More on the thirst trap….


  1. M.

    Not surprised by this. She be a fame hungry hohoho!

  2. Meg

    She’s so gross. The worst.

  3. Sarah

    Oh I cannot stand Noella!!!
    The desperation and thirst radiates from her pores, it’s actually embarrassing!!

    • Mel B

      Same. I cringe every time she’s o no screen.

  4. N

    She needs so much therapy…

  5. jk

    Just when you thought HWs couldn’t get any more delusional and thirsty.

  6. Titsmcgee

    Noella reminds me of that chuegy plastic blonde host from call her daddy. Pick me girls

    • tamra guidice

      yikes, that’s a not a good look for you

  7. Melissa Ford

    She seems like she has a personality disorder she is so toxic!

  8. Loathe them both

    I’d actually rather spend an eternity in limbo with Jim Marchese than be around Noella. I said what I said.

  9. n1njade

    Am I the only person that likes Noella?!

    • Lisa C


    • Bravoandparenting

      I like her. And I don’t like Heather anymore. First two episodes I was thrilled and now …. ‘Eh’ at best

  10. Lisa C

    They’re both gross and the more I see, the more I’m thinking they’re collaborating on fake divorce drama trying to get a permanent spot.

  11. Tee

    I’d be more invested in the divorce if we’d even met him once. But it does all feel like it’s for the show. I just can’t get into it

  12. Q

    I can’t stand Noella. I haven’t heard her give a specific reason for not liking Heather. I think she’s doing it because she thinks going after one of the big dogs is going to keep her on the show. One starting drama with someone is going to keep her on the show. I find her boring and desperate. She is dying to be famous. I hope she’s cut for next season.

  13. Amanda

    She’s going to blame Heather Dubrow for no one liking her. She will avoid responsibility of her awful personality and gross behavior and that is annoying because she needs a reality check and a treatment center.

  14. MirE

    So thirsty! I cringed when she busted out the “shade” fan during her interview. Like tell me you’ve been trying to be a HW without telling me you’ve been trying to be a HW🙄


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