Do we think it’s true?

Jul 28, 2022

So if you listened to the pod you know that we are posting here to see if the rumor is true. Did they hook up?! Sound off in the comments!


  1. J

    They said GILF and Patricia isn’t a Grandma sooooo… no?

    • Not so innocent

      They said more in the Gilf range than the Milf. Also him and Whitney have been friends forever so I can see them doing this for years, like since he was younger, she probably slept with a lot of his friends.

      • Meokatz

        What a double standard. If that’s true why isn’t she okay with her son coming out as gay/bisexual/fluid??

  2. Whitney must be mortified

    Yes it’s true. Why would his girlfriend break up with him? He’s atrocious. If I had a child like Shep I would be a failure in life. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. Taylor

    Absolutely not.

  4. Carrie

    Negative. Patricia cares about her reputation and image. Zero way shep is worth it.

  5. Dixcgirl

    Shep and Pat is an OLD RUMOR y’all. It’s been circulating in town for several YEARS. Supposedly Kat was going to bring it up on the Cameron take down season, but Whitney paid her off. That’s the tale I was told by those in the know… allegedly. Cam is no longer close to ANY of them bc of THIS rumor as well as the others. Taylor broke up with Shep bc she was the last one to know that he runs around on her constantly with every drunk sorority girl from CofC, aaaand scores of wasted bridesmaids on Bachelorette trips. He is nasty. They all are. And I do mean ALL.

    • Pillows?

      Craig also being not faithful?

    • Fozzy Bear

      Tell us some of the other rumors

  6. OG


    • RH not SC

      This is my thought too.

  7. Sherry

    No. There is now way. I am not a fan of Patricia but she has a little more class than that.

  8. Lo

    God no. She’s in to distinguished men not washed up trust fund babies.

    • Culture Club

      Gotta be Tamra or Vicky. But Pat is a madame and isn’t above any of this. All these ppl are so f*kd up. Sad how are their mental issues are glamorized and exploited. But hey yall seem to love it.

  9. Bee

    Ms Pat would never dream of touching Shep! Shep wishes and has probably tried!

  10. R U Crazy?


  11. KA

    Shep and Tamra. They were on WWHL together at some point.

  12. Amy

    Shep and Ramona


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