All iced out!!!

Aug 29, 2023

So you know we’ve received several emails stating that there would a soft reboot. That most ladies would be gone from Atlanta. Now there is an article circulating from B Scott that says the same. It sounds like they’re thinking of keeping a couple ladies but rebooting the rest.

my source just told me last night:

I was told tonight they’re all iced out!

Cast gutted. Reboot.

Including producers!




  1. Jenna

    This isn’t going to go over the way Bravo thinks it is. Though I’m enjoying the RHONY reboot, that also isn’t really going over well in terms of viewership. Atlanta has a problem with regular casting due to so many other reality shows being filmed there & they think they will be able to find a whole new cast.

  2. Boymom

    Not mad at this. Atlanta has been a dud for me for a long time. The OG girls we love will find a new path but Atlanta AND Jersey absolutely need a major recast! I trust the Bravo gods to get it right like NYC 🙂

  3. Emma

    Heather McDonald on her latest juicy scoop raised a good point. Is viewership based on when the episode airs or a total viewership for a certain period like a week? With various ways to watch I.E streaming?
    Who watches ‘live’ anymore?

    (Just a side thing for consideration it’s not like it was)

  4. Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

    Why reboot Atlanta? It’s well known they’ve always had trouble casting there. Just put it on pause, like they did with Miami, and do a new city..


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