Best of Country Tea

Apr 20, 2022

Y’all bring it when it comes to the country tea, so we’re going to serve it right back with a list of our most popular Country Tea posts!

We don’t choose these – we just look at the data to show which posts are the most popular with our readers. Click on the title of each to go back to the original post, because trust, you don’t want to miss out on the comments section…

The most-read Country Tea posts from

1. Country Divorce

PS – this blind was revealed!

2. Country Stars with Problems

3. Nashville Housewives

Click on the title for more on this one!

4. Country Beef

5.Bump in the road with Country couple…

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  1. No JA fan here

    I need a Jason Aldean cheating scandal. And I need it to be public and forces BA to have to address it. Rumor has it, the older one doesn’t have any to do with her dad or BA because he refuses to pay even 1/2 of her college tuition but he has a mega mansion and his homewrecking wife gets vehicles that cost more than tuition.

    • Diane

      A mega mansion and another one they just bought in Miami while traveling in private jets. What a life


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