What’s next for Summer House? Jersey’s Jaqueline and Jackie exchange some pretty shocking text messages. Jersey finale – did Louie hire someone to call Teresa’s castmate’s family members? Danielle – is she all bark and no bite? The Vanderpump Rules bombshell revelation…what we really think was behind it and Raquel’s “throuple” suggestion. A Cocktailer weighs in with her professional opinion on Raquel and what might be causing her to act the way she does. Schwartz just keeps digging himself a deeper hole and making some weird faces while he does it. We have word of a new VPR spinoff – and it’s something we haven’t discussed before. Real Housewives of Orange County is back and we’re ready for some fun and sun.

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Amanda 0:01
Teresa, I’m sure you’re not listening. But if you are, it goes back to the thing that my mom always used to say if you’re in a group of friends and somebody repeatedly talks behind other people’s backs, don’t think for a minute that they won’t do the same thing to you. So, Theresa, just pay attention, because just because you’re married to him doesn’t mean that he might not pull shady crap on you Sunday.

B 0:31
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravoandcocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I’m B.

Amanda 0:51
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B 0:58
What’s up cocktailers and Amanda

Amanda 1:02
Hey cocktailers and be there’s so much to chat about this week. But let’s start with summer house because the reunion ended there. We see some stuff. I feel like kind of half tied up. Andy. Really? I can try to get Danielle and Lindsay to come to terms more than I think I’ve seen him do. Really before. I’m I was a little curious. Like, what do you think that’s about?

B 1:30
I think that my take is at that reunion. He was very much in the midst of and possibly still is. Where do we go from here? And so it makes sense. He wants Lindsey back. Listen, I think we can all agree that whether you’re a Lindsey Stan, which I don’t think most people are, especially not our people, right? Because we’re kind of like minded, or you hate her. Everyone kind of loves to hate her. Because she makes things juicy. She makes things spicy. Good reality TV needs a good villain. So I think at a minimum he wants to like see them through their wedding. Let’s face it, they met on the show. It makes sense that he wants to film this wedding. It’s gonna bring viewers in, right? And like when you’re at a network, obviously, I don’t know, because I’m not in a network. You have to think about what people will watch and people will watch Lindsey leading up to her wedding. But they’re not going to watch a spin off. So he needs her listen, we know that she cozied up to the new people, which her frenemies are very quick to point out she’s never done before. She’s only doing cuz she’s alienated everyone else. So she’ll have some people to film with. But let’s face it, her and Danielle, being on a in a good place would be the best.

Amanda 2:53
So yeah, and at the very least, it doesn’t cut that out as an option. Right? Like, right, at least it leaves his option there option open to go with that if he can try to get them to a better place. I thought it was. I thought one of the things I kind of liked about about the reunion is, is they do have real friendships. And that really came through, you know, the emotions. What are you drinking? I can hear you. Oh

B 3:21
Loverboy Oh, Your Honor of by the way,

Amanda 3:25
this is a non non spawn guys like non stop.

B 3:30
I have to message. Listen, Loverboy has sent me some cool swag and stuff. But I really want the lemon cello and I want you to get it and I want us to try it on. Ooh, the pod that says I love it nice lemon cello,

Amanda 3:42
I view to actually there’s a restaurant in my town that I love to go to that will make the hand make it. And it’s delicious. So we would love some love and cello lover boy. Anyway, back to what we were talking about, like the friendships like that. I do love that there’s legit real friendships and real emotions. See, and Carl talks openly about the addiction and about, you know how now that he feels like a new person, but that sometimes people still have the old him in mind. And that that can be hard for for him not just to remember but to kind of deal with because he is a new kind of different person. I just thought there were some great feelings and emotions that came out.

B 4:28
And I thought it was pretty incredible that even as they’re all kind of pecking at each other and going back and forth. They all like in that moment right for Carl, they were a united front, which is a really nice thing to say. And I think it’s a good reminder to your point of having real friendships. Friendships are complicated. You know, and friendships go through so many different seasons and at the end of the day, and I think we’re gonna get to OSI later on. Well, we’re going to talk about this again, but when you’re somebody’s friend, it’s it supersedes It’s the really tough times losing a loved one, battling addiction or divorce. It supersedes any of like the Misha, gosh, the nonsense the temporary drama. And I think that that’s why we come back and watch summerhouse. I think that that’s why that I know people are quick to be like, Oh, Paige and Lindsay are phony to each other. I don’t think it’s that they’re phony. I think that when they’re in a house together, they each have qualities that the other person likes. They’re not the best friends in the whole world, right. But when they’re in their vibe, and they’re all hanging out, and they’re at a party, they can sit there and Kiki and laugh and joke. And it’s very realistic, because we all have that person. Not everybody is your bitch who eat crackers, right? So there are people that you have complicated. I remember my mom had a co worker. And I had heard so many stories, and you know, her friends and whatever. But they had a level of respect. And there were times when they came together and they had good memories as well. And relationships are complicated. Not everybody is your ride or die. And I just think that as much as we complain about the complicated relationships, life isn’t black and white, there’s a lot of gray.

Amanda 6:15
Right? And the authenticity doesn’t mean always saying exactly what is on your mind at all points. Right. And I don’t know about you, but I feel like everyone has I have people in like my larger groups of friends that I am not as close to, or that might sometimes act in ways that I personally don’t care for, but that like have a few margaritas and we’re all dancing on the table having a good time. Right? Those both can be true. We talk about that a lot here. But

B 6:47
how many times? How many times have you gone out with a group of mom friends? Right, right, and you go out and before you’re on your way there, you’re in the Uber and you look at your bestie. And you’re like I’m gonna have to deal with, you know, Jen tonight, and then you get there. And you and Jen are both in good moods, and you click and you have a great time. And you do that knowing that the next time you see her at pickup, or soccer practice, she’s probably going to annoy you. But in that moment, you don’t I’m saying that’s real life. It is it is real life. Hey, Jen, it means Jen isn’t the girl you call to get your nails done and have a cup of coffee. But in a group setting Jen can be the girl that you dance on the bar with because you both had that extra shot, and the rest of your friends aren’t in the mood. Yeah, exactly. And I think that that’s what summerhouse gives us. Yes, there are teams, yes, there are alliances, but there’s also tons of crossover. And there’s time where they relate to each other. There’s times where two people will be in a relationship. And they weren’t friends before. But now they can relate because they’re both kind of dealing with that in the house. And boom, there you go.

Amanda 7:49
It wouldn’t be a fun show to watch. If somebody is like constantly calling out the other person for being like, you know, you had too much to drink or you’re being a bitch to Danielle or whatever. Like that just would not be very fun to watch like

B 8:01
that. And that’s why Bravo doesn’t really allow the stars the housewives the Bravo labs to say I refuse to film with her. Because when you put them all in a room organic moments happen. And if you look back to like OG housewives, if you look back to Ronnie, Atlanta, they never refused to film with each other. And that’s where some of our best moments come from, from people who were at odds getting along or having getting a common enemy, right? And then all of a sudden, they’re kicking together. So and that’s why we always say how is this going to work? And like, as I’m speaking as a viewer, throw those people in a house because guess what, by next summer, all the dynamics are different different people are coupled up different people are single. And yes, the alliances are underneath there, but things shake up look at Daniela Lindsey, right. Look at Danielle and see our being friends and actually hanging out off camera, just the two of them. Who would have thunk that? Right?

Amanda 8:59
And you know, the other thing is, too is like Lindsey and Carl. They don’t have to come every weekend. Right? Maybe they come a few weekends and they follow them. I know. Right? Because it was Yeah, I agree. And they even said like the one night that they weren’t there they had the most fun night when they were playing what was it sex trade, sex theme, charades or whatever. Right? Which I was like, what? I want to play that That looks fun.

B 9:24
Wait, can we discuss this? And this is Bravo that pisses us off. They did it in the last winter house trailer to where they made it look like Amanda and Kyle had this huge blowout fight and then they showed us nothing. So it must have just been an edited disagreement. Yeah. There was a teaser in the preview of the reunion and it was Lindsey calling out Ciara about texting Cory to link up when him and Sam were like an item.

Amanda 9:48
Oh, yeah.

B 9:49
But it wasn’t aired.

Amanda 9:51
I mean, who knows? Maybe who knows. Maybe they didn’t want to cause more drama or to have the viewer ers remember that going into the next summer because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Korea and Sam. And I’m betting CIO will be there. So who knows? Maybe they did

B 10:11
address it a little because they asked Korea in Korea was like, listen, Sierra and I have always had a flirty vibe, but I wouldn’t have ever thought that like it was like a legit. She wants to hook up and he said, he’s like, she’s a beautiful woman. But I met Sam and I was into her. So maybe they wrapped it up there, but Right. I did think it was interesting that Lindsey call that out. And that’s just so Lindsay and that’s what makes her good. Yeah, there’s what a bitchy thing to do. But what great television

Amanda 10:37
Yeah, and that’s why we like watching her. Okay, so what about that email we got that made it sound like Brian Benny from family karma might be joining summer house.

B 10:47
I mean, it makes sense to me. He hangs out with them. He was on this upcoming season of winter house. He was just in Manhattan, a bunch of people were there for the Vanderpump Rules. Seems like they got all of the non housewives Bravo labs together. You know, some below deck people. Summer House people Brian Benny, and let’s face it, Amanda, we’ve been talking about this. How long they need a guy and he

Amanda 11:16
is cute. Hudes? Yeah,

B 11:18
so cute. I really hope he is. Listen, July 4 is where are we at?

Amanda 11:24
We’re a month out a little out. Yeah, yeah, a little less than

B 11:27
a month out. So I do no with summer house, I can tell you that. I was told that they kind of put a whole bunch of people on wait and see. Because some of them end up just visiting like we saw Andrea and Cory, although he ended up staying full time. And so there are a ton of people on wait and see. I think the main people No, but Brian Benny could be somebody they bring in to test out and I think that he’s smart. I think he likes this reality gig. I think he’s likable. So Brian Benny, I know we I think we had said Danielle. But what about Brian, Benny and Gabby because I feel like Brian always had a thing for Monica, who’s got that little stuck up way. So he clearly liked that vibe.

Amanda 12:10
I mean, interesting. I think he’s got he’s got swag. So you know, who knows? Who knows.

B 12:18
I met him at Bravo con and I spoke to him for quite a while and my sister in law who she’s a Bravo fan. But like she watched us like couple of housewives. She had no idea who he was. And she was like so taken with him. She thought he was like such a doll. And he was and his parents were so sweet and cute. And his brother like I want him to bring his brother. I told you how his brother was in person. I wanted to bring his brother. I think it could be such good energy. Maybe we could have some sibling fights that they have to mediate. We need some boy drama in the house.

Amanda 12:46
I agree. I agree. I mean, God bless Kyle, because he carries so much of the fun in that house like Yeah, I think Chris did a pretty good job actually of kind of doing some of that too. But I do

B 13:01
too. And at the reunion when they were like in the dressing room. I was looking at Chris I’m like he’s really handsome. Like I don’t know in the show. I don’t know he kind of planning

Amanda 13:10
like a little bit of an awkward vibe on the show.

B 13:13
Yes, a little bit like Alex yo, and everyone keeps saying Oh, is Paige gonna be back guys. Paging Craig we’re two of three people that Bravo selected just this week to be the upfront and cannon Yeah. Only them and Marlo. Okay, first of all, I love the idea of Paige and Marlo hanging out because I just feel like it would be chaotic with Craig as well. Bravo loves her page is a brand Yeah, her shows sell out. I had an I don’t I didn’t realize this, but I had a cocktail or who messaged me that they put out a second show in Toronto, her and Hannah. And she had put a timer on because last time it was one show and it sold out in 20 minutes. Huge fan bases. Yeah. Personally, I like her. They’re not letting her go. And I think what Andy said is very true. And it’s what will secure her spot. She might not say much but when she clocks in she gets it done. She like lights the match throws it in almost like Luann in her heyday. And then everyone buzzers around and she goes back to being like, eggs hola French says right like Paige kind

Amanda 14:20
of gives me leeway and via because she does actually like maybe almost like a little Lisa Vanderpump to will kind of like highly bring something up. Yes, young but a young LVP maybe has like a very funny dry sense of humor. No. Okay, so let’s chat. Because obviously we’re gonna talk about Vanderpump but let’s chat Jersey really quickly.

B 14:44
Oh, I mean, good grief. Like, really? It’s. So I was listening. I tuned in to Melissa’s podcast. She had jello on and they really like work. I don’t I want to use the word gloating in a negative way. But you know, it was just this whole thing this whole season that you’re gonna see it’s all gonna come out from like the Teresa camp. And it’s like nothing came out. Nobody believes they called the feds. We discussed that last week. And then Melissa read texts that were sent to Jackie Goldschneider from Jacqueline Laurita about a year ago. And these texts were brutal. Melissa read one on the pod. They said there were a bunch it was so hateful from Jack movida, who by the way, little bit of scoop that I was informed of last night, she just moved this week to the OC She’s renting the house that Nicole James that flop from OC last season moving to so don’t tell me that you don’t care about housewives yet you move to the OC and you’re on every podcast, and now they’re bringing you up at the reunion. Yeah. But something that was very interesting for me was we have some insight as to why Dolores had such a strong reaction to Melissa reading the text. Because we always say Dolores is Switzerland. But last week, we were talking about how if Dolores isn’t on the show, I didn’t see her being friends with Teresa because it wouldn’t benefit her right? Because she mostly disagrees with her. And then in one of the one of Jacqueline’s texts that wasn’t read, but it was circling around on social Jackie said to Jackie Goldschneider Dolores took so much crap about Teresa but when she got on the show, she kissed her ass. And we do know that Dolores is very tight with Carolyn Manzo. We also saw Teresa get really pissed that Dolores knew about Louis and her telling Joe about the cheating rumor. And Teresa’s like Melissa told you why didn’t you tell me Melissa knew, like for a moment, let’s just sit there and picture that Teresa really thought her brother wasn’t going to tell Melissa how to nod my favorite word. But Dolores was like, Well, I knew you knew. So why did we have to discuss it? But Teresa was like, Well, I mean, we’re such good friends. Why Why wouldn’t you bring it up to me? Okay, whatever, whatever. And you see that Teresa wants to go in on Dolores. But in that moment, she’s already got Marge, she’s already got Melissa. And let’s not forget Dolores can pop if put Yes, you can. So I think we are seeing the fracture in that. But I think that Teresa is not going to focus on it. I think Louie is going to tell her not to focus on it because it seems like Louise got poorly for now right where he needs them.

Amanda 17:38
Right and Dolores is kind of coming into her own on the show. And I think you know people are really rooting for her people like Polly people like seeing that. You know, she’s in love. And you know this, the interesting family dynamics that they have. And I think Teresa is smart enough to see that. And probably doesn’t want to mess with that ally to your point. But especially well Dolores is really kind of she’s she I would say she’s a fan favorite on the show.

B 18:15
I think Teresa is so pissed at Rachel because she didn’t fall in line. And when Theresa says to John, really John, when John is just like, I was I was taken aback. I mean Rachel is tough and Rachel is composed and when John cold because you see Frank and we’re gonna see it in full next week, but we saw a bunch of clips of Frank calling out Louis and John being like, why did you contact my son’s mother? Who do you think you are? You know you think you know people I know people in New Jersey. You better watch out. Teresa looks at him like really John like she was shocked. Man, listen, Louis wants to come for his family. He’s not going to take it sitting down

Amanda 18:59
No kidding. And who should I cannot even imagine to use a Teresa isn’t the audacity of her doing that like what I mean? Who I just What a nasty mud pit. That whole world is like yet another reason that you gotta be you gotta have nerves of steel

B 19:22
and they’re not denying it at the reunion we know that um, watch what happens live after the reunion they denied Bo detail but when they say it to her she says to Margaret Oh, You’re just mad because you can’t afford to pay somebody.

Amanda 19:32
Yeah, and then this whole setup with Dan John

B 19:35
Fouda basically was like I can and I know a lot of people in New Jersey and he kind of gave me good fella energy if you know what

Amanda 19:41
I do. And if

B 19:43
I were Louis I feel a little I be a little taken aback I would take it easy with the food is there’s just so

Amanda 19:49
many weird veiled threats in that whole Goodfellas arena. You know like with UFC, I’ve seen her do it. I don’t know it’s a that’s definitely a very unique fight. up to New Jersey. But you know, speaking of the whole like rat situation, I mean with Jen, when it just comes out that Jen set Danielle up. Like there was kind of no denying it. And then Daniel still like, oh, I don’t believe it. But then behind closed doors is like they set me up. Interesting.

B 20:22
Yes. Very, very interesting.

Amanda 20:27
So do you feel like so much happening? Daniel went in to the season kind of knowing that she was probably going to ally with Theresa but wanting to also be friends with Melissa, or do you think Danielle when she said that? You were my friend? Melissa. Do you think that that was a genuine thing?

B 20:47
So I think that Danielle, what she tried to do, because Melissa, she had zero reason to come from Alyssa. So it would have been I don’t think Danielle care to be friends with Melissa. I think had Melissa said or done anything that she could have made a big deal like with Rachel Right How she took something and made it a reason for them not to be friends. I think she would have done that with Melissa. But since she had nothing what she was told to do by Jen by Teresa, perhaps by production was you don’t have to go against Melissa. But since you quote unquote like her right? She helped you with envy. She had you in the store. You should let her know that this rumors going around. Not that you believe it. But it’s going around. Jen told you on camera. It’s out there if you don’t tell her. Like there’s no upside to not telling her because it’s already on camera. Do I think that I think that Danielle would have looked for any reason to go against. I think that Danielle wants to be on Teresa side. I think that Danielle wants to be on the show. Theresa is the old G. I think she saw her as the more powerful ally. I think she figured if she sided with her, it was less likely that she’d get the boot. I always thought this about gen two. I mean, Melissa is not going anywhere. But but can you say the same for her allies? Jackie’s gone. Yeah. You know what I’m saying? So

Amanda 22:14
do you what do you think about that? Like, okay, when Theresa is like, you’re gone? What is this about? Is Theresa just thinking in her head, she’s gonna say I’m just going to refuse to film with her going forward, because she you think somebody gave her information to say Melissa and Joe are going to be gone?

B 22:37
I think the assumption is that the smear campaign that her and Louis paid for, with all the Twitter account saying fire Melissa, fire, Melissa, I think Bravo would be like, Oh, nobody wants Melissa, let’s fire her. However, what she doesn’t realize is that as much as we’re on all on social, the audience is much bigger than that. The watch would happen live voting. Oh, Teresa, want to say there are fake news, right? They’re not they’re not fake news. Bravo knows they’re not because they are their polls. And they clearly see that more of the audience. Listen, and again, I don’t want to read it off. It doesn’t mean I think she’s right. I don’t think there are people who want Melissa off. I think if you ask them who’s more interesting. Obviously, Teresa. As Melissa said, Congratulations, you went to prison. Congratulations, your life blew up. Congratulations, your new husband is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and where’s your father’s pajamas? Congratulations. With that said, I think that she sealed the fate of Melissa coming back. When she said for the second time that was actually aired. I never have to see you again. You’re done after this? And Andy said under his breath. Yeah. Let’s see how that works out.

Amanda 23:56
Yeah, we’ll see. I mean, but back to the

B 23:59
Danielle piece, because I don’t want to skip over that. I think that Danielle did not know that Melissa already knew. I think that when that was exposed, and when they said you were set up. I think that she realized right away that she was set up. But she also realized she needed a storyline. And it wasn’t like totally egregious. How could she turn on them now? She it would be open season on her from Marge and Melissa. So What choice does she have? We see her hanging out with them. I did note that Nate had a 40th birthday. None of them were there. But a couple of days before or after she was at her innate where Bill’s 50th. So I do think that Danielle could be great reality television. I also think that she’s got a lot of proving to do because we haven’t seen her be great. As Rachel said, when she goes my balls drag through the door and Rachel said yeah, the door that you run out of. She doesn’t face anything. She could have said to Melissa and Jen that’s messed up. We’re gonna have to have a conference that she didn’t address it at all. She just runs away or, you know, she better grow a tougher skin because you know, she’ll be a two season wonder if she has the same showing next season.

Amanda 25:10
I have a feeling that some of us running and crying stuff was a bit of a, a bit of a put on. We’ll see. I guess we’ll see what how she acts in season two.

B 25:24
I don’t know about that. And the reason I say I don’t know about that is because you can be tough and loud. A lot of people can do that. But when you’re actually faced with somebody strongly disagreeing, like Rachel did, like marched it, and you run away. It’s because let’s look at what she goes home to. Let’s look at what she grew up with. She yells, she stops. She screams everyone agrees with her. As soon as her brother didn’t. Oops, they don’t talk anymore. Yeah. So if you can’t yell and scream, and then face it when someone disagrees with you, you’re not going to last long.

Amanda 25:58
Yeah, can’t back it up. That makes sense. I guess we’ll see. I think she’ll be back. I think Rachel definitely will be back. I would What about John, what about

B 26:09
Louis calling? marches? Son?

Amanda 26:13
I just, I mean, what the heck, He’s scary. He is real scary to me. Like that, you know, throughout my life, right. I’ve had people that I’ve gotten into a disagreement with whatever. I cannot even imagine going this far with, like ever having the feelings of hatred towards anybody to either threaten directly or veiled threaten somebody or somebody’s family. I mean, what the hell Oh,

B 26:44
my God, and I almost forgot. And I’m sure you’ve seen it. His ex fiancee, Vanessa, who’s a therapist is has an order of protection against him because she realized when she went there was a client who kept asking her about Louis, which in and of itself, her attorney said, and obviously we all know, isn’t shocking, because if you are housewives fan, it may be a point of interest for you. But when she went to collect on her bills, and the woman wouldn’t pay, and she looked into it, it’s somebody that works for bolito. Oh, geez. So there’s a whole like legal situation now involving Louie and his ex fiance. And like, that’s messing with her livelihood and her business.

Amanda 27:30
Yeah, I didn’t know that. That’s how she figured it out that the person works for Bodie doll that she just I saw that she had said that it was somebody that Lily had hired but I mean, you’ve been to therapy. I go to therapy regularly. Any therapists would think it was very strange if you repeatedly ask them questions about about themselves. That’s your time, right? You want to talk about yourself, and that’s why you’re paying your therapist. That’s like the number one

B 28:01
time you can be mee, mee, Mee Mee,

Amanda 28:03
but a creepy thing to do.

B 28:05
I mean, what a creepy thing to do.

Amanda 28:07
And you know, Teresa, I’m sure you’re not listening. But if you are, it goes back to the thing that my mom always used to say, if you’re in a group of friends, and somebody repeatedly talks behind other people’s backs. Don’t think for a minute that they won’t do the same thing to you. So, Teresa, just pay attention. Because just because you’re married to him doesn’t mean that he might not pull shady crap on you someday.

B 28:32
Absolutely. Okay, absolutely.

Amanda 28:35
Let’s move on. Vanderpump. Okay, so on a scale of one to 10 that quote unquote, bombshell? How big of a what do you think 10 being the highest bombshell one being barely any? Let’s actually say at the same time. Wait, hold on, let me think what my number is, let’s say and at the same time, what number we think it was, Okay, ready? 12312365.

B 29:03
Here’s the thing. If you read Bravo on cocktails, it was not at all surprised, right? If you’re on social media, and you read all the accounts and all our theories and all our stuff, it wasn’t surprising, however, I think because we all thought it was going to date back to James and it very well might because there was the theory that an account you saw actually somebody you know, post and we share that on our our website. And it was this theory that basically led to back when she was with James and there were these hints and eccentric cetera, that they were fooling around. Why would Raquel admit to that?

Amanda 29:42
That’s the thing and I thought in that interview, the six days later interview, I feel like she was still searching for what would be the right truth to share. I don’t feel like she came out and was like, I’m laying it all out on the table. And here is finally the truth. It felt like she was still you could see her like, look off to the side and kind of think and hesitate and then change her answer. I don’t I just don’t believe that Mexico was the only the second time I think this goes way back. way further.

B 30:15
Well, Mexico was before her grandmother died, right?

Amanda 30:19
Yes. But I mean, the girls night was apparently the first time right. And that was after Vegas. I don’t know. I just I think that this has been going on way longer. I do. I thought that that theory that we shared, was the best theory that I had seen as far as how far back it went. Or at least maybe that’s when the emotional affair started.

B 30:42
It almost doesn’t matter when it started at this point, because yeah, it doesn’t. You’re right, what Ariana said, like, she was like, Well, I never confided in Ariana like that. I can find it in time like that. And Ariana goes inappropriate? Like, why are you choosing to not confide? Like, I have given you no reason not to confide in me. So why did you choose to go to my boyfriend of nine years? Why? Why did you choose to have made up chemistry with Schwartz, instead of Be kind to Katy and be a part of her crew? And if the answer is that she prefers male attention to female friendships, then that’s the answer. But unfortunately, you can’t have both. You can’t be in a group of friends and also fuck their boyfriends and husbands. It doesn’t work that way. And a follower said that it was really interesting when her and Sandoval got off the stage when she went into the room, and she was like, I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to do this to people. It’s almost like she thinks she can cherry pick her personality, which I know a follower sent us something. Yes, I want to read that in one second. But I found that super interesting.

Amanda 31:53
Let me bring up the the other part of the bombshell. That was probably the most interesting to me, which was the comment about wishing that they could be asking Tom if they could be in a throttle. He, honestly, I kind of felt for Rochelle, when she said that and not for the reason you would think. But more like they’re like, Sweet baby Jesus, there is no bottom to the depth of her damast. Right.

B 32:23
Well, I’m gonna tell you my thought on that after we get through this

Amanda 32:26
on the throttle thing. Yeah, well, no, like, what’s your thought?

B 32:31
So my thought on it is that her whole after interview when she was crying, and when she said about the throttle. I think that was all a PR team telling her to say that. I think that at that point, they were like, Okay, this girl really doesn’t know how to help herself. She’s further burying herself, because I’m sure her PR person was on set watching her do it. They’re like, You have to show emotion. And you have to show some way that you love Ariana. So by her saying, and I said to Tom, why don’t I just join your couple. It made her look like just somebody who needed love and who needed an acceptance and she loved Ariana too. And she just wanted to be a part of something. I don’t ever believe that she actually felt that way because we saw in the trailer how upset she got when she learned that they still were having a sexual relationship. Yeah. Which brings us to the t shirt comment, which was him trying to like let Raquel know that. Yeah, he was banging his girlfriend, but he didn’t enjoy it. I think she very much was telling him to break up. I think he was very much promising her to break up. I do not believe she wanted to be in a throttle. I completely and totally believe she’s a pageant girl who wants to win. And her throwing that throttle thing out was you know, emergency PR crisis PR.

Amanda 33:44
Yeah, I think that actually made sense. Because she was so emotional has, even when the other people were yelling that she’s a comment and sorry, that language I hate that word. All of these awful things that hurt. She was very like very emotionless. But I want to talk about that T shirt comment. I thought it was actually perfect for us to get firsthand a reminder of what a selfish self important D bag he is. But I also have to say like, I’ve been there to Ariana like sometimes the room was cold. Sometimes you have too much to eat at dinner like and when you’re in a long relationship. It’s just not going to be passionate, crazy sex every time, like Tom is is delusional. He’s delusional. I mean,

B 34:33
but we promised we were going to read

Amanda 34:35
it. Yes, I want to read that

B 34:36
email. Okay, we’re skipping all this is a tangent sidetrack date because it’s just too much happening.

Amanda 34:40
You know, we got this great email from one of our cocktail errs. She’s a cocktail partier as well. And this is what it said. She said I just listened to the new mini podcast which was one of our bonus ones, where we talking a little bit about Michelle. She said I wanted to share my thoughts about Michelle when you were discussing a possible diagnosis. I’m a therapist and can diagnose people. So if I were to diagnose her, my belief based on what we see is that she has borderline personality disorder. It would explain why, even though she hates Lala, she has tried to emulate her and copy her looks. Someone who is borderline has no sense of identity and self. They also have love hate relationships with others, they can be described as chameleons, and blend in with whoever they are spending their time with. They can also struggle with having empathy for others, and only see their point of view, their own point of view, explaining why she seems so detached. This diagnosis also goes hand in hand with codependency, which she has confirmed. This is just a general explanation of why I believe this, but I wanted to share this because I don’t think she’s on the autism spectrum. And I think she’s using that to elicit sympathy. She’s very calculating. So she’s misleading people on purpose, in my opinion, and we won’t, we won’t say her name, she wants to stay anonymous.

B 36:09
Totally. It makes so much sense when you hear it. And obviously, she’s a professional. And you also see it even when she says like it was so hard for me to watch. Like, it just always goes back to her and Tom’s the same way. And I will say because a lot of people met a lot of people but a handful of people after that interview had sympathy even while I watch what happens live said, you know, there was a little bit of sympathy there. I want to have us to all remember that when Arianna filmed this, it was three weeks later. Now at the three month mark, do I think that Arianna would have been so harsh and hateful? I don’t think so. Three weeks out is three weeks out her world was completely up ended. She did not know that this was going on. And there were so many layers of the betrayal like him dressing up as Ariana Raquel not excuse me, not him dressing up as Ariana. I’m just I’m dressing up Nico as Raquel. And then Raquel buying the lightning bolt on television. Like I don’t think Tom told Raquel to do that. And like, yeah, she wanted this out there. She wanted to be a star, I can tell you that everybody has been offered a contract. I can tell you that they will be filming at the end of June.

Amanda 37:25
What’s that soon?

B 37:26
I can tell you that sources are not sure that Raquel will be back, which to me, I feel like and this is just my opinion, maybe that’s a push for more money because she was as Lala said, a no name nobody. And then she got with James and she was a little bit of a somebody. And now she caused the one of the biggest controversies to hit Bravo, the network? Is she a person who’s going to turn away from that? I just,

Amanda 37:55
I don’t know. I think she should think really hard about the difference between notoriety and fame. Right.

B 38:03
I would agree with that. And I just saw hearing. So yesterday when we watched it and hearing Arianna say those things I did there were seconds where you were like, oh, but then you remember like, she didn’t care? She goes it was eating me up alive. So why not just tell her why not call her and be like, listen, you’re gonna hate me. But I’ve been fooling around with him. And I’m like, why not?

Amanda 38:30
Because she didn’t want Sandoval to turn on her too. Because, again, there

B 38:36
goes the borderline. There goes the borderline personality. Like even in that interview where she’s showing emotion. She’s only showing emotion because she’s scared that the one person she has, which when they all kept pointing out you have no friends, you have no friends. The one person that she has is may turn on her after this interview. But again, she was doing what served her she was doing and fine. I mean, screw Sandoval over who cares? But people who say she was so manipulated by him. You know, she’s a 28 year old woman. I mean, yeah, he’s manipulative, but you know, take responsibility for what you do.

Amanda 39:10
Yeah, and I mean, now that I’m thinking back to about just your comment about the that last interview the six days later when being perhaps a PR play. I mean look back at the finale, when Tom and Rochelle are in her apartment and yet again this all the crap has gone down. Right and she shows no emotion. Right? This theory fits for me I think I think you have a good point.

B 39:41
Something else I wanted to discuss and I want if you could read so we saw on Bravo docket. Listen, Ariana, I love all the sponsorships. The door sell commercial was hysterical. But with that said, I’m happy that she’s making all this money and not just for herself but because

Amanda 39:57
yeah, so on. July 9, and thank you to Bravo docket for this. July 9 2021, Tom Sandoval took out a home equity loan for $235,000 For shorts and Sandy’s Ariana signed as joint tenant. Ariana is also on the hook for this loan. The Bravo docket says they don’t think Ariana will have any claim to shorts and Sandy’s. But the only financial claim she has is a home equity loan. And that’s not good. Greg who is the Tom’s partner has a lease for shorts. And Sandy’s the lease per month is around 16 to $19,000. Greg has a lease and he’s allowing shorts and Sandy’s to operate there. Greg’s company also owns the liquor license as well, neither Greg or the Tom’s own the commercial property. So basically, Sandoval spent $500,000 on this restaurant, but doesn’t own the lease Well, at least 500,000. So you put the 250 from his mom, the 235 from this loan plus any other money he put in on his own, but he doesn’t own the lease or the commercial property or the liquor license.

B 41:12
And I’m just gonna say this to everybody who, you know, I remember Ariana being like, I don’t want to get married, there is no difference between being married, I mean, the value of their home and these outstanding loans are worth much more than your average american married couple have enjoined assets, right? So whether you promise till death do us part or not. When you split, when you own a property when you are on loans together, equity loans, you are liable, right? So might as well be married?

Amanda 41:55
Well, at least the good thing is, is they don’t have to go through a divorce. Right? So if they were married, and they were not, you know, they didn’t have like a final divorce yet, you know, say say this all happened, you know, beginning of March they were married. You know, they’re trying to actively get divorce. Any money that she made, post scandal would, would definitely would be a marital asset. So thank God, they’re not married, because at least now it’s all the money she’s making for Duracell, and all the other stuff that’s going to be fully in her name. But

B 42:33
I will say this, yes, that’s very true. So this situation actually worked out very well for her considering she made this bad decision to sign because what we just read says she is responsible for what she owes what is owed, but not for what he gets. So what I mean by that is, had they just broken up and and this wasn’t a big thing. And it didn’t like she said last night, I’m glad this was a big thing. That was great for her. And you know why? Because if he would have just said I’m done with you and been with Raquel and nobody really knew, and it wasn’t this whole blown up thing. And shorts. And Sandy’s made $5 million this year, she would be entitled to not a red cent where if she was married, and those things were in her name, she would be entitled. So yes, in this case, it definitely worked out for her. However, for your average person. It is never a good idea to be on the hook for for the loan, but not right entitled to the

Amanda 43:28
revenue when it’s all downside and no upside for you. Right? Not? Yeah. 100% agree. So

B 43:34
let’s all learn from this. Yes, something else that sent me off. I know we keep going. But when Schwartz said to her in this odd, passive aggressive way. Arianna, I have to ask you, how did it feel on the one hand to be publicly humiliated? Sidenote, I loved that. She kept pointing out I was not humiliated viewer. But okay, so All right. So short says How did it feel to have this awful thing happened to you? But on the other hand, the entire country and world has rallied behind you and everybody is on your side? Not just all of our friends, but it was like such a passive aggressive, disgusting way of him showing how pissed he was that she didn’t just get shit on and walk away with nothing. And he he who aided and abetted This is paying for being a shit person. Yeah, he didn’t do anything illegal. Yeah, he didn’t kill anybody’s kitten. But you know what he did? Do? He betrayed his friend of a decade as well?

Amanda 44:37
Yeah, I mean, I saw that and I was like, I just feel like shorts, sat down and took some time before the union. It’d be like, I’m gonna think of a question to ask Ariana that’s gonna show the world that I have interest in her feelings. I think it completely backfired on him. I think not just because he looked like a douche but because she cried answering the question like, which just, you know, she didn’t really cry much. And that was like, I think, like one of the main times I can remember her crying during any of the reunion, I don’t know, it was.

B 45:13
And then he went on Jackson Britney’s podcast too, because now he’s saying he hasn’t spoke to Sandoval. He’s finally separating himself. And he’s like, you know, I’m sorry for my role in it. But people keep saying I’m just as guilty and I’m not the one who had an affair. It wasn’t me. You know, I was going through an intense year. I’m not trying to get sympathy here. But I was just in flight or fight mold, and Tom sold me a bill of goods. I mean, you know, no one is sympathizing with you. You’re never gonna get that reputation that you never should have had back because not all of us bought into it. I always thought he was nasty to Katie. I always saw who he was. I do think, though, that both Ariana and Katie have to take responsibility for you know, writing for ship men because that’s what they did. I mean, Ariana knew she was cheated on, at least with Miami girl. Ariana watch Sandoval be disrespectful to women, Ariana knew that he didn’t leave that party when the grandmother died. No, he she didn’t know that he was fucking Raquel. But he knew that she was treating her like shit. Yeah, I knew he was a narcissist and egomaniac at the minimum, a narcissist at the worst. Katie knew. And you know what Katie did pull the plug in. It didn’t take a huge cheating scandal. I say all that to say, if we’re going to talk accountability, you know, I don’t know. I don’t know your worth.

Amanda 46:30
I want to Yes, I agree. Always know your worth. But I am going to disagree with you to a certain extent, because I think when you go all in on a relationship, you go all in, right, and your partner is not always going to do things, the way you would do them. They’re sometimes going to approach things that in a way that you don’t like they might get into conflicts that you don’t agree with. And I think the question becomes, how far does that go until you’re like, I’ve had enough? I am the company I keep which, you know, I would say the same thing to Schwartz. You know, I don’t know I think there’s a higher tolerance when it’s somebody that you’re a partner in life with for bullshit because you know, they’re your they’re your husband, they’re your you know, they’re your common law husband, whatever you want to call

B 47:28
it so i Yeah, for now, scandal has ended. Right now

Amanda 47:32
we I want to talk really quick about Schwartz. So because did you clock all the weird faces he was making throughout her union? So like, if you think of like, you know, like, blue steel or What’s that movie with Ben Stiller and it were there all the models? Oh, looks Julian Julian or right. So I was watching it and I was cracking up because I’m like, okay, he’s doing deadlifts right now. Like he did a lot of duck lips. He did like the pensive guy where you had his hand on his forehead was looking down he had the questioning look on his face a look of wonder this is somebody needs to go in somebody who was a much more talented me maker than I am needs to go in and just capture always weird faces it was so it was like maybe it is it the Xanax that it made him act so weird because it was so odd so odd so odd. Okay,

B 48:31
so for now scandals over Amanda they pick back up in June I mean, it’s not over a stuffs still going to drip out. But we are hearing that we may be hearing about a valley village spin off I don’t know details. I do believe it I don’t see why Bravo wouldn’t capitalize on this make more money everybody likes money. just announced a few minutes before we started recording is Vanderpump is getting a French chateau spin off. It’s not in France. It will be at Villa Rosa. It will be a staff and they’re going to have guests and something like that kind of like a sounds like a bed and breakfast. I have to a landlocked below deck, landlocked below deck something like that. We have to again, get more details on that. Listen, the gravy train is alive and well.

Amanda 49:18
Here’s my question for you. Do you think it is irresponsible cruel, if Bravo has extended contracts to everybody, and asks Ariana to film with Sandoval or Raquel

B 49:39
do I think it’s wrong of Ariana?

Amanda 49:41
No. Do you think it’s wrong? A Bravo irresponsible cruel.

B 49:46
Do I think it’s irresponsible cruel if they allow Raquel to film with everybody else.

Amanda 49:50
If they make Ariana film with Tom and or Raquel?

B 49:57
I don’t think that she will film with Tom or and Raquel I think that we already saw last night and watch what happens live. Lala backtrack a little bit. We know she hates Raquel just from her own natural place. But they’re all going to film with her. Because guess what everybody on that cast is out for themselves? Yes, they rallied around Ariana, but they’re not going to allow this to affect their money. And if they’re told to film with them, they will they may not be nice to them, but they will. And that’s just what it is. I don’t think they’ll make Arianna film I think it may come to a point where Ariano may want to have her say and pop up if all her friends and everybody else’s. I think it’ll come down to like, you’re not allowed to actually be friends with them or actually hanging out with them off camera. Yeah. Yeah, that’s my thought. Let’s see, because if Raquel doesn’t come back it really kind of fucks production. I don’t know. I mean, we only need her for that short bit, and then she can go.

Amanda 50:48
I don’t think Raquel and Tom are gonna stay together. I

B 50:52
think Lala said she thinks he’s already moved on. Yeah.

Amanda 50:55
Well, we’ve seen that he’s been in the arms of multiple women after shows and that I can’t understand why. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, end of June. That is so soon. So here we go.

B 51:09
And now let’s wrap it up. OC is yay, baby.

Amanda 51:12
I was so excited to see Tamra again and on Watch What Happens Live she and Lala together by the way, were magic. I thought. So fun. Okay, let’s start with what I was wanting to start to talk to you about before we even started recording today, because it was more of a just a what do you think about this? So we saw Heather dobro kind of see this where she was like, Oh, does anybody hear from Gina I haven’t heard from Gina. She hasn’t been talking to me. And then Gina drops by Heather’s house, which of course how there had to be like, I mean, dropping by my house is like not a thing. Because I’m that’s why I’m behind three gates like she’s, and anyway. I mean, wow. But then Gina comes in she, I mean, Heather was, I think just such a photo bitch to her.

B 51:59
It was like Heather was trying to, like, have control over her. And it’s whether you’re rich, we know that you can’t make somebody be your friends. It’s the one thing money can buy is a genuine care and like for somebody. And I don’t love Gina. I mean, God knows it’s well documented on here. But like, stand down Gina’s Got, you know, three young of her own kids. She has a blended family. It’s summer. She’s busy. She said it to you. And Jean even sent in a confessional. Okay, so I have to invite her to dive bars when I’m hosting a gig. She won’t show but I have to invite her. Yeah, she won’t be invited. So she can say no. And now that it was time to film, Heather just wanted to make sure that she had an ally. She knew Tamra was coming back. She knew. Because I have to say this. Tamra and Shannon yes, they’re fighting this first episode. We’ll see it next week. But they both seem genuinely giddy to make up. They know they’re better together. They’re two well seasoned reality stars. They’re a great team. And better than that, they genuinely care about each other. They like each other. Yeah. And this is the important thing. And we spoke about this at the top of the pod. In all friendships and fellowships. If you really liked the person, it changes everything. Yeah, I don’t really like you. If I’m just pretending. And if you and I don’t genuinely click, then nothing can make that be. And on the same token if I just like you, and even though we fight and even though you’ve done things to me, I just like you, you’re just fun. We have a good time. It’s always going to be easier to come back to base. Right. Yeah. So with Heather, I think she knows full well that her. She’s going to have Shannon Yeah, it might take a couple episodes. We’ve also heard that had their ducks out of filming and that they kind of turned on her. So it looks fantastic. I was very happy to see everybody. I think Tamra is a nucleus and I think that she’s going to bring it all together. The new girl Jen. I mean, she was sort of like a mix of the Jen from last year with Ryan. And then Bronwyn with the 800 kids. I don’t know she’ll be there. I don’t really know. I think our life is incredibly messy. Yeah, sounded like it’s too confusing, like, but you know what? I was happy. We’re gonna see Vicki later this season. Heather’s having meltdowns this season. I mean, she was already kind of grasping at Gina and where she fit in and now to have Tamra and Shannon makeup and then we’re gonna have Taylor in the mix and we know that she’s on their team you know, he’s gonna have a lot to contend with. And they may not have money like you but will Shannon has money, maybe not as much. But you know what? They’re not Jean. They’re not intimidated by you.

Amanda 54:40
Yeah, I have to also say that I really enjoyed Emily like I really liked her last season too. And like she’s really kind of come into her own and watching her kids just kind of act up I thought was was pretty funny and hearing her talk just about their whole new dynamic was Shane working and I don’t know. I just I find Emily to be disarming and funny. I enjoy watching her. So I’m glad that she stayed on because I was always I always enjoyed Gina too, but I’m like, I become very, very squarely and Emily fan.

B 55:16
Yeah, you know, I have to tell you. I do like watching last night, I think that I maybe was too hard on Gina and Emily. Well, maybe they’ve just gotten better. I mean, they’re at it a long time now.

Amanda 55:29
Yeah. Well, I also thought, you know, when you you saw that whole Heather and Gina conversation, and like, you heard Gina kind of mentioned like, well, you know, we didn’t have Travis’s kids for a little bit. And, and, you know, one of the things we have heard just both through the grapevine but also just been told from sources who who know them, you know, that gene has had a ton of stuff going on, that she doesn’t really talk about on camera. So, right, it would be nice to know a little bit more about what that is, and maybe they can’t talk about it legally, right may raise some restraints on that she’s

B 56:06
trying to show like she’s leaning into her ex husband’s girlfriend and their close relationship. I guess that’s in an effort to like, be like, Look, I am showing my life. I can’t show like, my boyfriend’s legal issues with his ex wife, which I do. You have to respect it. And this is reality television. But we also have to respect that there are six young children involved three between, you know, Gina and Travis. So let’s see. I’m hopeful I’m really hopeful for OC this season. I mean, is it going to live up to Vanderpump? I don’t think Jean is going to be fucking Eddie. But I think it’s going to be good.

Amanda 56:41
I enjoy Tamra and Shannon. You know, I’ve always been a Shannon fan. I still very much like her every time I here to Tamra or see her on TV. It was just so great to see her again on watch what happens like you could see Andy was really happy to have her too. There’s a real friendship there. I don’t know. I’m psyched. I think that’s I think they get into shenanigans and not everything has to be scandalous for me to enjoy watching it and to watch real women friendships and then getting into the same kind of like having no prank call shenanigans that I know you do. And I do and having a few too many drinks and wearing weird costumes. Like I love every minute of it.

B 57:27
I love it. It may not make for an interesting a podcast, but hopefully you guys tune in anyway, I’m just teasing. We always keep it interesting. We do pack tailors as always we know there are so many places to listen to the Bravo scoop and we appreciate and love you guys for choosing to tune in to us. Summer is approaching I hope that you’re all safe love to our friends in Canada as you deal with these horrific fires. I myself in New York have been living like I’m in Cali God bless our West Coast friends because wow it’s brutal that smoke in the air is brutal. I had no idea and everybody have a great week and let’s keep the tea flow and guys,

Amanda 58:09
and by the way everybody cocktail party. We have some really great tea that we are about to record for bonus pod. So stuff is

B 58:19
actually coming in as I speak. I’m being texted. Oh boy. Oh boy.

Amanda 58:26
It’s good. So guys, those of you who have still kind of not joined and been thinking about it, I promise it’s not all about Vanderpump we’ve got we’ve got out I mean we talk about golf we talk football tee I mean all of it so not a lot of stuff. Yeah, so

B 58:43
a list a list of a list stuff can only go on cocktail because I cannot afford when they sue me.

Amanda 58:47
Yeah, exactly. Go to Bravo and cocktails.com/join to join

B 58:52
Oh Amanda another thing that people always ask me and I try to post it every once in a while. Yeah, this is not a lifelong commitment if you see a post and you’re curious sign up yeah, if the rest of the stuff that month is an interesting cancels Oh can resign anytime I get it. I am a I’m a working woman myself. I know when I need to cut I know when my bills are heavy. If you want to tune in and tune out, we pass no judgment. We we this is not a lifelong commitment. You you sign on today is six, eight. If you sign on six, eight, you cancel six nine you can read from six eight to seven eight. Yeah, you get even if you cancel the next day, and then a couple months later you want to sign back up Have at it.

Amanda 59:35
Yeah, I mean I think some people do it too because they don’t like to sign up for stuff and forget. So they’ll just sign up and then immediately cancel and get the whole month and that’s great and we always say like the door is always open like we hold no grudges we’re always happy to have our cocktail hours with us. So

B 59:55
absolutely. Alright guys till next week. Thanks

Amanda 59:58
guys. And

Amanda 1:00:05
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:00:46
Bye guys. See you next time.