Temptation Island…

Aug 15, 2023

Subject: Temptation Island

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
I know it’s not Bravo but you’ve covered other non bravo things. Kaitlin took Hall on temptation island to boost her following on Instagram to help her business. Now she’s trying to twist it and say they went on the show to fix things. She wasn’t expecting Hall to find someone he truly loves. She also has her sister and friends trolling social media for anyone who supports Hall and Makayla. Hall and Makayla are amazing together and you can tell they really do love eachother.

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  1. michelle

    Hiiii Tits McGee !!!

  2. Amanda Dolly

    He handled that breakup so gracefully!

  3. Donna

    This show was watchable at first but now I swear their first requirement to get on the show is that you have to be 100% trash.

  4. Lindsay

    Hall did her dirty. He comes off as the asshole

  5. Rachel

    Sure Hall, whatever you say

  6. Makaylas ego

    Hi Makayla 👋🏻 good to see you’ve dropped in 😆😹

  7. Nadine

    That’s hysterical. Hall is AWFUL with his fake gentleman act and Southern drawl. Gonna tell Kaitlin he wants kids yesterday but then tell Mikayla she can take her time. Why? Because she’s 10 yrs younger than you? I hope she leaves him broke in 10yrs, while he cries into his AARP enrollment paperwork 😂


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