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Aug 21, 2023

From: Atlanta Mess

Subject: The possible future of RHOA

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Bravo are considering a soft reboot of #RHOA, this season has been a disaster. The idea amongst executives is to take the show back to its roots. They want to imitate the shakeup they used on RHONY during season five. Sanya, Kandi & Marlo are on the chopping block. Sanya because she hasn’t connected with fans, Kandi because she costs them way too much money and Marlo because they can’t get advertisers behind the show with her as the face. Keeping Kenya, Drew & Sheree feels ‘natural’ to them. And they are hoping to be able to negotiate a deal to have Kim B return as a fully fledged housewife. They are looking actively at casting women like Tanya, who are professional and classy to take the ATL back to what it once was.

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  1. Chanti

    Please please please get rid of Marlo. I just have a hard time with her anger, disgusting personality and aggression. Sanya can go. She’s not RHOA material. Sheree is boring. Kandi should just take a paycut.

  2. Rae

    They should listen to the fans, because most of us want the entire cast gone.

  3. karlee

    marlo just was used with craig and paige in toronto for the faces of bravo and slice

  4. Jelena

    Marlo should definitely go and it would be nice to see what Sheree does without her. Tanya would be great to have back in the mix, along with Porscha. Fingers crossed

  5. Blanche

    Marlo has been a disaster. Her anger is so uncontrollable, I am honestly afraid that she might assault someone one day.

    Kandi brings so much to the show, she’s probably worth what they’re paying her.

    Sanya tries too hard, but she might be great for another type of reality show.

    I’d cut Drew and Sheree, bring back Cynthia.

  6. C

    “Natural”? UGH.

  7. Tiffany

    That surprised me about keeping Kenya because shes barely been in this season. They didn’t even show her huge event she had but we had to get 20 mins of a sip n see.

  8. Who gonna check me boo?

    Bring back Phaedra if kandi is leaving, she was hilarious 😆

  9. C

    Drew is annoying but I’d watch more on her divorce. I say get rid of Kandi and bring Phaedra back! And Marlo should stay!

  10. Tribeca

    Bring back Phaedra, Kim Z, Porsha and Tanya to join Kenya, Drew and Sheree.

    Drop Sanya (friend of), Kandi (give her her own show separate from HW), and Marlo (maybe friend of again?)

    Sheree I could also see as friend of in favor of another new classy face.

  11. Tribeca

    Bring back Claudia please! She was one of the best one season wonders. I saw she was at Kenya’s event too so she fits with the group too.

  12. Anon

    Kenya really adds nothing. I love her but if it’s between her and Kandi, bye Kenya. Kandi is RHOA

  13. Manhattan

    Classy and Kim in the same sentence… NO WAY! Don’t want to see her back on my screen. We know she’s desperate, but that’s a strong NO!

  14. OG HW fan

    I wish Kenya would go and they’d bring back Phaedra, Porsha, Kim B (Z, whatever) and keep Sheree and Kandi. I don’t even want Kenya as a friend of. Nene has some issues but the one thing she’s right about is that Kenya started the trend of people self-producing. I don’t care about her non-life. She’s boring and mean, and not even in the funny way.

  15. Jennifer

    They better not mess with my Kandi! Leave her alone, she is worth the bag baby!

  16. Nancy

    Kandi and Kenya are the only reasons I still watch. Keep them, maybe Sheree and bring back Porsha and ugh I hate to say it but Kim because we need a villain, then a couple newbies.

  17. Jenn

    Get rid of Sanya but keep Drew because she’s drama. Get Porsha to come back but keep Kandi because I just really like her! Marlo should get demoted back to friend because I don’t think she was as interesting as they hoped and bring on one newbie that is a friend of either Kandi or Kenya.

    If you’re on the fence about Kenya, listen to her interview with Carlos King. It really changed my view on her and she basically had stuff going on this season and for some reason chose to edit it out.

  18. Justine

    For everyone saying bring Phaedra back, she is now on Married to Medicine so her housewife days are over. I don’t think we have a bad cast currently I think bringing back Porsha & getting new producers would fix the problem. Bravo has to learn getting rid of familiarity doesn’t go over well long term

  19. Gorga lover

    Sheree needs to go


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