the podcast.

So that was, I mean it did seem a little bit unbelievable because Alex, now is she, of course I had to like do some Googling on what’s going on. She’s a psychologist. She just finished grad school. Simon went to law school, is a lawyer and has his own firm in Australia. They live, I think in like Byron Bay, which is like a beautiful area.

I might have that detail wrong, but they live like in the beach in this like gorgeous area in Australia and she has not been on tv. whatsoever in over a decade. I think we’ve heard her on a few podcasts here and [00:23:00] there, but no TV and I, I looked into it cuz I was like, wait a second, has she really not been on anything?

And literally since like, I think 2008, so maybe 15 years. But I also found out when I’m digging through all of this, that she used to be in movies and on soap operas. Did you

B: know that? Well, we saw her wanting to model, so it’s not that much of a stretch, but I had have no idea. It’s great, it’s fantastic.

And people are complaining like, oh, why are we getting some of the same ladies, guys? It’s Fedra, phra parks. Okay. Mm-hmm. . It’s Eva who is fantastic on mm-hmm. and you know mm-hmm. even in like, thrill me on Atlanta. But I loved her on Girls Trip. I think she’s like that calming force. So they’re good people that are coming.

Like, I, I don’t mind a repeat if it’s good we’re getting Caroline Manzo, who we also said was coming, which was a little bit more believable cuz Caroline’s name’s always in the mix and you know, she’s been on. Things and had her own show and then she’s been here and there. So get these easily. I do feel [00:24:00] so talking about Beverly Hills, cuz I’m thinking about this.

Yes. Because you know, my mind wanders. I’m feeling like Erica needs an ally. Kyle can switch it up easily now. Especially with Kathy and her on the outs. And we do hear that Kathy, I think we could see her in the Frank capacity even though her daughters don’t want it. So who connected to Erica? Like, cuz Diana’s gone, Rens gone.

Sut, Andel are no longer her friends, although they were at one time. Right. Dorid is sort of like Missy. Wishy-washy. I wouldn’t count her as an ally like she needs a soldier. Right. I mean, and then on girls trip to Erica, .

Amanda: Hmm. Yeah, so maybe it’s whoever this new person

B: is. Speaking of Camille, you know, her and Brandy are gonna be explosive because they have their longstanding Twitter beef, which was talked about on watch what Happens live and apparently [00:25:00] Brandy at one point called Camille a useless TWT

So that’s gonna be fun to watch. I’m also thinking Caroline will like Phra and Eva and I also can see Caroline liking brandy. And in the same way Dorinda kind of put Brandy back in her place, but was like motherly to her or like an auntie. Yes. I feel like Caroline can fall in line

Amanda: with that. Completely, totally agree.

I think Brandy gravitates towards people who are grounded, so I think, I think she’s gonna love Caroline. I think Caroline totally will take this like kind of motherly slash caretaker. Approach with her. I don’t know. Was it you who said you think that the wives who were on the Bluestone Manor trip will ally up?

I don’t

B: really remember, but it makes sense because they do have a bond. And even though there were some like arguments during that, they by and large really all got along at the end of the day. Like they had good moments. [00:26:00] And it’s like, it’s just natural that you connect with the people you know? You know what I mean?

It’s like when kids go from elementary and then like several elementary schools merge to a middle school. Like they kind of become friendlier with the kids that they went to elementary school with, even if they didn’t really hang out as much in elementary because there’s a familiar, you know, it’s a familiar person.

Amanda: So let’s predict. I, yeah, I think you’re right. And like, let’s predict who we think Vicki and Alex will get along with. I think Vicki is gonna latch onto Fedra and I think Alex and Caroline. become friends.

B: I can see that very easily cuz Alex and Caroline are more reality based. And I think that Fedra, I think we saw in the first one, Fedra is nice to everyone, but I also think that Fedra sees like a Vicky or a Ramona as I’m just saying, [00:27:00] Ramona, I don’t know why, cuz she wasn’t even there, but as like, almost like an aunt, right?

So sh they’re, they’re at least a decade older than her and I almost can’t, cuz remember Atlanta, everybody was similar age to her and I feel like mm-hmm. PHRAs old fashioned. Well we know she is from, you know, and I can’t see her being disrespectful too, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. To somebody she perceives as older, I think it kind of goes against her value system.

Yeah. And I think that Vicky needs somebody who. Will zip it even if they should say something. And I think Fager can play that part for her. I’m very curious to see how Vicky and Caroline can get along. Cuz I think that they could really clash or they could really click. Yeah. Yeah. You know, because they’re both like mama bears with their adult children and hardworking and strong and opinionated and that could mean best of friends or like it’s gonna go one way or the other.

There’s not gonna be a lukewarm bond there.

Amanda: Yeah, I totally agree. [00:28:00] I just hope Vicky brings her like Woohoo side and not her like boohoo all is like, you know, I’m so sad, sad cuz like I just, I got so tired of seeing that Nobody wants to see it. I know she just went through a breakup and I know that sucks terribly, but like,

B: but now she’s happy with this new boyfriend who looks just like curl boyfriend so

Amanda: people ha you know, in college I took this.

Amazing. Like it was like just, it was sexual hu Humans and Sex or something like that class, which like fit a and it was like one of those, like everybody wanted to take it. It was taught in this huge auditorium. Like it was like the, such a fun class. And the professor would like, he taught all kinds of crazy stuff and about sex.

But one of the things that he talked a lot about is people have this like template of who he called it, the attraction template of kind [00:29:00] of like what they find attractive. So like you and I both think like red-headed men can be good looking and like a lot, you know? And so I think Vicky just has a very clear attraction template.

Right. And like she likes what she likes. Yeah. Right. Okay. All right. So onto the next big Blockbuster event that’s just happened in the last week, Jen Shaw. Got sentenced to 6.5 years and then five years of supervised release, which I would imagine means like parole or something, you know, like checking in with something like that.

And then she’s requesting that one of those years, I believe, would be in a like drug rehab program, which would mean like it’s a year in a better setting essentially. So what do, why do we think,

B: I think we all thought she would get more time because people below her got more time. Right. So I was a little [00:30:00] confused.

I think the, the judge just ripped her a new one. I thought some of the lines were fantastic. Her own council was sort of like, really you’re paying these people to say this stuff? You. . I don’t need an Andy interview. Amanda, I, we saw the sentencing. She is a liar. Through and through. She doesn’t tell the truth.

There’s no point in an interview. You know, to me she isn’t Teresa, the audience is not invested in the same way. It’s like, I’m done with her. Bye. Side note, while we’re talking about this, cuz couple followers asked me my opinion and I wanna hear your opinion. Do you think Teresa reached out to Jen since she was in a similar situation to offer her whatever?

Amanda: I think that she did not, cuz I think Teresa does not see herself as similar to what Jen is going [00:31:00] through. What do you think? Totally.

B: I, I think, no, I think Theresa doesn’t think much outside of her own little

Amanda: orbit. I could see Jen reaching out to Theresa. and then we’ll see if Theresa picks up the phone.

I guess we’ll never know, but I don’t see Theresa reaching out to her. Right. And I, you know, it is, it is different to me. You know, it’s, it’s, the crimes feel pretty different to me. And then once again, so we know that Jen’s behavior post, you know, post when she admitted her guilt had an effect on her sentencing, and then she goes right out to dinner with a group of 20 people to that restaurant.

And then we got the tea about it. Of course.

B: Which is funny because somebody was there and then they spoke to a server. I mean, it was picked up by page six, but it was just funny that the person sent it to me. I mean, it’s just [00:32:00] tacky. You’ve just been sentenced. You clearly committed the crime. You admitted to committing the crime, and now you’re out celebrating and yucking it up in a fancy, expensive Midtown restaurant.

While there are victims who you owe money to. Don’t think coach was there. Kind of odd that he wasn’t there. But

Amanda: hey, I actually, I don’t think it’s that shocking to me at all. I think, I don’t think we’re gonna see much at Coach anymore. I think he is sweating it. I think he’s worried he’s gonna get in trouble too.

Especially the last few weeks. There’s been so much talk about how he was involved and knew about what was going on. As much as, I don’t wanna believe it, I feel like. He had to have been in, he had to have known something and could have stopped something at some point. Right. And I think, so I think there’s that.

I think he’s got more [00:33:00] self-awareness. So I think he like, understands what it looks like to go out for dinner with 20 people and that it’s a bad look. I think he and Jen have been over for years. I think he only stayed because he knew it would look really bad when Jen was being investigated if they got divorced.


B: so you never told me about this theory? This is, I,

Amanda: I thought, I, I thought, cuz remember how we had heard like Jen was living in a townhouse with somebody else and I’m like, I, I just kind of, I’ve gotten the vibe that they weren’t really together and that it’s been for show. I just, I think this theory has crystallized over the last week cuz.

There’s been so much talk about how Jenna was like, let me ask coach. He’ll know what to do and some of these texts and stuff like that. So I think he’s smartly laying low. I don’t know.

B: Anyway, yeah, I’m just pondering that And also, yeah, and [00:34:00] like the fact that she had these boyfriends, you know, and makes sense.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean she still has a lot of love for him. She was, maybe when the show happened she was hoping that like somehow that would like realistically rekindle. Cuz she definitely, that’s what always surprised me about like the affair rumors. Cuz she very clearly seems very in love with him and he just seems like a nice, compassionate kind of person and they do have children together.

So your theory is really making sense. I think. I kind

Amanda: of wonder if it’s more of a daddy kind of situation though. Cause I don’t see her being like, Come here. You know, like I don’t see her like acting like super attracted. I don’t know, I think I don’t, I

B: just, you know, I don’t, they’ve been together since college, so there’s like that bond there, you know, like Right.

He grew up together and they have kids together and so they’re, he’s gonna support her regardless.

Amanda: Yeah. I don’t know. Who knows? I guess. We’ll hope, I guess. We’ll never know unless [00:35:00] she decides to do a memoir and then, right. I’m sure I’ll read it. Okay. So Vander Pump, we had some drama pop up I think it was yesterday.

So let’s talk, let’s start with the drama and then we can talk about the Vanderpump Rules trailer again. So much happening. So Stassi had a birthday party for her daughter, I think it was her second birthday. So she posts about the party. She tagged a bunch of vendors. . And then we see somebody who says like, you forgot to tag picnic and pedal and glitz and glamor, which are two different, two different companies, I believe are like, they’re two different Instagram accounts.

And then she replies. She’s like, well, that’s because the experience wasn’t one that I would endorse or recommend. Both companies then kind of take to their stories. We like, can you believe us? They bash Stassi. They don’t say [00:36:00] what her name is. And then so we hear about all this because a follower census, and then Stassi did take her comment about saying it wasn’t one that I would endorse or recommend.

But then,

B: so I have, I have insider scoop on both sides of the story, and I’m gonna, that’s actually a planned extra pod for the cocktail party. It’s very good and juicy, but social media’s a beast, man. , I

Amanda: don’t know. It’s it, I think a lot of it just kind of comes down to the details and like if, if she was comped or if it was part of the contract, you really should follow through.

But if it wasn’t and she didn’t, you know, so I don’t, I don’t know that I know enough about this. I think I’m gonna have to hear the story on the extra pod to kind of make a judgment. Okay. Right. And also by the way, I think what, regardless the [00:37:00] vendor is social media savvy and they’re making hay of this and getting the attention maybe even more than they would have had they just been tagged.

So. Right. I don’t know. Okay. So the trailer starts out with Tom and Katie sitting at D Dinner saying, we are a divorce success story, cheersing. But then it blows up. We see him making out with Raquel. We see. So we also see as somebody, as one of the very eagle eyed Cocktailers, I believe pointed out the girlfriend Joe, who supposedly quote unquote lives with him now that nobody ever talks about.

We see her at the table too. We see Raquel, Rachel Rachell, whatever her name is, dating Peter and Elle’s son [00:38:00] Oliver.

B: I mean this girl Rachel, who has reinvented herself to Raquel, who you lovingly call Rochelle . She really made herself the center of a show that already has a lot of big, bold personalities and a lot of drama.

And I have to tell you the truth, Amanda, I did not think that the Bamb, I bee had it in her . In a way I’m impressed because she played it this whole time she’s been on the show. Like she had no personality other than being with DJ James Kennedy. Clearly that wasn’t the case because she manufactured quite the storyline.

You know, the love, uh, is it even a triangle? It’s a rectangle for herself. And speaking of Mr. James Kennedy, it seems like he admits or Lala does that they’ve hooked up. Now editing can be tricky, so Right. It could be that they were talking, cuz we all know they hooked up back in the day. But they want us to think that it was a hookup that happened after [00:39:00] him and Raquel broke off their engagement.

So we hear his girlfriend who’s intimidated by their friendship. I mean, duh. Yeah. Why wouldn’t this young girl be intimidated by Lala, who I’m sure she’s watched on television, be very aggressive plus, yeah. You know, their friendship and everything. He’s always been in love with Lala. That’s a secret to nobody.

And just as we predicted was happening, Sheena is sort of in the background we had said right, that it sounded like her storyline was being in everyone’s business. And it seems pretty accurate, but you know, good luck with that because the other cast members who are bearing all their deep dirty laundry are not gonna like it.

Mm-hmm. and then in, in also in the trailer, someone tells Ariana that. Katie said her and Tom Sandoval had an O Open relationship. ,

Amanda: it’s a lot for like, what a minute long, two [00:40:00] minute long trailer. Right. So I, I am so excited. I think this season it’s definitely gonna get me back cuz I did not watch previous, the last season.

I do have to say like, . I mean, way to go. Rochelle, for Parlay Yang. Your booth Bunny beginnings into being a main character. on Vanderpump. So, I mean, I don’t even know where to go, but Ariana, I’m so ready. I’m excited. Yeah, she, we saw Ariana’s tweet. I follow her. I enjoy, I have always enjoyed her. She tweeted, I’m not cool enough, you know, to be in an open relationship.

I thought we knew this, lol. So I don’t know. Do you think they, do you think they have one? Do you think maybe she just looks the other way? What do you think? I mean,

B: we know she hooked up with Lala back in the day, so maybe they don’t have an open relationship where he’s allowed, but clearly they didn’t break up and he wasn’t [00:41:00] mad.

remember her and Lala hooked up in the back of the car? Yeah. Yeah. So in some capacity, they have had an open relationship. Right. I think she means that to say like he’s not actively out there looking for other women, you know what I mean? Like Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, and, and maybe that’s, maybe they’re more serious now and they don’t She does.

She wouldn’t hook up with anyone. But yeah, at one time she did. We know

Amanda: that. I mean, I, I don’t, it’s, it’s hard to understand how that kind of stuff could even go on when peop two people are such public figures without it getting out. You know what I mean? Right. So, I don’t know. Well, you know, I live for a mid-season trailer and the Miami one just dropped, which is not shockingly because the season has been so good.

It’s so good. So Nicole and Larson. Get into a, some sort of big fight about something.

B: Well, we see [00:42:00] Nicole tell Alexia like, I’m a Latina woman and I’m pretty, and this could get me fired from my job. This stupid rumor she started, I have to say Larson came to play this season. I thought she was a little bit of a snooze last season, but like with everyone’s story, but her own very much

Mm-hmm. , her divorce is old news. Right. We watched it. Right. And it was old news when they filmed it, but fine, we hadn’t seen her in years. You’re dating Marcus Jordan at this point. Like, stop with the I’m going on dates. No, you’re not. You’re dating Marcus Jordan next season. Good luck to Larson because Miami isn’t fake and they are gonna call you out.

Girl, you’re in danger. .

Amanda: Yeah, she, she does have this way of the like, Very like, not fact, but like, she’s like always got this like a little flat, you know? And like, cause uh, like the Kardashians, right? Where it’s like, right, yes. I don’t get a go. Well,

B: she’s like a, you know, she was friends with them,

Amanda: right?

Right. [00:43:00] And so I think that, that she’s picked up this part of her personality. Cause I don’t remember her being like that old Miami. But, you know, so then she comes in, she’ll, she’ll be like, I have tea. And like, you know, she’ll just, you know, of the girls, she’s the most most

B: staged. She’s the most staged.

And we do have moments where she breaks out of that and shows her real raw emotion. And I think if somebody came for her in the way that we’re gonna see Nicole, maybe we’ll see more real raw emotion. But she is, cuz that cast is all authentic. And of them I would say she’s the most staged.

Amanda: Yeah. But I also have to give her big props for being there for Lisa when Lisa is going through this.

insane time in her life. Okay. So who else? Okay, so Adriana, how do we say her name? I don’t, I know I’m saying, is it Adriana? Adriana? I think

B: it’s Adriana.

Amanda: Adriana. I’m sorry, Adriana. I’m really not doing this to be disrespectful at all. [00:44:00] I don’t know why I just constantly am having trouble with, with your name,

B: so, well, because it’s, it’s, I say Adriana a lot too.

Like Adriana is a more common name, I think. Right, right. But she pronounces it. Adriana.

Amanda: Adriana. So, you know, I hadn’t watched the last episode yet, and now I know what you meant when you’re like, this dress that she’s wearing. I mean, how hot she is. Fucking amazing shape. I, yes, God, if I can have like, just, I mean, not that I, I don’t think I would, even if I had it would wear, could wear a dress, get up the nerve to wear up a dress like that.

But she wears a glasses. I

B: would be nervous. My kitty cat would come out, but that’s just me.

Amanda: And any of the parts, like I am not, anyway, I, I digress again. But, so she has it out with Marisol and Alexia and,

B: you know, there’s a reason that Adriana clings to Julia. She has some real longstanding [00:45:00] issues with both Alexia and Marisol.

And also, you know, I, I don’t know if Lisa’s in that mix because I see it’s hard cuz this season obviously Lisa’s in such a different place, right. That we can’t even, you know, we can’t even put that, we can’t even put her. So taking it

Amanda: out, nobody’s fucking with Lisa. Yeah. She’s got enough on her own. So even I think Adriana is kind of leaving her alone this season.

B: But also Adriana starts a lot of it like telling Marisol that her boyfriend was never in love with her. Yeah. Like, Fucked up. Even if he told her that, like you’re saying it on camera and you’re expecting Marisol and Alexia to not come for you. Which I think that Adriana does not care because I think she doesn’t mind looking messy.

She just wants screen time. She wants a fame and good for her, cuz we love it. We [00:46:00] also, and now we know because apparently Lisa came out and said that Lenny’s mother is no longer supporting her. She’s on her son’s side. And I think we’re gonna start to see that this season already. Cuz in the preview we see her placing blame.

She’s like, well, you had those parties with all those women and Lisa’s like, that is no excuse. You know? So here we go. Expect everyone to turn on Lenny’s mom, who you all thought was gonna be the backbone and help Lisa, which we know that Lisa doesn’t speak to her own parents. So it’s just very sad all around for

Amanda: her.

Yeah. I mean, blood is sicker than water. I, I’m not, I’m not shocked. That that has happened. And I was actually more surprised that she publicly had that lunch with Lisa and was, you know, you know, seeming to be a shoulder for her to cry on. Which that was more surprising to me, honestly. Not that she wouldn’t privately say, I’m here for you, but to publicly go on camera and do that was, that was, I was

B: surprised by that.[00:47:00]

Well, I think what that was was maybe it was fresh and she was hoping that her son was just, had an affair, but was obviously not gonna leave his family. And maybe when he said to her like, we are really done. I am getting a divorce, she was like, well, I don’t want this, but I obviously am gonna support my son.


Amanda: Yeah. Okay. Well Miami, thank you for continuing to bring it because we’re here for it. Okay. What else do we have? This just happened, I think yesterday well officially announced that Shannon’s boyfriend, quote unquote, blindsided. . Let’s get back to that blindsided word here in a second by breaking up with her and then publicly announcing it, saying, I think I did the right thing.

B: he said that. Yes,

Amanda: he, I didn’t even read the whole thing. That’s because it was bullshit. Somebody like that saying, I think I did the right thing.

B: That whole thing was bullshit to me because we’ve spoke about it on the pod. Certainly we’ve posted blinds all throughout the spring and summer, [00:48:00] hearing that their relationship was not even in good standing, that it was just really for the show and it was like mutually beneficial for them to be together on the show.

Even Jeff Lewis called. He didn’t say exactly that, but he like, he’s friends with her and he was like, yeah, he’s not the one. So, you know, yesterday our source reached our source who had been telling us that they were like, basically for show was like B, you know, this is true. You’ve been posting for months.

Their relationship was for show and filming. He liked the fame and attention and she liked looking like she was in a relationship. She did not really deliver this season, enter her new plan for next season. A breakup. Things have not been going good for a long, long time. If they ever even were in regards to her relationship.

Again, these are allegations, but several people have sent us stuff about this,

Amanda: so I think there was something really. I think there was some inkling of something there, right? Because like, I follow Shannon, you know, I like Shannon. She was in Las [00:49:00] Vegas, happened to be at the same time when I was in Las Vegas to watch the USC game that they were there for the, I think the, I don’t know, some championship, I forget which one for football.

And John was there with her and like doing all the things. I’m like, I don’t know that you, like if you’re doing something for show that you go along with somebody to Vegas at for four or five days, three or four days, however long she was there just to be in a couple of her social posts. So I, I think there was something there.

I think maybe she was talking herself more into it being real, more real than I think maybe he didn’t ever take it as seriously. So I, I totally believe that the T was right. But I think also like, . I think it might have been a little more complicated than that,

B: as things usually are. Yeah. But I do think that this is her storyline, you know, hopefully.

Mm-hmm. , she’s hoping there’s a next [00:50:00] season. I think it’s pretty cut and dry. The timing is very convenient. Not only are cameras down, but they’re gonna start promoting soon enough. So I don’t know. You know,

Amanda: so she’s, yeah, and, and it would make sense that the timing would make sense that what She’d hopefully get another season.

I don’t know. I’m ready for you. Shannon Badora. Shannon Vior, as she always says, her full name. And then, okay, so I guess, so literally today, a couple hours before we started to record the summer house trailer, I mean, what didn’t. I feel like there was so much that went on this week. I just, I still can’t even get over it.

So Summer house trailer comes out today, what did you think?

B: I mean, we see Danielle and Lindsay in a really bad, volatile situation. You see it escalate throughout the clips, like throughout [00:51:00] the season. It’s hard to tell exactly what set it off, but they’re mad. I mean, they’re big mad. Mm-hmm. . We see Paige and Craig seem to be in a different place regarding engagement.

I think that’s also an editing job. I think. We’ll, there’ll be more to that, Amanda and Kyle. Kyle saying that Carl is a do nothing at work and if he left he wouldn’t even notice. I mean, that speaks to our speculation that he’s not no longer with the co company other than being an investor. It looks amazing.

I mean, the whole, the whole cast though seems like against Lindsay and Carl and you see Carl like yell at the cameras at one point, which is very much out of his character.

Amanda: Yeah. , he, so he also show, it also shows him talking to Lindsay and being like, I’ve been working my ass off. So. Right. That’s a pretty big disconnect between Kyle saying you wouldn’t know if he’s got, and he says since he started dating Lindsay, not that he’s never, cuz I think they had said previously on the show like that [00:52:00] Carl was kicking ass.

And so it’s like, it kind of feels like they’re sort of blaming it on on Lindsay a little bit if Carl’s performance is down. And I can imagine that Carl would take huge issue with that, especially if in his mind he feels like he’s still working his ass off. And I don’t know about you, but I mean, if he’s traveling most weekends, like we had seen him do up until a certain point to go and promote the brand.

You know, like of course he doesn’t wanna be doing that every weekend. That’s work. You know? And like, yes, it’s fun and yes, there’s gonna be a lot of like fun parts of it, but at the end of the day it’s still works. So I can imagine.

B: And now you’re sober and you’re not looking to date any of the people that you’re meeting, so, right, right.

It’s still fun anymore, but it’s still your job. So, you know, then the conversation becomes, and again, this isn’t a business podcast, but you know, the conversation becomes like, how does this role evolve? Or [00:53:00] does it, or do they, you know, it’s kind of, it’s kind of shitty to see it play out on television. And quite honestly, I think it’s kind of shitty of Kyle to put it out there.

I know they’re filming a reality show, but you know, that’s Carl’s job. And we’ve seen in the past before, when he wasn’t sober, his jobs not work out. And for him, Kind of badmouth his best friend who married him on national television as opposed to have a private conversation, which might be, you know, I think you’ve outgrown this role.

I can see that you’re not interested in traveling in the way that the company needs you. So stay on as an investor, but we’re gonna find somebody else. Like, that’s fine, but you don’t need to, you know, you don’t need to talk behind his back about it or even have the conversation on camera, but make it fair, make it you sitting sober, right?

Because also the, the clips we saw of Kyle, he was seemingly drunk shouting about it to like other cast members. And clearly people in the house are against Lindsay, which they’re a package deal now. So it does seem unfair whether or [00:54:00] not his performance has not been great aside because all of that might be true.

I don’t think Kyle would say it if it wasn’t true in his, from his perspective, right? So maybe his perspective is that his performance has gone down. There’s better ways to handle that. .

Amanda: Well, and it’s gotta be, again, just from the two minutes we saw in the trailer, that’s gotta be really freaking hard to hear from somebody who also is getting shit faced, wearing mullets and then like pulling his pants down in front of the entire party.

Like, I’m sure Craig is like, or Carl is like, okay, dude. Like, what the fuck? You’re, you’re, you’re the one who literally, you know, is acting like a frat boy at these parties, right? And you’re firing me like I can, I can see both. I can see it, you know, and I, I unfortunately, I think, you know, while it’s probably not fair to blame Lindsay, I think Lindsay is definitely the catalyst [00:55:00] in a lot of this.

And I can see like, what, what made me kind of sad is you can see the pain in Danielle’s face. Yes, during this, but you don’t really see Lindsay, like Lindsay just looks pissed and like indignant, but not like, yes, the hurt in her words. And

B: that’s what I expected. I was hoping that I was like wrong, but I expected it.

She looks like exhausted by it. Yeah, she looks annoyed by it. She’s like, if you’re not just gonna ride for me and fully support me and just blindly support me and be happy for everything I decide to do, then I don’t need you. Which is

Amanda: cold. Cold. Especially if Danielle thought they were really, truly best friends.

You know, BFFs,

B: which clearly she did. And you see Danielle say like, I don’t talk behind your back. I say shit straight to your face and. I really, I don’t think anyone touched anyone, but it was [00:56:00] very, very heated. Speaking of Danielle. So she’s sitting at the table and we see her, we see a girl she’s talking to say, you were dating my boyfriend.

I, I was with the guy for three years and he cheated on me with you. Well, as soon as the trailer aired today a cocktail sends me a message. She’s a friend of Gabby’s, the one, so Gabby’s a new castmate on Summer House. Okay. And it’s the person who says to Danielle, my boyfriend cheated on me with you. And she said, she’s also the one who falls off the couch.

I wasn’t sure at first I thought that was Ciara, but then I saw Ciara. So I was like, oh, that must be the new girl that falls off the couch. So I said to her, wait, what? She said, yeah, the new girl, Gabby is a friend of mine, you know, when I lived in, when we lived in New York City, like 2014 to 2016, she’s so sweet and so low key.

She was a really great person. She’s always had amazing PR magazine jobs. She’s in the trailer saying to Danielle, my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with you. She was a friend of a friend of a friend, but [00:57:00] we ended up like clicking and getting, you know, getting close. But sh the girl who wrote to me got engaged and she moved back to where she’s from.

So she hasn’t seen her in a while. And she just says like, I hope television doesn’t change her. Cuz she’s a great girl.

Amanda: So Gabby, she’s the one who in the, like she’s talking to Lindsay and she’s like, this is only week three. And Lindsay’s like, try. Okay, that’s Gabby. And then we have blonde girl, is her

B: name Sarah?

I forget her name. But she, yes. We see her hook up with Cory, the houses Corey who, Corey obviously is a thing for

Amanda: blondes. Yes. Who again have like a, it’s a very specific look. Like very any anyway, and then there’s this other guy who’s all muy. Do we know who that is? Yes. I hope he’s

B: not like that last one,

Amanda: Alex.

B: Yeah. the bore. Meantime, when then we see our sweet Andrea pop up. I was

Amanda: gonna ask you, do you know anything? I feel like you’re like on it when it comes to Andrea,

B: he just [00:58:00] did a couple visits. Mm-hmm. , Andrea, we know, I told, I said this in the beginning, he decided not to go because they kind of wanted him to the, the girlfriend be the single lover boy.

They didn’t want the girlfriend on. And he was like, I’m not gonna go if I can’t hang with my girlfriend all summer. So that was his choice. Yeah. It was his choice in that they wouldn’t let him bring his girlfriend. Got it. So, well,

Amanda: yeah, I mean, what a wild, wild week. Oh yeah. I mean, if every week is like this, I’m gonna like, I’m, I’m gonna be real tired, but entertained,

B: and distracted.

I’m gonna have a family that hates.

Oh, oh gosh, my gosh. All right guys, there’s so much. My brain is spinning. I know. Yours is to next Monday. Well actually, by the time the pie comes out, it’ll be passed. Yeah, well we will, but we’re posting. We’ll post all the updates. I keep sending us the scoop. Guys, we love you. I love that. The new girl on [00:59:00] Summer House.

I immediately, within minutes of the trailer, I. the whole scoop on the new girl. Like I now have a contact for the new girl. Thank you. Thank you. I know, thank you. You guys rock. And that’s exactly how it happens. Like, and I’ll, I’ll also have followers who are like, oh my God, that person used to be roommates with my best friend.

And then I’m like, tell your best friend to message me. So the best friend starts following me and then that’s becomes my source. So yeah, it’s not, it’s

Amanda: not, it’s usually

B: not the cast. Everyone wants to be like, oh, so-and-so tells Bravo and cocktails, everything. Not really. Their friend from college tells me everything.

Amanda: Well, also, by the way, just kudos to that person for reaching out and being like, she’s super sweet and whatever. Because I would say we get one of those for every like 10, like snarky, mean comments she does about people. So like good for you. Like I think this Gabby sounds like a real one, but also like good for you friend, for being like, oh, she’s awesome.

B: I love that. Yes. All right. Thank you guys. Until next [01:00:00] time.

Amanda: Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe and if you subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good tea, because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them.

And don’t forget, find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram . So thanks for listening everybody.

B: Bye guys. See you next time.