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The Most-Read Posts from

1. Blind

From December 7, 2021:

blind item from

2. Not funny at all

From January 2, 2022

Well, this is disgusting. blind

3. Fun Hookup

From January 25, 2022

These two hot, single Bravo stars on the same cast are hooking up. How serious will it get? I guess we’ll see. Allegedly!


From February 15, 2022

I know we have a new RHONY rumor every day. Just received this…. blind

5. Pregnant!

From January 25, 2022

Popular Bravo couple is expecting! The entire cast knows and is sworn to secrecy. They plan on announcing late February/ Early March….

6. BIG baby news!!!!!!!!!

From November 26, 2021

A blind from November 26, 2021. Announced officially by Rihanna on January 31, 2022! blind rihanna

7. Surrogate…

From November 25, 2021

This reality star snapped back so quickly! Everyone knows she had a surrogate but no one knows why she won’t just say she did. Allegedly.

8. Why so fast?

From December 27, 2021

My followers are the best! Allegedly.

blind from bravoandcocktails

9. Just the Cuff…

From December 27, 2021

So according to her, he would sleep all day and was very verbally mean to her. She has not confirm if she called it off or he did, but she will likely take the victim side either way. Seems he didn’t really know what he was getting into. He is a very private person and she is obviously NOT. He did not appreciate her posting about him and their relationship and I’m not sure he understood the extent of parenting all the kids. I met him 5 times total and he was always quiet. Allegedly.

10. Kim’s Daughter

From February 19, 2022

It’s possibly kind of like Erika when it comes to Brooke (without the orphans and widows). Did her hubby give her a credit card she used? Did she know? Even if she didn’t exactly know, is ignorance an excuse? What did he husband know? Lots of questions!!

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