Sep 7, 2023

Subject: OC TEA

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
So much stuff was taken out of the final edit for OC.
The one everyone is praising had a TERRIBLE season and she did not come out looking good but strangely enough this hasn’t made it to air.
One would wonder if that has anything to do with the delay in airing…

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  1. Brooke

    Ehh..not sure I am vibing with this one 🤔

  2. Mr Brightside

    Says the one that thought they were really on to something to take down Heather. But ended up looking like an a$$. This isn’t original we’ve seen it before.

  3. Katie


  4. Lindsey

    Ok Emily

  5. D

    Who is being praised??

  6. Saggy Pants

    Everyone already knows Heather was a douche and was throwing a fit to production about how terrible she’d look this season before the season aired.

  7. Haley

    Dubrows threaten a lawsuit with their fuck you money?

  8. Lindsay

    Who cares about Heather here…Shannon has proved herself a villain. Her remarks about Gina’s kids were so gross. The fact no one has reached out to her…even worse. Booooo Shannon’s hiding her relationship from the cameras at ever angle…she needs to go

  9. Amanda Dolly

    Who’s being praised??? Maybe Taylor? I feel like every last one of them is being dragged this season

  10. Sue

    I would love to see the unseen Heather footage. Because I think about the pre-season rumors about the edit all the time while watching and I’m like, what did they leave out? Heather does seem to be in the right over Emily at that dinner and I just can’t think of what Heather may have done to be so awful. It really does feel like others planted the Heather rumors cause they didn’t like her – but I would like to see the cutting room floor **as long as it’s not more Shannon at her dr

  11. OC angels

    The only one really getting sort of praised is Emily in the blogs for her weight loss, which is likes to pretend is because she started lifting more (girl come ON). If they gave her a good edit this season it’s probably because what they cut out was Shane bullying her and they figured we’ve already seen enough of that.

  12. Laihlana

    This is obvious that this is Tamra !!!

  13. Colleen

    It could only be Tamra. She’s been praised for saving the show. I find her cruel, dishonest and annoying.


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