Dallas drama…

Mar 20, 2022

This was some of the biggest tea from my original account. Posted a video of Brandi (RHOD) hooking up to a woman in a club. And then I got tons of intel on the whole situation…


Text from Images above:

Person 1 DM: Oh my god!!!!!! This was in Vegas!! Please tell me I’m correct! Because I was in Vegas a couple of years ago and hung out with XXXXX and XXXXX with their friends and we had shots by the pool. Anyway; fast forward to February 2021 and my best friend said she knew she saw him in Vegas in a club dancing and hooking up with someone other than his wife right after they had the new baby. Wow!!!!!!

Person 1 DM Continued: Like I was saying; that is his go to. He loves Vegas and he loves the club scene; with XXXXX or without. My friend said she saw him recently at Club Drai’s – now, this is where it gets interesting. So when I met them back in 2017 at the pool in Vegas; we talked about where was from and he said he would be traveling to my area, Lake Norman, NC. He was working on a deal with XXXXXXXXX which is a major chain of storage facilities. My ex husband lives on Lake Norman just around the corner from Morning Star in Mooresville, NC. Word on the street is that he has been hooking up with a very well known, very successful real estate agent in Mooresville, NC. And XXXXXX has never been there. She told me out in Vegas she would come visit with XXXXX after he closed the deal and we could all hang out again. I talked to her on her cell phone a few times but other than that, no further contact. My friend XXXX has pictures of XXXXXX getting on a boat from last summer with a brown headed girl. Crazy!

Person 1 DM Continued (referring to picture of man and woman kissing): No the fuck it’s not!!! This is not a coke deal! He is kissing her and touching her.

Person 1 DM Continued: With XXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXXX – Anonymous please but wife found out that they were texting and did hook up among other girls he cheated with constantly and she left him! He has been on a three week biker trip all down the coast of NC and Florida and without her. Already moved on. She got her own place in Raleigh and just posted about loyalty. But B and XXXXX are still messaging and hooked up at the Dallas Texas country music festival recently.

Person 1 DM Continued: Here’s some more tea I wasn’t going to spill but what the hell….my good friend XXXXX XXXXXXXX – lives in Dallas, does a lot of charity work; but is a cheater, has an open marriage is good friends with XXXXX XXXXXXX and XXXXX and XXXXXX definitely have an arrangement. He does what he wants, has a coke problem and as long as he provides what XXXXXX wants, she won’t leave. What’s crazy is they all, XXXXXX and XXXXX post religious stuff and yet all belong to a church community that is well aware of this behavior and they still allow them to be members and pay their dues to the church. So crazy!! Please block out XXXXXXX ‘s last name please. And yet XXXXXX is sleeping with XXXXXX who lives in Myrtle Beach not far from his wife’s Mom!! Crazy. He is a prick!

Person 2: So XXXX hooked up with country music star?

Person 1: Hooked up with XXXXX XXXXX! Yes!! He’s red headed too. Lol


  1. k

    Omg. I will never understand why these people with all these skeletons put themselves on television.

  2. Odd

    Weird that Brandi and t Phillips ex wife follow each other (and Brandi posting 🔥🔥🔥 on her pics less than 3 months ago) 🤔

  3. Nancy

    I don’t understand how people with kids have time for this shit. Nannies? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Nancy

      Right?! Must be nice to do whatever you want and parent too! How??

      • Allegedly

        This makes me so sad. I listen to brandi’s podcast everyweek and never thought this was happenening behind the scenes! So could it be true that the latest addition to their family actually is from the nanny? As it was a bit crazy to think she was pregnant during that last season?

        • Mary

          I don’t want to say that she really wasn’t pregnant but I remember her saying on the podcast that she didn’t want to take maternity pictures with this last pregnancy which seemed a little odd

  4. Cliff notes please

    Why do we have the copies of the messages as the sender sending them and none of these even make sense. Are they from same person? Can we get a little more context here, so we can understand what the hell is going on?


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