Babysitter’s club…

Apr 6, 2022

From: Salted Sugar
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Babysitters Club

Spill It to Bravoand C*** and B**** are WELL know sugar daddies in the Dallas area. I was dealing with ****** two years ago and I met him at The Capital Grille when I was there for a very close friend’s birthday party. We were on and off but I found much better and pases Br,**** to my friend. Tea is….. my friend I has a two year old baby that she won’t say who the dad is but I’m positive it’s E**** considering my friend ended up with a lovely home by E**** and gets a nice monthly lump sum….. I’m going to say it’s hush-hush money.

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  1. Marie

    Brandi and Bryan sure make good tv. I hope Dallas comes back now and they actually bring up personal lives not just surface drama. This is the first I’ve read about Court but not surprised.

    • Whatever

      I really wouldn’t be surprised if all this Dallas tea is just the cat members trying to get it back on tv, for the pay cheque. Who else is going to make TV about a squeaky racist woman and her mouth breathing sexually incontinent husband?!

  2. Oh My Yesss

    Is the first name Cort?! I was thinking it’d be Brian’s sidekick, Travis, but doesn’t look that way.

    Wow, I used to be out in the Dallas nightlife a lot and I’ve never seen or heard of these clowns. And believe, I loved sugar daddies on Dallas 💥💥 #HotelZaZa

    • D

      Omgggg I had a work conference in Dallas and they had us stay at the Zara. My poor innocent coworker had no idea what was going when an 80 year old propositioned her

  3. Danielle


  4. Kam, Brandi & Stephanie

    Was not expecting Court, would’ve thought it would be Travis & Bryan. Wow!

  5. B&c

    Court and Bryan??

  6. Nina_loves

    Bryan I believe – sort-of. Brandi and Bryan live in Plano – a middle-class area of DFW so not sure he can afford hush money haha. And Court – there’s just no way. His brother is a douche but Court is far too in love with Kameron.

    • menbewhores

      Even if Court loves Kameron, he’s still a man. And they love trying new holes / things that their wife won’t do. Just saying….

      • Poop

        He’s a weird robot man. I’m not sure he’s got a lot of social skills. The “side chick” would be very bizarre

    • Texas Girl

      Are you from the DFW area?! While there are some middle class areas in Plano there are also some some areas that are much more expensive. Bryan and Brandi by no means have the family money or current money of Travis but don’t knock Plano, it’s not considered middle class.

  7. Fort Worth County Fair

    COURT?!?! I don’t know why but my mind is BLOWN! Was not expecting him. Bryan is a sleeze!!! How does he have so much sex? Lol

  8. Miko

    Travis and Brian. Worse kept secret in D-town.

  9. Duh

    Shocked at the audacity of these men, but not surprised in the slightest! Bravo production probably knows all of this tea & more. Wouldn’t be surprised if along with everything else the public already knew, they brought things up to the cast & there was no promise for accountability & therefore no future for the show at this time. Bring back sweet home Oklahoma! 😂

  10. Scrubs

    Ewe I can’t imagine 5’0 Cort getting any play..then again he probably tries to overcompensate since he’s so tiny. Kam is about as sharp as a beach ball which he always seemed annoyed with so this doesn’t surprise me


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