Summer House reunion.. what did Danielle reveal?!

May 22, 2023


There wasn’t some massive information spilled by Danielle. She basically tried to say Carl and Lindsay fought and had issues but presented as a perfect couple for television. I mean same can be said her and Robert… I think most people try to make it look “all good” especially seasoned reality stars, if you can hide fights, you do. So yeah they probably had fights like most couples but she tried to make it into something bigger and it kinda falls flat.




  1. Bri Duh

    So the first sentence is “there wasn’t some massive tea” …cool

    • proseccoprincess

      The edit make it look like danielle revealed something big… which is why lol

  2. Your hat is annoying, your f face is annoying

    Heaven forbid a couple fights. How dare they! Stull waiting for that Danielle redemption.

  3. M Dee

    It’s like everyone forgot the first 6 seasons of nonstop drama, lying, and cheating between Amanda and Kyle. Remember when she went crazy and broke all his stuff in season 6? All the crap talking

  4. Deanna Roumimper

    What was Paige’s big secret about them?

  5. NotAboutTom

    lol. Danielle is pathetic. Major projection yet again. What about all of Kyle’s cheating? No one batted an eye at that. Especially Paige.

  6. Katherine Grossfeld

    As if she and Robert didn’t hate each other for half a year before the broke up 🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. Kaitlin Rekola

    I’m going to wait to hear because Andy said he felt on Danielle’s side by the end so we’ll see. This tea seems intended to fuel a narrative Lindsey and Carl have been pushing about Danielle this whole time even before the season started.

  8. Jacqueline Burris

    Hey Lindsay, we all see you giving blinds and posting in the comments. Danielle was overboard but still you were a total bitch and not a friend at all to her. She stood by you for years when she shouldn’t of and I understand why she is hurt. Did she express it wrong, yes! But is she wrong, NO!!!

  9. Sarah

    Lol Jacqueline Burris, I know exactly what blind/post you’re talking about 😂

  10. Liz Young

    Oh my heavens Lyndsay and Carl had a fight off screen and the long suffering Danielle watched but said nothing until now. Wtf. They all have kept their problem relationships off screen and have attacked Lyndsay. Oh gee Danielle looks like you are single now and Lyndsay is still going strong. So ridiculous how this once again is nothing but here say and we are supposed to believe these jealous ghouls.


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