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Sep 18, 2022

From: Poison Apple
Email: manhatta@nyc.com

Subject: Don’t fix if it ain’t broken

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
That RHONY tea is 100% true!!! Bravo are majorly regretting their decisions regarding RHONY. Andy watched the first two episodes of Lu and Sonjas spin off (allegedly titled ‘Real Housewives of New York: Luann and Sonja take Benton) and told a producer “we’ve fucked up big time”. Meetings are being held to see how they can go forward with the two shows, Andy wants RHONY back to its old form, no legacy involved.

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  1. Lola


  2. Diehard bravo

    I am PHYSICALLY SHAKING. Let’s bring them back Andy! It’s time. Feeling hopeful that rhony may once again return to its former glory.

  3. Seriously

    Why would they name Lu and Sonja’s spin off that? Does no one have any creative bones over there?
    Also yes, they did F up big time.

  4. Karen

    But please….no Ramona

  5. No Kelly please

    No Kelly. There is something seriously off about her. She’s pretty but she doesn’t make good tv. I actually want to shut it off.

  6. Doogie

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just bring back some of the more beloved cast members and watch them go at it. And maybe sack either Leah or Eboni because they didn’t work well as a duo and sucked all the good vibes out of the last season.

  7. WYKYK

    All that re-engineering just because they didn’t have the you-know-what to replace Ramona.

  8. RHONYFan

    I understand representation is important, but housewives has never been about representing cities – Andy said it himself at the Dubai reunion, it’s about a group of friends operating in a certain city. I get they want to modernize and refresh RHONY, but what’s the point if it won’t be good TV?

    If they truly want a younger cast, why not make it a RGIP spinoff and keep RHONY in the same universe as before.

  9. Rhony

    Bring back Lu, Sonja, Bethenny, Carole, Ramona and Jules or Kristen. That’s the perfect cast right there.

  10. Uncool

    There should only be one RHONY, no legacy BS. Bring back Lu, Sonja, Dorinda, Tinsley, and three new ladies. Done.

  11. It was way broke

    It was clearly broke.. did y’all see the last two seasons?

    Also the city and the culture of that city is of course part of the show. That’s why each franchise has so many differences and calls to different audiences.

  12. Bee

    As a New Yorker we deserve better. Lu, dorinda, Sonja, Bethany, carol, and I hate to say it but … Ramona and build from there. Please no more forcing Leah and Eboni on us – it’s giving nothing ✨

  13. Alana

    I’m sorry but I don’t miss them at all. Sometimes it’s ok to retire shows. Unless they get a new younger cast without them all people incredibly problematic no thanks….

  14. Harry Dubin?

    Anyone but Ramona. I cannot watch with her. Such a horrible person. Bethenny must come back. And Dorinda.


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