The actress…

Mar 26, 2022


  1. Anon

    Hayden P!!!

  2. Remember the titans

    Grew up in the same area as her and have always heard terrible things

  3. Gross

    Imagine telling a pregnant person to stop smoking weed and drinking because someone might take a picture and not because they are very likely harming their baby

    • JamiePNW

      My guess is they were trying to make it seem like they weren’t judging but the world might. Maybe they thought “if she doesn’t care about hurting the baby maybe she at least cares about her reputation” but apparently HP doesnt care about anything. Incredibly sad.

  4. Rando

    Weed is proven to not be harmful to babies…booze on the other hand-big no no. Either way-NOT a good look. She should know better.


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