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Apr 11, 2022

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Subject: About the happy couple… Spill It to L. ‘new boyfriend is thirsty for clout and to sell his book. Why is no one talking about this?! it’s obvious and not just to those in his inner circle in my opinion. People in the LA social circle have noticed how quickly the chef started bringing out to LA gay bars, making it known they were together, constantly posting vun and him on social media. It’s A LOT very early in a relationship….don’t you think?!

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  1. Alli

    I don’t remember hearing about him when he dated Andy Cohen.I like Jeff Lewis, but is he really that big of a deal?

    • Eye roll

      Gage? Is that you?

      • Alina

        I just laughed out loud!

    • Texas

      He was hanging out with jeff for months before this. Jeff knows what he got into and is okay with it. I listen to his podcast

    • EnGAGEd in jealousy

      Best match for Jeff yet. And Jeff was out at bars before Stu.

  2. Aggster84

    Jeff Lewis

  3. Nikki

    Hi Gage. Lol

  4. Inner Child

    It’s Jeff and Chef Stu. Jeff was already going to those bars before they started dating with his friend group. Their group posts many of the same pics. Stu is active on sm so why wouldn’t he post things that are discussed about him on Jeff’s show? He doesnt mind the spotlight, which is actually good for Jeff’s relationship

  5. JSM

    Hi Gage (Betty).

    • LAX

      Gage are you that jealous that you made a blind. Don’t you have insta to be trolling looking for innocent pictures of monroe and her cousins to report???

      • Team Jeff and Stu

        Stu had his own successful and established career before meeting Jeff, unlike Betty who was selling jeans out of the trunk of his car (allegedly).

  6. Alli

    It’s Jeff Lewis and Chef Stu.

  7. JK

    Gage, come on dude move on lol

  8. Kelly

    Their relationship is real and Chef Stu has his own following. I don’t think Gage sent this in. Jeff has a million enemys/haters. It’s his brand.

  9. Molly

    Hey Petty Betty


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