RHONY Reboot cast!

Aug 11, 2022

From: RHONY Reboot
Email: cast@rhony.com

Subject: RHONY 2.0

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
As you said on this week’s pod Elizabeth Savestsky will be the “lead” of RHONY. Others include Broadway actress, Orfeh, married to Andy Karl. Ubah – a model. Sai De Silva an AfroLatina fashion influencer. Filming starts mid-September

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  1. Julie

    I thought Elizabeth lived in Dallas and was trying to get cast in rhod?

    • Mindi

      I live in Dallas & know her family just recently left Dallas for NY. I know she was mentioned as a new cast member for RHOD before they were dropped so Prosuction must have loved her!

    • K

      Her husband got a new job in NY so they are relocating.

  2. SweetSnarker

    Popped right on over to NYCInfluencerSnark. All I could find was that Sai’s husband is allegedly loaded.

    I was worried they’d cast more influencers turned whatevers like Danielle Bernstein.

    I’m willing to give this group a shot but the glory days of RHONY are hard to compete with.

  3. erin

    lizzy is an absolute monster. she’d thrive on the show because she’s desperate for any kind of fame and will do anything to get air time. very unstable and has no genuine friends. not a fun mess like sonja…

    • Em

      Not interested at all. I’m just here for legacy and legacy only in NY

  4. Know it all

    Lizzy is moving to NYC next week. Her husband has gotten a job in the city.

  5. Excited

    Orfeh is an amazing person and a complete badass! Really cool addition to this reboot!

  6. RinnaShade

    This already feels as boring as Dubai

    • Not another dud

      That’s what I was thinking!

  7. Hdjsja

    Are any of them friends or connected in any way or is this another group of strangers?

  8. Titsmcgee

    This looks terrible. Nothing will ever come close to OG RHONY.


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