Oct 12, 2022

From a DM:

Cary Deuber is my injector she has no knowledge of it coming back. She is opening a new medspa in Atlanta next week though… maybe she’s getting a peach??


  1. Yep

    This is valid! I have a close family member who works for Lemmon ave. She would come back in a second let’s be real ??

  2. RNR

    No offense to the DM-er, but I don’t think Cary is dumb enough to spoil it to random clients, IJS.

  3. Late to Dallas

    I never got into Dallas, but recently watched it. What was the reason it was canceled? Was it just because of the racism issues with the cast? Never paid attention at the time. I imagine they could have recast the racists.

  4. Not Texas

    I liked Carrie. I liked the Dallas show….I think those ladies all actually have wealth and don’t need bravo to elevate them. They have Dallas society….and holy cow…..that’s $$$$


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