Bump in the road with Country couple….

Apr 13, 2022

Text from images: 

A few weeks ago XXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXX hosted a baby showers. XXXX was the center of attention the whole time and not the baby mama. But XXXXX was super friendly and laid back. He took pictures with non celebrities that were there. The weird part is XXX and XXXX spent zero time around each other the whole party. Like it was obvious they were avoiding each other. 

Mutual friends say there is definitely trouble. She’s trying to ignore it, her view is this is another bump in the road and she’s not willing to give up her lifestyle and fame. 


  1. Ms. Becky

    Brittney and Jason Aldean

  2. Tina

    The Aldeans. Hope she remembers…you loose em how you got em!

    • Deanna

      He probably finally realized that she is a gold digger and just uses him for fame

  3. Elise

    Brittany and Jason Andean

  4. Elise

    Brittany and Jason Aldean

  5. Case Can

    Def Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany

  6. MM

    Brittany and Jason Aldean?

  7. Amber

    Jason and Brittany Aldean for sure!

  8. SS

    Britt and Jason, seems like lots of family drama between Jace’s oldest daughter and Britt. Also noticed that Britt no longer follows her bestie Morgan. I find it strange that Britt never seems to acknowledge she has a sister but has posted about her brother.

    • Petty Betty

      That’s because everyone sees right through her and how fake she is. Her sister grew up in the same household with her and can see all of Brittany’s bullshit, I’m sure. She can’t keep friends and I’m surprised she has kept Jason for this long.

    • Say it ain’t so

      She is definitely NOT a girl’s girl. She is a narcissist who only cares about herself and breaking up families to get what she wants. Hide ya husbands and ya kids!!!

  9. It’s Brittany Bitch!

    She ain’t going anywhere even if he cheats on her and word is he has already. She is there for the money and lifestyle and not because she is in to him.

  10. Here for the party

    It’s so obvious Bratt and JA are miserable together. However; Alcoholism seems to be very real with those two. I hate to try to diagnose anyone but I’ve seen it and the signs are all there. No one can have a truly happy marriage when one or both parties choose alcohol over their family. Watching how much Bratt posts, she is never with those babies chasing Jason around all the time. She is super insecure. The CMT awards made her look worse than she already does. If they don’t divorce soon, we will know she is holding money over his head cause I doubt there is a prenup. She ain’t going no where unless forced out.

  11. Carissa

    Def Brittany & Jason Aldean! Did you see the awkward kiss at the CMT awards?!

    • Nat

      And how they cut to video of them at the bar during Walker Hayes song AA!!

  12. DD

    I think he’s honestly in love with her …she on the other hand is in love with the fame and money. He’s always been funny and laid back, I think he fell stupidly in love and changed to please her. He hates social media and putting his life out there. And she wanted to be the country version of the Kardashians . You know damn well that house is her doing not his.

  13. Mm

    She towers over him

    Big girl


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