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Feb 15, 2022

I know we have a new RHONY rumor every day. Just received this….


  1. What

    Who is the famous duo? Ramona and Sonya?

  2. J

    Sounds like Sonia and Ramona will be back as well as Dorinda .
    Luann going on the masked singer??

  3. Brava

    So Lu won’t be back and will be on the Unmasked Singer. Ramoner and Sonja will be back. DORINDA is the Vet making her way back.

    • Nosilla

      I think Lu needs to work on her sobriety and RHONY isn’t the place where that’s going to work for her.

  4. Housewives lives matter

    Don’t care about anyone else, just as long as Eboni doesn’t return. Could also do without Leah ???

  5. Anyone but Ramonster

    Ramona back really?! So over her antics she is such a monster

  6. Delusional

    I‘m being delusional and hope that the duo ist Bethenny and Carole

  7. No to Ramona

    So Jungle clue is Eboni she is on CBS Beyond the edge which is set in the jungles of Panama.
    I’m hoping the duo is Leah and Tinsley
    And I’m hoping the vet is Dorinda. Friend of not sure

  8. Mobbed Up

    So Sonja and Ramona. Eboni is in the jungle. Dorinda returning since she was only gone for one season. Lu on the Masked Singer. Bershan as friend of? Please don’t bring back Leah!

  9. NikkiNotHarry

    I agree it’s gotta be Ramona and Sonja, Dorinda coming back, i think Breshawn has to be the “friend” and Luann going to masked singer.

  10. Clíp clip clip

    Please dear god nooo Eboni or Leah. Lu is in Miami now and said she starts touring in April. Agree to bring dorinda back and I think they’ll make it a cast of 7 or 8.

  11. Anti Karen

    Please bring back Eboni!


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