Oh no , not NY!

Sep 17, 2022

From: new york Apples
Email: nyclistings@nyland.com

Subject: A New York mess

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
The new RHONY reboot has gone to sh*t! Test filming with the “finalised” cast did not go well and 3 stars have now dropped out. Bravo are holding crisis meetings to decide what to do ahead of a potential BravoCon announcement. There’s talk of prioritising Legacy and airing it on Bravo, don’t expect Legacy in the title. My guess from what I’ve heard is they’ll either scrap the reboot or rebrand it to Girlfriends in NYC

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    My best friend had the best idea of filtering the older summer house cast into the new RHONY with some additional cast their age and I’d love to see that. We need their real lives too not just weekend fun.

  2. Just saying

    Add a broke girl from Queens to shake it up ?

  3. erin

    hopefully lizzy dropped out… she has too many skeletons for bravo.

  4. Tea time

    Ohh spill the tea on Lizzy

  5. Amurr

    Love the SHxRHONY idea!

  6. Titsmcgee

    We don’t care we want Legacy anyway

  7. Empire State

    Hallelujah! There was no need to shuffle off RHONY to legacy. Make a few minor adjustments and get that thing back on the road.

  8. Nicole

    I love the idea of phasing the summer house girls into the new RHONY!

  9. L Stephens

    I mean casting that Lizzy chick is a disaster to start. Bravo is a mess in general.

  10. bravo bravo

    some give us the tea on lizzy

  11. Nooooo

    No summer house x rhony. I don’t need to see paige on a fourth show. They
    Also don’t have the money like Ramona, Bethany, Sonja etc. They would have to name it something else but those people already have 2 shows and enough air time.

  12. Mary quite contrary

    I’m sure Lu and Sonja are thanking their lucky stars for this news!!! But please for the love of gummy bears, NO Kelly!!!


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