Atlanta scoop!!

Sep 1, 2023


Porsha isn’t negotiating or playing hardball.

There’s no show to play hardball for because as I told you it will be an entirely new cast.


  1. S

    I believe this. Porsha was a horror her last season of RHOA and her spinoff. She’s good okay girls trips 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Anna

    Unless this source is actually part of production or VERY close to someone who is I still don’t buy that they’re 100% not keeping anyone and doing the full reboot. Seems more likely that that’s on the table but a Miami-style reboot is as well.

  3. SickofKimz

    It better not have kim z, that racist scamming grifter, on there, or if they do, I’ll Never watch bravo again!! Promoting that scammer is ridiculous & I’m sick of folks not getting their products & she keeps their money!!!

  4. Best ass in Atlanta

    ^ agreed but also who is dumb enough to buy anything from Kim or her daughters?

  5. Missy G luver

    B Scott is never wrong he confirmed no Porsha. People forget Nene was upset about a B Scott leak in the earlier seasons


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