Just the Cuff…

Dec 27, 2021

So according to her, he would sleep all day and was very verbally mean to her. She has not confirm if she called it off or he did, but she will likely take the victim side either way. Seems he didn’t really know what he was getting into. He is a very private person and she is obviously NOT. He did not appreciate her posting about him and their relationship and I’m not sure he understood the extent of parenting all the kids. I met him 5 times total and he was always quiet. Allegedly.


  1. Emily

    Probably why she started blocking out his face in Instagram stories

  2. Toddler mom

    3 young kids would stress anyone out.

  3. Lash Laroux42

    From the rumor "mill" there were problems with her taking the kids to LA without parental permission from Jimbo, finances, and her living with rose colored glasses before rudely being snatched from her face (Metaphorically speaking).

  4. Em

    Meghan ~~Biden~~ King


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