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Oct 10, 2022

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I forgot to mention in the other post.. expect D’Andra & her mom to come out at the Dynamic Duos WWHL where it will be revealed Real Housewives of Dallas is coming back. Stephanie is the only other Dallas housewife who will return to the show but she’s not expected to be at Bravocon. Lastly, Kim Zolziak was invited to Bravocon with Brielle but not confirmed if she’s attending

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  1. Hdjwjejh

    So happy to have Dallas back without size 10, pink dog food, annoyance!

  2. Bravobravobravo

    Sad brandi won’t be back on Dallas , she and Stephanie are the best dynamic duo

  3. HoustonBravoLover


  4. iloverhod

    I hope Brandi comes back too 🙁

  5. bravoaholics

    I literally just posted that I want Stephanie back on our screens!!!! I love this news so much!

  6. Hmmmmm

    Courtney Kerr is in NYC this weekend for another event but based on the closet she just made a huge deal about (in her brand new house), being engaged to a wealthy Dallas guy (with kids), and having been on two previous Bravo shows…. I’m wondering ?

    Also- I know people grow and evolve but I miss the Courtney from Most Eligible Dallas days … personality and face wise. I definitely feel like she’s pulling for a spot…

  7. IDon'tGiveARip!

    I’m here for Dallas coming back! Stephanie has always been lovable. And D’Andra certainly brings some kooky-ness. Bring in some new ladies and let’s go back to having fun on this show.

  8. Karen

    Kim and her sidekick? They are scam artists. They owe so many people money for what they sold but didn’t deliver

  9. Botched

    Kind of hoping Courtney Kerr so she’ll be on WWHL and “viewers” can ask what work she’s had done. She was so gorg back in the day— pretty now but I hate when women mess with their face so much.

    Where are my back in the day OG Kerr Stans

  10. Fashunn

    I agree with the comment above about Courtney Kerr

  11. QueenB ? from Lorain

    I hope this is true! Dallas is one of my fav franchises! & Stephanie is my fav Dallas HW

  12. Texas

    I’m surprised Stephanie is coming back if Brandi isn’t. She said on their podcast she wouldn’t if Brandi wasn’t on the show.

  13. Courtney Kerr

    WHOA- totally forgot about Courtney Kerr for a hot minute (I absolutely LOVED Most Eligible Dallas). Ran to her Instagram and thought I was looking at the wrong person. Was there an accident or was it all purposefully done????

    She’d be really good TV to have back, but something…changed. Even the reels feel fake. WHY can’t people just be themselves? She was perfect as she was!

  14. Shady K

    I will only be happy about Kim Z and Beercan if they
    1) bring on Jeff Lewis and Heather McDonald with her
    2) do a Q&A with her hooked up to a lie detector.

  15. Sad about Kerr

    Agreed re/ CKerr. My goodness she didn’t need anything done- and I hate that society maybe made her feel like she needed it. But she is in that “field” so I guess I’m not shocked.

    I miss down to earth Court that just washed the front half of her hair before going out to get the grease out ?

    So much product/treatment pushing— again- it’s the field but she was such a good one to relate to!


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