It’s an episode full of exclusives. First of all, we spend a little more time breaking down the Kyle and Mauricio separation – something just isn’t adding up. And we’ve got exclusive tea from someone who is connected to them. Separately, is there a rift in Kyle and Dorit’s friendship? We’ve got to wonder – here’s why. B called it from day 1 about Kim and Kroy. And the timing can’t be ignored – they get back together the day she is seen again on RHOA? Hmmmm. Amanda is happy we have some guys joining the cast of Summer House. Let’s hope this means Couple House no more. We’ve got a few exclusives on the Summer House cast – a few of them are pretty surprising. We wrap with some exclusive Vanderpump Rules tea plus some speculation on how that’s all going to work. 

Amanda 0:01
Don’t see there being something that would get me really excited to watch that and then like the wedding dress shopping, if she were really close with all the cast of summerhouse I would see that totally making sense, but she’s not. And so that doesn’t work either. So I think you’re right. I think she’s getting a wake up call, I think and maybe that’s gonna get her activated, but she’ll channel that energy into something else that would make more sense for the storyline for TV.

B 0:40
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from problem And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. V.

Amanda 1:00
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip.

B 1:08
What’s up caught Taylor’s?

Amanda 1:09
Hey, cocktails, and hi, Dee.

B 1:14
Hi, Amanda. Sorry. It’s so hot. Guys. I don’t know where you are. But where I am in New York City. By the way. We’ll get to that later. I do live in New York City. Yes. As I’ve always said not Long Island. The cocktail there’s no what I’m getting at and they’ll know more soon. Yeah. It’s just there’s nothing you could do. I am in my dad’s condo. He

B 1:36
has split. It’s just still hot. What’s just what does that mean?

B 1:40
So central air and then splits are like central air but they’re like, on your like,

Amanda 1:47
like, oh, the things that are like on the ceiling? Yes. Yes,

B 1:50
I know. And they work great. I actually think in my own house now that we did the first floor I’m gonna get one for downstairs because my unit just we had it done a couple years ago. And the guy just didn’t put a big enough unit. So we need a bigger unit. Not that my

Amanda 2:05
house you always need a bigger unit.

B 2:07
I know. Exactly. In all way can’t go wrong. She’s making herself snort and we’ve only just started. Okay, so hi, everybody. Never mind me. I’m sure wherever you are, most of you are going to be by the pool fritzing as they say. So you’ll be like I’m hot to

Amanda 2:26
it’s super hot here too. Which is great, because it hasn’t been so I’m like actually kind of happy about

B 2:32
it. It’s been weird here too. It’s been a lot of rain, especially on the weekends, which is super annoying, because you know, everybody wants to do it up on the weekends. Right? We got.

Amanda 2:40
Okay, so I feel like we’ve got to start with Beverly Hills, because we just heard that cameras are back up.

B 2:47
You know, my thinking, when I saw that they were currently filming selling Beverly Hills, I said to myself, well listen, they must be talking about something on it on the selling Beverly Hills. So Kyle’s gonna have to give it to Bravo as well. But that wasn’t confirmed for me until it was which is when I posted. I think it’s very smart. My feeling there’ll be able to control the narrative ahead of the reunion, they can set themselves up for how they want to approach it.

Amanda 3:16
Right. Yeah, no, I agree. Okay, so here is an email that we got right before we heard that cameras were back up from diamonds diamonds subject best season ever. Kyler Murray CEO’s separation was captured during Season Three for Beverly Hills. Not only that, but her quote unquote emotional connection with Morgan was also explored and talked about by the ladies, those who are working through their issues and want to reunite stronger than ever expect a lot of personal scenes when the show returns.

B 3:54
So here’s my thinking. You did say season three. But yes, we know what season 13 So my god, don’t ask me.

Amanda 3:59
It’s fine. Yeah, don’t ask me right away. It’s

B 4:01
written it looks like three so tough to explain. So I think we’re gonna see a lot of easter eggs. Allah Vanderpump Rules. Now that Mauricio and Kyle have announced that they had a rough year. I don’t think they use the word separation. I think they said they’re having a tough time they’ve been struggling. We all have agreed that this was sort of a forced statement because of people statement, which if you guys don’t know our whole theory on that, that’s, that’s last week’s, but we know that there were these crazy rumors about her and Mauricio about her relationship with Morgan. They wanted to get ahead of it. As a couple they came out and made a statement. I think that what they’re doing now is ahead of the reunion, so maybe we’re going to see some struggles. We always heard that there were rumors right about that this season. There are rumors about their marriage. So I don’t know if we see them shutting down the rumor. First, and then now that the cameras are back up, we see them going, Okay, well, there was some truth, we were struggling, that kind of thing. Or maybe we do see a little bit of it. And they kind of want cameras back up ahead of the reunion, because when you get to the reunion, you are no longer in control of the narrative. Right? Right. It’s all coming at you. So a smart person, which Kyle is, would go ahead of it and say, you know, do some filming. And so at the reunion, she can sort of have that for them to show clips and say, See, you see us discuss it here. And so it’s not coming from left field, I guess is my point.

Amanda 5:40
Right? I mean, okay. On this easter egg topic, like I actually have been going back through, and I actually haven’t had the chance to go all the way all the way back through. But I’ve been going through and looking at Kyle’s Instagram, just to see when does Morgan start showing up in there? Because I’m like, is this kind of one because one of the kind of theories floating out there is? Did they see what happened with Vanderpump Rules and scandal Hall? And like, are they making more of this on purpose, because they saw that it made it made so many crazy ratings everywhere, like there were so much profit off of it. But I am telling you like, I am seeing stuff from way before scan of all happened in there. Like I’m looking at a Mexico picture from January 26. And I’m not saying that’s even like the last one. Here’s one from the 21st of of trial with Morgan in the picture. Like I’m looking right now at a picture of them on a private jet. And I see, I don’t know some women I don’t know. I see Teddy. I see Morgan. I see Kyle. And it was for Kyle’s vortex. I remember I listened to to cheese and a pie then I remember Teddy saying, Oh, I was there, too. And this is this post on the private jet is from January 21.

B 7:13
Well, I mean,

Amanda 7:14
listen, something was happening. We just don’t

B 7:17
know that it was more than a friendship but right Listen, do I believe the entire separation and all of their issues were fabricated to replicate scandal? No. However, we see Kyle out to eat at Craigs when Teddy and other friends. She’s pumping her own gas and TMZ shows up. Yes, you know, all of these things. Well, and guys,

Amanda 7:37
like for those of you who don’t know crags is like the IV was during the like height of like, paparazzi. So like late 90s, early 2000s. AV was like the place and you would walk by the IV and you would see paparazzi just sitting out there. Like, is the IV still opened? I wonder? I don’t know. I don’t I haven’t been I don’t spend as much time in LA as I used to.

B 8:02
If I were going to LA, obviously I would be a tourist because I’m not from there. I would have these places on the list, right? celeb spot place, you might see celebrities, and we’d go there. Right. That’s where we for sure.

Amanda 8:14
Craig’s for sure. And I think the IV is open and you go maybe for lunch there. Yes.

B 8:20
That might have white picket fence. Yes,

Amanda 8:23
exactly. Exactly. And I have like, because we can all think about like People Magazine, right? And like so and so and so and so out for lunch, right?

B 8:30
I mean, she’s Paris Hilton’s aunt. Okay? That’s all you need to say. She knows where to go. She knows. She’s not hiding. Right. So while I don’t believe that their entire separation was? In other words, I don’t think they’re making this up. Right. Like other people, which we’ll get to them later. But we’ve heard and we’ve heard throughout filming that it hasn’t been exciting. We did hear there were marriage rumors. But of course, when we heard that we thought it was just like a little storyline. We didn’t obviously didn’t know. I think maybe initially on the show, they weren’t going to deny the rumors. Maybe all of this happened and they had to make a statement. I think scandal may be influencing their decisions now. Yes. Right. Both production and the old man skis.

Amanda 9:18
Everyone’s seeing dollar signs and ratings, because

B 9:21
they’ll film what’s happening, but the issues are there. Right. And they’re likely still there. Whatever happened between Morgan and Kyle close friendship. We know obviously, they’re, quote, close friends, there is an emotional connection there. They have matching tattoos, that doesn’t in and of itself, make it romantic. There are a lot of indications that maybe it was romantic is romantic, personally and I need your take on this. I think if given the choice which it looks like she is given the choice, she’s going to choose to work it out with Mauricio. You know, you can hide a lot on reality television, and it’s possible over the years They’ve had issues. But one thing we have seen is a very true love for each other and a partnership. Right? You know, you can’t fake a 26 year marriage, where you really admire a person and and value a person. And I think we’ve seen that from both of them. And they’ve been on our television, this is the 13th season. So I do believe that it seems like it’s not beyond repair based on their most recent, I don’t Okay, I guess what I’m getting at is, what would they have to gain by publicly trying to make it work if they weren’t really attempting that in their lives? Well,

Amanda 10:41
but here’s the thing, and this is what I’ve been thinking of. About, right, because there’s publicly trying to make it work is one thing, saying we’re not getting divorced, and then being like, doing some stuff, you know, with family and maybe going out for dinner, just the two of them. That to me, does not smell like we’re trying to make this work. Right. It means it could mean, you know, like, it could mean we’re doing holiday stuff as a family, because it’s important to us, you know, for the kids or for

B 11:18
rings still on?

Amanda 11:20
You know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I know the words

B 11:23
publicly, they want to have a united front, which is different than sort of giving the idea that publicly yours still together, wearing this ring in indicate and maybe, maybe, maybe he’s gotta win Kyle over, maybe he really won’t. But I here’s the thing. And listen, obviously, people change, things evolve, things change. I just always got the sense from the psychic dinner throughout. I mean, you remember that clip where she went over that woman? And she was like, Get your hands off my husband, like, you know, Kyle writes for Maria, you don’t stay married 26 years, unless, like she, I guess my what I’m trying to say and I can’t really get it out is if Mauricio said to her, whatever he’s been up to whatever it is, like, I want to be with you. I want to be married to you. I can’t imagine that she would be in a place where she would say nope, I’m in love with a 28 year old country singer now, right? Or? No, forget about the country singer. Let’s say they’re just friends. And everyone’s got that wrong. And like we like we speculated they have a financial interest in her or she loves her as a friend. And she wants her to be successful. And that’s why she’s not shutting it down. Because see other question, why aren’t you shutting down those rumors? If they’re not true? But let’s all that aside. If Maria came to her and wanted to work it out, now, of course, I recognize she’s in a tough spot, because she does care about this person. And has to hurt her right if she chooses to work it out with Mauricio.

Amanda 12:59
Yeah. Or she could be I mean, she could say, you know, I’m not ready yet. I need to see this through with this. I know, who knows. But I guess I’m just saying like, just because we’re seeing them out for dinner. And just because they put out a thing that says we’re not getting divorced, doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be separated, it doesn’t mean that they’re not planning to be separated in debt indefinitely, you know it, and

B 13:31
maybe us not knowing is by design. So maybe making the public wonder maybe the entire conversation we’re having is part of their PR play to get us to watch because we don’t know, we don’t know. We don’t know what they’re doing. We know that they came out and we know that people made a statement that they’re separated. Okay. Yeah. People is not whatever it is. It’s not nonsense. It’s legit, right? People call it the Bible, right? People TMZ you read it there. But they came out and said, We’re not divorcing. But obviously, they also admitted they were having trouble in their marriage. So we don’t frickin know. Are we going to watch them? And then it’s a matter of, it’s a long time between now and when we see the show? Yeah, they’re gonna have to keep this going. Because now all eyes are on them. Right? So we’re going to figure out if Mauricio spidered out with the woman that okay, they’re really split. So they’re gonna have to keep all of that kind of stuff under wraps, if they’re really split, and doing this for the show and speculation. And again, these are extremely wealthy people. This isn’t Kim and Kroy. Who need to pay off debt. Right? Why would you know what I mean? If they weren’t working it out? Or I don’t know, why wouldn’t they just I don’t

Amanda 14:46
know. So I think I want to point out something else for the cocktails that you and I know but you and I haven’t really discussed right like when we broke scannable I feel like the flood gates opened, right and like, Okay, now that this is out in the open, we just started getting more and more and more and more and more information from many different people from sources from all of this, we are not getting that kind of information. Now, it’s feels much more locked down. It feels much more controlled, somehow. So, I don’t know, I just, this is

B 15:28
such a few reasons. Number one, a lot of the stuff that came out was like people who were like, Oh my God, I didn’t think anything of it. But Raquel was at this show, Vancouver, and then Ariana would make a statement like, didn’t know she was there. So you’re also dealing with you’re dealing with higher profile people, number one. I mean, they’re older, they’re more established, they have a smaller circle. You know, the Vanderpump Rules, people. If they’re not still employed, and leases, establishments, they’re there all the time. They’re there. I mean, fans are constantly meeting them having drinks with them interacting with them. You know, Kyle isn’t rolling up to a neighborhood cafe and doing shots with Bravo fans. Right? Like really like, Yeah, but like, Ariana and Katie, do you know what I’m saying? Is do so by design? They’re more preparation

Amanda 16:19
from Yes. Agreed? Yeah. Agreed. And they have I’m sure, PR people working behind the scenes while like they all say they don’t have them. I think they definitely have, if not people hired.

B 16:32
Okay. Remember when Kyle said she doesn’t have a PR person? I do. And you didn’t believe it? No. And I’m going to tell you something. I don’t believe it. Because I’m a literal, nobody. And people always reach out to me wanting to, you know, get me brand deals or whatever, whatever. So like, if there are people wanting to represent little me, I have to imagine that Kyle has some representation, I think, a former actress, so she early in her life.

Amanda 16:55
Yeah, I would go back and listen to the way that she said it because I would say maybe she doesn’t have somebody on like a monthly retainer, but maybe she has a person that she can call when she needs it. Right? Like, I just maybe

B 17:09
the person just goes by a different title. So it’s not like, right, you know, like, like lowly PR agent, but it’s like her booking agent, who also by the way shuts it down. Like that kind of thing. You have to have an agent?

Amanda 17:22
No, of course, she’s got an agent. But I mean, she’s got somebody who helps her manage press, and she always has like, because it’s different, right? Booking is different. And that’s where I’m like, I think she just has somebody that she doesn’t maybe have on retainer, but has somebody that she is because you know, and then I would also say to like so within the world of PR, there’s just normal PR and there’s crisis communications PR, and I would imagine if the person that she was working with, that she apparently wasn’t working with but I believe she was, if they didn’t do crisis communications, I’m sure that they have found somebody who does crisis communications, just to help manage the story in the way they want it managed.

B 18:06
And, again, it deserves repeating people magazines, the person who wrote that article is Dave Quinn, Dave Quinn wrote the book, the newest Real Housewives book that we all read, that was fantastic. By the way. He’s a great guy. He’s got a lot of relationships with the network and with the ladies, and he has a good relationship with Kyle. And yeah. And Andy, there is no world in which she was blindsided by this. It’s an impossibility. Yeah, I agree. Now, maybe she wasn’t happy about it. But somebody had to give him the Go ahead, which is we think the network or maybe it was her and maybe you know, she didn’t want to look like she gave it to PBS. You never know. But you never know somebody gave the Go ahead.

Amanda 18:50
So I want to share I’m gonna I’ll have you share it because I think you’ll word it better than I will. But this message that feels very cryptic that we got.

B 19:02
So I want to be careful. I want to be mindful of how I word this. When Kyle Murray CEO when they made their announcement on July 3, I remember it because it was the day before the fourth and I was at a barbecue with my friends and family. And of course things like this always interrupt. Those sorts of events.

Amanda 19:19
Do you remember what I texted you that Friday? It was I won’t we won’t use the exact words. But it was like it’s this all turns out to be true.

B 19:28
Yes, you did. Yeah. You have another scandal on our hands. Yeah.

Amanda 19:31

B 19:32
and here we are. Here we are. So a lot of people message. So when they made their announcement a lot of people messaged me, they were like be I’m thinking of all those posts. You guys put up about a West Coast couple having trouble. People were assuming it was the wealthy couple from the OC. I want to say names. But now in light of all of this, we’re like, was it about Kyler? Murray co Well, when I posted that I got a message I honestly really didn’t see until the person messaged me something else a couple days later. Because what? And this is very important for me to say, actually, if you ever have a scoop, and you send it to me, and I just like it or don’t respond, odds are there are there are times like, in the height of scandal or the height of when Kyler Murray CEO announced, I get like, flooded. And I’ll have 300 DMS, and I can’t I’m trying to read them all, but I may just like one, or just not read it, you know what I’m saying? So please send it because you know, I’m not I’m not not commenting if you give me a tip or a scoop, or something I’m commenting.

Amanda 20:36
And that’s yeah, that’s why we had the email because, yes, so you know, you can always send it in through the website, and you can you don’t have to put your real email, you don’t have to put any of that stuff on there. And that’s because that is something that goes into like a specific like inbox and we completely see it. So agreed, like that’s, you want to make sure we see it. That’s the best way to do it.

B 21:00
Right. So when I had posted that I posted like a story saying like, maybe this was about Kyler, Murray, SEO all along these posts, whatever. Someone said someone who is connected, that’s all I can say, said her friends are next and I don’t mean diritto Anon, please. Okay. She did go on later. To elaborate. I can’t share the elaboration. I’ll just leave that there.

Amanda 21:31
Okay. All right. And we got to think about who else? It can be interesting.

B 21:40
And when I say connected, I don’t mean that it’s someone from the show. I don’t mean that it’s someone who works for Bravo. I mean, that it’s somebody who’s peripherally. The scoops are almost always, like, when we got the scandal tip, it was the sister of a bandmate. Right? It’s somebody right on the outside, who oftentimes doesn’t really even know much about, which is why they get told it right. If you’re the biggest Bronco fan in the world, probably they’re not going to tell you the inside scoop if they’re on the show, but if you don’t care, or you’re like whatever about it, so it was that sort of thing. And some of the things she said to me, first of all, I know what we’re all thinking, right? You know, and got, here’s the other thing, a lot of you are like, Oh, are you going to post the cocktail exclusives, we typically don’t post the cocktail exclusives, but we do end up talking about them on the pod. So for those of you who for whatever reason can’t or don’t want to join the pod is the place to hear not all because we couldn’t possibly get all of them. We’d have like a daily pod. But a lot of them do get spoken about. Right. So we know who we’re thinking. Right, Amanda? Yeah. I think we should let it hang in the air. Okay, I would say I hope it’s not true. People make stuff up. It’s happened before that people have made stuff up. I remember, you know, as a matter of fact, something that I’ve really held back from doing. I’m sure you saw the email a while back that we heard that. Oh, gosh, Sonya from Atlanta, I couldn’t think of her name, was expecting her second child. And I chose not to post that. And the reason I chose not to post that was because a while ago, really, when we first had to cite I posted that somebody was expecting and it was a pretty solid source. And I wasn’t ever able to post a follow up on that. So I kind of stand down from that. There are times like with Stassi like, I knew she was pregnant. And she was like kind of showing. And I posted it when like, basically she announced it a couple days late. Yeah. Because like it’s like, okay, everyone knows you’re pregnant. You just haven’t announced it, but I’m gonna say it but like, when it’s an early in the pregnancy. You know, listen, I’m a woman. I’ve been pregnant, we get in, God forbid anyone should have a loss or anything like that. Right? Right. So

Amanda 23:55
I hear you. Yeah,

B 23:57
we say all that to say, this very well could not be true. Or it could be somebody who is going through a tough time, and maybe they’re not splitting, but they’re just having a tough time. And this person is blabbing about it. But you know, yeah. How can we never confirm it?

Amanda 24:15
Yeah, let’s hope well, so diritto came up to read Oh, came up, but where? And it said it’s not to Rito but like, what is what is happening? Because it definitely seems like there’s not as many like lovey, like, Oh, my best friend kind of posts on Instagram with terete and with Kyle. Um, I’ve been

B 24:38
wondering this and I kind of have to, like different Okay, so what we’re doing right now with Kyle and Teddy and friends at Craig’s. We haven’t seen Kyle and jury together at all, and to reach also been super quiet just on the whole on social media. Some people speculate that Harun Kyle had a Fallout, something I don’t believe Have and Jesus Christ it. I mean, some people say the rumors about your reading Maria caused a fallout guys, if that’s true that is really wild. And I feel like there. I just can’t imagine a world that that’s true. But yeah, we deal with crazy stuff on the regular around here. So and by here I mean Bravo. As if we live in the TV. Others remember how the ladies like when Teddy was on made a big spectacle of her and Teddy sharing a bed every trip, which people have pointed out now they see that in a different light, our quarterly or quarterly our Kayo and I’m combining Kyle and Teddy, if they were together, we could call them Katie, or Kyle Andrei just simply not as close because she’s leaning on Morgan. Perhaps another thing that I really thought of was if she is having marital issues, anyone she was filming with. There’s a potential for this person to flip on her and out her issues. Right? Yeah. And she’s been around a long time. I mean, Lisa Vanderpump was her best friend and they no longer speak. So I doubt she implicitly trust anybody she films with. I did see her yesterday post a happy birthday message. And it was a combo message. It was like, huh, right. You saw that it was during? It was deleted to Teddy and it was maybe Erica.

Amanda 26:18
Yeah. Yeah, it was or Kyle or m se, or Lisa, I forget. But yeah, it was pictures of all of them. The Fab Five, or Fox fours five, or whatever you want to call them. It was all of them together. But yeah, you’re right to like it, even to read has seemed seemingly been a little quieter on just social in general. So yeah, I don’t know. It’s, it’s, we’ll see, I guess. But she, whatever, whatever it is, it’s going on, there is a clear difference in this year versus last year. You know, they were on private jets, they were going to Mexico, they were in the car. That time where they were trolling everybody, for the rumors, you know, the three of them are used to Yes, Kyle and jury, like, we were seeing stuff like that we’re not seeing anything like that. So.

B 27:14
And again, that could be if Kyler Murray co weren’t on great terms as a couple, then they probably wouldn’t be hanging out with another couple as much. So it kind of makes sense. Yeah, it could just be that and then so they’re a little bit more distant. And dirt might be saying to resolve Oh, that’s why they Okay, so they’re not mad at us. They just were having their own issues. And that’s why we stopped hanging out

Amanda 27:36
well, and I just wanted to just say something really quickly about the whole like Teddy and Kyle sharing a bed thing like I don’t know about you but like, in I’ve seen like in I have multiple groups of girlfriends, right? Like I have like my growing up friends that we still will do trips with I have my like, friends here, you know, I have my different groups of friends. And there’s people who are closer within those groups and like, like I my friend from like growing up like all this group together. But she and I are very close. And so like when there is a short for short, a bedroom, if we run it a house or whatever, we will totally share a bed but like there is there’s nothing going on. We’re just like, we’re fine with it, because we’re really close and no big deal.

B 28:20
I mean, I go when they had that on the stage. I was like, did these people never go away to college? Like do they not like anyone have so my my college roommate who was my roommate since freshman year. And then of course, you know, as you go up, you get apartments and stuff. So we always were together. But by senior year, we had a townhouse with nine of us in it, right? Any one of them. If we were going to all meet up, we do it now because when we meet up, it’s usually not with our families. It’s just the girls. So we want to be together. We all live in different places. So we got two hotel rooms for six of us like you know what I’m saying? We’re like a suite with a couple bedrooms. are you renting Airbnb? And it was so funny. So this is we did greenport which is in Long Island where it also again, I don’t live and but you can drive you know the thing about New York is you could drive places guys. So it’s out east by the vineyard. We rented this house, it was the cutest house. And upstairs it had these, this big room. And it had like single beds. It was definitely designed for kids. And there were six of them. And to all six of us had our own bed but it was like being in a big dorm room. And we purposely rented the house because we were either going to sleep in the same bed or in the same room. And we wanted to all be in the room so we can like lay in bed at night and in the morning and chat with each other. You’re maximizing your time together. Right so I didn’t I never thought anything of them sleeping in the bed together. And I don’t think it has anything to do like wealthy people. Like I remember Miami where Lisa Hochstein was like I don’t I don’t sleep in rooms with people like it has nothing to do with being able to afford your own room like you know, thankfully. I’m sure your college friends and my college friends were all able to afford the like $200 doubletree room Whatever. It’s more a matter of wanting to maximize our time together.

Amanda 30:06
Yeah, that’s why we’ll choose to do an Airbnb so we all like have the kitchen and the living room to like hang out in so that we’re not like in the home running. What’s that?

B 30:18
I’m hearing something rubbing was that isn’t your mic or maybe you’re scratching yourself

Amanda 30:24
scratching myself, but I was I have

B 30:27
not like your private area.

Amanda 30:30
I do have a bunch of mosquito bites on my flight, but I wasn’t doing that. You know what I think I was doing. I was messing around. I’m holding like, a hair tie in my hands. I know curling around with that. So I will stop.

Unknown Speaker 30:42
Stop scratching your balls

Amanda 30:43
scratchy. Oh, my God. I know. But yeah, like, I mean, we choose to do that, right? We choose so that we can have like, because not everybody wakes up at the same time. And like it’s just nice to have those communal areas that you don’t get in 100. Anyway. Okay, so let’s move on to the other kind of high profiles split not split. I don’t know what the if you want to call it, Kim and Kroy calling off their divorce the day before she is seen on Atlanta.

B 31:22
I mean, I texted you and you were like be You always said it. And I really even in the thick of it. I mean, you guys, if you listen, every week, the 911 calls the court filing with Kroy alleging she was an unfit mother. I distinctly remember one conversation we had and you were like, Okay, be but there’s no coming back from this. And I was like, I know. But like for normal people, there’s no coming back for this, like if my husband and I were splitting, and he went and told, obviously, really only our friends and family would care. So if he called my family members, and he called my friends. And he was like I want you to know, be he’s an unfit mother, she needs to be supervised, like there’d be no coming back from it, right. But these people, they don’t care. They want to get back on TV. They’re there in the hole for millions of dollars that they didn’t have that they knew they didn’t have that they spent. So you have to put yourself in a mind frame of a person who is doing online gambling instead of paying their mortgage. So my theory, let’s make this huge spectacle. We posted a video Amanda remember, in the thick of this contentious media fight. And Kim was in the background. Of course, people debated whether it was her it was her. There’s no way that if everything they were alleging was true, that they were in a space to be out on a hike together unless this was always part of a plan. So my theory, they pulled all this as a distraction from their debt and bankruptcy. And I think the other hope was to up her ratings for her Atlanta appearance. Again, they announced they were back together right before so anyone who wasn’t tuning in, tuned in to go, Oh my God, what did she say about Kroy? Right. So you know, maybe she wants to be able to say the network. See, I still bring the audience. Now she’s got this real great storyline, they’re working out their marital issues. Atlanta honestly desperately needs a reading boost. Yeah, she’s be a lot cheaper than Porsche. So while yes, there are financial issues, and certainly they probably cause strife in a marriage. I don’t believe they I don’t believe most of it was true.

Amanda 33:36
You I mean, like you said, but like, just to reiterate, you really have been all over this from day one. And I disagreed. I was like this it just with the terrible mom thing. Like, I don’t care how bad you need the money I would never be okay with. And who knows if it’s true, or if it’s not, I’m guessing I would hope it’s not. But even let the allegations come out about like me as a mother. Like, there’s just I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it. Like, I don’t care. You know, like, I guess if this is true, the level of third thirst to be on TV and thirst for money has got to be I don’t I don’t know. I think there’s a lot of things I would do. Before I would ever do that. Because I just being a mom is like one of the most important things to me in the world like in and I take the job very seriously, like just

B 34:37
but you know, we have to remember that they’re broke. Right? So, and again, Kim’s very unique person to begin with. But if you needed money to get yourself out of debt, maybe you might do something crazy. I’m just saying and now you’re Kim who’s already a little left of center, not a little a lot left of center. The other thing in her appearance. She said they asked her about her house being in foreclosure. And she’s like, that’s not true. What because some blog, some Instagram account said it and I was like Kim, you could have at least gave Bravo and cocktails a shout out. I mean, come on girl. But, you know, listen, maybe they were fighting about the debt and stuff. I just don’t believe that they ever had a real intention of divorcing because to make up so quickly, and then, like, the day after, she posted a video of, I don’t know, one of her sons outside doing something. And you hear Croix and she’s like, what, baby? It’s like, how do you go from calling 911? All the things she said about him all the things you said about her to what baby? It just, I mean, you could have an argument with your spouse, and it doesn’t go back that quickly. I mean,

Amanda 35:50
right. Right. Yeah,

B 35:53
you know, I mean, I’m not a huge grudge holder, in general, and especially not in my marriage. Because, you know, I’m like a, I’m a rage and regret or so in other words, like, if my husband pisses me off, like I overreact and scream like such a frickin wild Banshee that I’m like, Okay, well, I kind of can’t stay mad because I’m sort of a psychotic, so it’s just like, I’m not necessarily going to apologize. I’m just now let’s just move past I just, this is over.

Amanda 36:23
Oh my god, that reminds me like, you guys are all gonna think I’m like a total crazy woman. But at one point and for very good reason. I had a very good reason to be very, very, very pissed off at my husband. And I was so mad. I threw like a plate on the ground in the kitchen. So like purposely break it happens. And then I got so mad because it didn’t bring picked it back up and throw it on the floor again.

B 36:55
That really and I have to tell you, yes. Like I I’ve been there. I’ve been on for things a lot less meaningful, I would venture to guess but so but but even with that said that we’re not like that. I’m not a grudge holder. It’s still I mean, and also like, were his anger about her putting them in this hole. Right? Because that’s what he was going with. He had no knowledge and you’re over that. Less than two months you’re over it. You happen to be over the day before she’s back on television for the first time in years. You happen to be over it.

Amanda 37:29
Right. And that that whole like she’s spent $700,000 In the last two years. 1.5 or 700 I forget the numbers but 700,000 And then another 1.5

B 37:40
and another shade of Rachel. Raquel, I am okay with all of it. I’m Kim. I’m gonna tell you what part I’m not okay with. I’m okay with all of it. Give us the fake split. Give us the videos give us all the drama. We love it. It could be fake. It could be real. It makes us all happy. Okay, here’s where you cross the line. Okay. Do not involve emergency authorities in this shit. Rachel did it with Sheena with the bullshit restraining order. And Kim did it with the 911 calls. That is not cool. That piece of it. If you think that that makes it more believable. It doesn’t. Okay. It should. And I think maybe it would if we didn’t know that there were the sort of people who have no, like, why are you calling 911 If this is baloney?

Amanda 38:31
Well Anissa please come and you’re in your bathroom. But you have it like so casually placed over so that your you know, chest is hanging out like the first thing I would do before I answered the door is just wrap that robe around me so that I’m not hanging out of the fucking robe like that to me that I was like, Okay, you owed it one of her kids. No, I think it was a body cam maybe like from the police. I think it was

B 39:02
okay. And like, how do you get access to that footage? Like were these real cops? I hope it wasn’t real cops. I hope she called a fake number and I hope it was fake people came not fake people, but like not real authorities because like, what we don’t need is like people calling right cops for things that are not emergencies like right grow up, and you are a mother of four. And very sadly your children have been injured where you’ve needed an ambulance and you’ve needed the services legitimately so and she had her own health issues that she needed an emergency services so like, you should frickin know better. I mean, the only the only time I’ve ever agreed with Lenny Hochstein was when the nanny broke her wrist and Lisa was like, call 911 and he was like, No, I will drive her we can drive although the Asamoah thinks Uber could earn an Uber which I don’t agree with but somebody who is sober or I don’t know if they would ever should have gotten the car and drive right? That is not number unless you’re home alone and you have no way of getting there. If there’s somebody who can drive you to the hospital with a broken arm, it’s not a frickin emergency.

Amanda 40:08
Right? Totally agree. That’s just gross. If they did that, it’s like, what emergencies are if they just if they did that, and like this all turns out to be a scam, I hope that the police goes back, go back after them and say, Oh, no, no, no, you cannot like this is because that is a crime to falsify.

B 40:27
They’re never they’re both gonna say that at that time. They were and they’re never going to be able to prove it.

Amanda 40:32
Yeah, I guess. Alright, well, let’s talk about summer house. I mean, you won’t be surprised to hear that. I am very relieved to hear that the new cast mates are dudes and seem to be unattached, so that hopefully we can have a chance to not have to see a couple of houses summer. Yes. So we also got a message that said completely Anon, please. summerhouse seems to be off with a weird start. The big topic of the first weekend was Kyle and Amanda’s marriage longevity. And then it says in parentheses incited by Kyle. unclear if there are issues or if he is creating a storyline, side notes. Maya wasn’t asked back because she doesn’t really like to participate with a group and constantly tries to turn the cast against the crew. That’s interesting. Lindsay is upset the Bravo isn’t interested in following or filming her wedding. Just some insider scoop. So I thought of you.

B 41:38
Alright, we’re breaking this down piece by piece and discussing. Yeah, that’s a lot. The guys are unknown, posted pictures of them. Bunch of followers inbox me about one of them. I forget which one it was but doesn’t matter because we don’t know them yet. They knew them from the University of Florida. Not of Ohio, the one in Florida. Comments ranged from he’s really super fun to he’s a douche. But everyone agreed. They’ll make great TV. He’ll make great TV. The other guy I didn’t get anything on. So one guy is thirsty than the other. You know, Kyle looking for a storyline? I would hope that like Amanda is aware and down with it. But the idea still gives me the EQ and I don’t think that unless there were huge problems, you know, back to how many housewives have been able to hide their problems like well, I don’t know. The whole thing for me. I like both Kyle and Amanda. I think at the point where you have to fabricate a storyline and that fabrication is at the risk of your marriage. It’s time to Yeah,

Amanda 42:41
God good. I mean, back to the guys, I’m a give us the dishes because the nice guys don’t really make that great of TV. So like, let’s have the guys like who are bringing home different girls each weekend and causing drama that way. And like I want to see it. Yeah.

B 43:04
Yeah, so nya thing. I mean, I think we all assumed it was because she didn’t give us anything with the Oliver breakup, I was kind of surprised that she tries to turn the cast against the crew, because I know that in interviews and stuff like that, we’ve seen that, like the crew is the same crews since they started and they’re all like friends with them. Right? Just kind of fucked up.

Amanda 43:26
I don’t Yeah. And I’m like, what would that look like? And what would the issues be in that case that she would be kind of pushing on? So like, if, you know, we need to hear a little bit more about that. I’m very, very interested because it sounds like to especially with, you know, summer house, especially it sounds like you said it to they’re very close with it. Like, you know, the crew dresses up for the parties, you know, and like, it sounds very, like a big kind of feeling of camaraderie there. And so that was very surprising to me.

B 44:03
Yeah, I just thought and again, I don’t just like Maya, I think in like, in real life, we would be friends doesn’t mean that she’s interesting on reality television, I feel the same way about Sierra. She just said that I don’t like watching them. I just there’s not a lot there. Which brings me to Lindsey. So there’s a lot there. But I think you know, she’s having a little bit of a wake up call because when they’re when this person says they don’t want to follow or film her wedding. I think that it’s not that we’re not going to see anything but I think maybe they aren’t offering to pay for the whole thing, right, like we remember was Sheena’s wedding. I’m sure they do something, they help in some way but they’re not going to pay for the whole thing. You’re not going to get monies for a special I think it’s that sort of situation. I also think that Lindsay wanted a full size full scenes like of her dress shopping and they’re like now, you know, this is the thing. Lindsay is great. citing when she’s activated when she’s stirring it up on the ensemble cast, right? She’s not Bethany Frankel who gets her own wedding spin off and who we want to see every detail with, you know, it’s not like I can’t wait to see her pick out her dress, I can’t wait to see her go to the resort. Because she’s been doing all of these things. And as a matter of fact, she like, reposted people like showed her in her dress. It was an online, I believe only, which is really great that you’re in people, right? Like, as I’m clicking through people, I would certainly click and say, Oh, that dress looks pretty good for her. Don’t need an episode of it.

Amanda 45:37
Yeah, I don’t either. And like, I’ve definitely been feeling like that. And I’m, I’m very happy for them. I am and it just, I don’t know. And you and I both know, to like, after you get married like, then it’s not. I mean, it’s, this is like, it’s it’s kind of life and your, you know, I just don’t, I don’t see there being something that would get me really excited to watch that. And then like the wedding dress shopping, if she were really close with all the cast of summerhouse, I would see that totally making sense. But she’s not. And so that doesn’t work either. So I think you’re right, I think she’s getting a wake up call, I think and maybe that’s gonna get her activated, but she’ll channel that energy into something else that would make more sense for the storyline for TV, you know, you know, maybe it’s not her and Danielle fighting, maybe it’s something else.

B 46:35
I mean, I would say she should, she should work on making amends. Because if she wants more of her wedding shown the way to do that is to have the cast there. Yeah, if only Sam is there, or Gabby, guess what? It’s going to be a five minute clip at the JC getting married in November. They’re not airing this until whenever. So they’ll have plenty of times to edit that last episode and add a 510 minute clip of her wedding. Yeah. And we’ll see. I mean, even Kyle and Amanda, and they not only had their whole they had the whole cast, they’re all these Bravo people. It still was only like a little episode. Right? Right. So I don’t think I think her expectation was a lot bigger than the reality or something. A lot of people have told me something that she’s upset about. I think that I mean, I get it, right. Because when you’re on one of these shows, when people see you, they’re like, oh my god, Lindsey from my house. Oh my god, right. So you sort of have this idea that you’re Listen, even Teresa got an episode. And Teresa is a big, I mean, we’ve seen her whole life. We’ve seen her divorce and go to jail and all of these things in she didn’t get. I mean, she did get the dress and all that. So it’s just different. It’s not a housewife show. Right. You know, and I think Lindsay could be on a new Roni. Absolutely. I don’t know if that ship has sailed or perhaps if she doesn’t come back maybe next season. That isn’t something that would be an opportunity for her because I certainly think she’s great on an ensemble cast but she’s not Bethenny Frankel there’s very few people well you got crazy Kim Zolciak who had a successful spin off you have Bethany Frankel who had a successful spin off you have candy but candies are always like couple episodes you know you had the man xos but again, Kim and the man xos had whole families right yeah the kids you had this you had you know Lindsay and Carl neither of them having like a nine to five What are we watching?

Amanda 48:42
I mean based on what I’m seeing of these reboot ladies like I don’t even know that I mean, these women are fabulous Yes, I don’t know I think we’ll see Lindsey on traders.

B 48:56
i My source told me that they’re gonna have some traders info for me soon so keep your eyes out for that. I don’t know or something

Amanda 49:04
of the like I think it’ll be traders or Mars or there’s going to

B 49:09
be no like regular people it’s going to be all reality on traders that I know because just makes more sense that’s some

Amanda 49:16
exclusive scoop guys Yeah, I haven’t heard that. I don’t even know

B 49:19
if I posted that I hope I’m allowed to say that. I hope my sources and listening because told me to hold off but I am not saying any names or anything because we don’t know and I don’t want to put that out there until I’m allowed. I follow the rules, I swear. But yeah, I’m allowed to say that it’s gonna be Well,

Amanda 49:36
I was one I don’t know if I was right about traitors, but I just think I just said that as a point to me and like, we will see her on some show of the like, it won’t be her own show. I don’t know if she can if she like I don’t know these new New York women seem so fabulous. I don’t know. So no, of

B 49:56
course not. There’s yeah age different but yeah, So to wrap up summer house some exclusive cocktail tea that we have is that Sam being part time, the person said to me like, that wasn’t her choice. She’s, and a lot of people really want to be on reality TV. There’s absolutely no shame in that. It’s very viable option these days. But that’s what she wanted. So they don’t believe that she would so I think because she’s not with him. It kind of sucks. Because if you think about it, it’s sort of like, basically, she was told that so now all summer, she’s kind of knowing, you know, if I were to break up with him, I’d be here every weekend. So like, I kind of feel like, if you mess us up in any way, she might just be out because you know what I’m saying? Like it kind of puts an undue pressure on their relationship.

Amanda 50:45
Sam, if you’re listening Know your worth girl. Right. Okay. Should we wrap with Vanderpump? I think so. Okay, so, we’ve been seeing everywhere that Raquel Are you proud of me? I said her name right. has officially signed, but you have been hearing something different.

B 51:04
Stop. Just got the alert. Bravo con, three date tickets go on sale Friday, July 21. Ooh, okay. So only the three day people, if you want the one day, they’ll probably be texting us later in the week.

Amanda 51:19
So back to Raquel, she is not signed, even though we’ve been hearing she is.

B 51:25
So I was told that. Okay, I want to be clear negotiations are happening. It’s just not officially sign yet. Okay. Which isn’t to say that, by the time this airs on Saturday morning, it won’t be we posted a while back, she is holding out for more money. As of a couple days ago, the source says she’s still in the facility. Okay. So this is where my concern comes in. When I heard that, like, she’s really getting help. These must be some pretty intensive issues without elaborating on in any way. I have no knowledge of any details to elaborate on. I’m just saying like, she’s legitimately in a treatment facility. So given all of this, is this a healthy place for her to be? You know, I posted yesterday at the cast was told to scale back the public attacks on her and Tom. But I mean, it isn’t like she’s going to show up and they’re all going to do Ring around the rosie with her like she’s really this delicate that she’s still in a facility is coming out and hopping on a trip, which by the way I did here it was Lake Tahoe. I don’t believe Ariana will be there. I think that may and I’m guessing here that may have something to do with dancing with the stars or something? I don’t know. But so some of the cast, but not all was what I was told. Is it the healthiest thing for her? Absolutely not. Right. But it sounds like Bravo wants her on this lake tahoe trip. So she may be signing it soon. And I mean, then you have to say like, this is her livelihood. So if she doesn’t sign on, she’s got no check coming in?

Amanda 53:01
I mean, what is that going to look like? Because, again, you can’t have Bravo in one year saying like, scale back Be nice to her. Right. But we want her on this trip. And we want the drought, like, what is that going to look like? And what are the boundaries going to be? And who’s gonna film with her? And like, is it just going to be one on one confrontations of like, here are the things that bothered me the most about what’s gone on? You know, like, I would imagine they wouldn’t put her if she’s that fragile. I would imagine it would be very irresponsible to put her in a situation where there’s many of the group there, right, and that she’s in a group situation with them, because that could be extremely damaging and scary and not healthy for her.

B 53:57
And, you know, the other side of it is something that Lala said right at the reunion, Lala said, Listen, we are not pre K teachers. We are not pre K students. Like, this is reality TV. It’s vicious, like do you think Lala wants to be discussing that she was with a married man, do you think she even wants to discuss like, they have all had to show especially on this show? They have had to show all of their warts. So is it fair to say well, no, no, no. Yes. You know, yes. You guys have shown everything. Yes. Ariana had to show it. Yes. She had to show her devastation. Yes, yes. But now, Raquel is coming back and her mental health is not stable enough or whatever it is to deal with it. So you’ll have to play nice. Right? Can you force people to be like, I can understand. Obviously, the verbal attacks will come down and the name calling and all of that. You can’t make people A car you can’t make people in be inclusive with her if they have decided that they don’t want her in their lives because this is a real group of friends. It’s not like, you know what I’m saying? It’s like you’re filming. It’s not like Sex in the City where we hear that. Oh, I’m excited. I just remembered I have a new episode to watch. It’s not like Sex in the City, where, you know, Kim and Carrie don’t like each other. But when Kim controllin Sarah, Jessica called one their real name and one unit. Samantha and Carrie in real life aren’t friends, but when they get on stage, they got to fake the funk. And they do. Right. This is there. Like it’s not scripted, allegedly. So.

Amanda 55:40
Yeah. And who is her friend? Who is it Tom? Is Tom going to like, stay with her friend,

B 55:47
obviously this year no more together. So she doesn’t even have him? Right. Schwartz. I mean, I don’t think he would be out now mean to her but he’s distancing himself. He is not going to go near that. He’s already got enough Flack. I can see Sheena. Oh, and something I posted. Some more exclusive tea here. Sheena is really really refusing and trying to get everyone else to refuse to film and I listen, I get it. Sheena was portrayed next Ariana the most because she was her. Her and Ariana. Were very good to Raquel and she knows she lived with Sheena. And she was like family. And then she did the restraining order. I think if she hadn’t gone after Sheena. But she went after her legally. Yeah, yeah, legally. And she messed with her check. Because if there were union, she wouldn’t, they wouldn’t have been allowed to sit together and all like, no, like, You’re messing with her livelihood. You’re messing with her family. You’re her freakin life because she could be in jail. I mean, obviously, we know nothing came of it. But so who is going to film with her? Billy Lee? I mean?

Amanda 56:57
Probably, actually, that’s probably a who knows, or she’s got somebody at some other friend or her sister, or somebody because she’s going to need she’s gonna need Somebody to lean on.

B 57:09
And you want to know what I do think that maybe they’d have to pay her sister and have her as in a supporting role with her. Because she’s going to need somebody who really truly has her best interest. Yeah, Billy Lee, or whatever phony friend they come up with will flip on a dime. So they need somebody who really cares about her. Right and will be there to help her. Yeah. And listen, I know, we were all outraged. And we were all you know, disgusted by it. Of course, it was a terrible thing that she did. But with that said, you know, she she’s not a murderer. Right? She’s a person. She’s a young woman, she is working on herself. She isn’t somebody I would choose to be friends with. But it doesn’t mean that you know, she deserves any sort of abuse. And then there’s the people who say, Well, she comes back on TV. She’s asking for it. So I don’t know.

Amanda 58:00
I see. Yeah. I mean, I see both sides. I do think like if she goes back on TV, like there’s a certain amount of fair game with her. However, like, let’s not, let’s not further break down somebody who is clearly struggling with some issues. So anyway, on that note, you guys,

B 58:23
I hope you guys are staying cool. I hope you’re submerged in a pool, which is really where I would rather be because there’s no air conditioner in the state of New York that is working well enough to cool me down.

Amanda 58:34
If only we could record the pod from the pool without splashing and weird noises we would definitely try.

B 58:40
First of all the audio on that. Nevermind. I would definitely get electrocuted somehow.

Speaker 3 58:45
Some way be the end. Be the end. The end. That’s true.

B 58:51
We right you guys. Thank you for tuning in. And I think we’re all excited for Roni. We will. Roni reboot. We will be chatting about that next week. We have some inside scoop we have some stuff that maybe when people weren’t paying attention because it wasn’t as imminent. They weren’t either weren’t listening to us yet. didn’t really care. Don’t remember. We got some good stuff coming on that so till next time.

Amanda 59:17
Thanks, guys.

Amanda 59:25
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. Eat that would get us kicked off of Instagram so thanks for listening everybody bye guys

B 1:00:06
see you next time