Nothing to giggle about….

Feb 3, 2022

A former Bravo star’s fiancé.


  1. Paige

    Hannah & Dez

    • FooFoo

      This is BS.
      I’m from Dublin and have loads of mutual friends with Des. Literally the only bad thing that’s said about him is that he’s no craic about people being drunk. For fair enough reason as he had alcohol issues

    • Sara

      Clearly this is to ‘out’ Hanna’s BF. A little more research proves this untrue.

      Try harder.

      • Lol

        How can you prove rumors in Ireland are untrue 🤔 nice try Hannah lol

        • Fake News

          Ok Kyle. You and hubbhouse are working overtime to fix your cheating alcoholic reputation. Try harder with your fake news.

          • Titsmcgee

            Lmao Hannah sit down and crawl back into your hole

  2. Thirsty

    Probably Hannah spreading this ahead of the announcement they split. She put it out then said it wasn’t true to stretch the time she got attention

    • Maria

      Hannah totally put out that blind that her Des slips for attention lol then she said it wasn’t true. I don’t think they’ll get married . He was using her and she’s not relevant anymore

    • Amanda

      Kyleeeee stop posting fake news. Your hate campaign already got her off the show. You don’t have to lie anymore.

  3. Lala

    I know people close to Des and have heard none of these rumours. Ireland, especially Dublin is extremely small and if these rumours are going around then people would be talking. I’m not saying it’s not true but I only ever heard how much he loved his ex fiancee. If it’s true, I’m very sorry for the ex. But this sounds like someone trying to dirty his name.


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