Summer House reunion scoop

Apr 27, 2023

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B…. Kinda boring like the season. Lindsay and Danielle sort of made peace.


  1. RHOBravo

    Will Danielle be at the wedding?

  2. Adriana Vasquez


  3. Asia Powell

    I figured when I saw Andy making a story of everyone lounging around drinking

  4. Katherine Grossfeld

    If this is true I’m DYING cuz D was all “you are all going to eat your words” and as it’s coming out and the fans aren’t agreeing she’s like oops…maybe I was wrong

  5. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    I am team Danielle, don’t understand how people don’t realize that Lindsay turned a simple misunderstanding into a storyline

  6. NotAboutTom

    Lol at the previous comment. Everyone else’s storyline IS Lindsay! Everyone needs to find something else to talk about. What’s been Paige’s story for the last 4 years? That’s right, Lindsay

  7. M Dee

    I wish Paige would get off this show and move to southern charm already so Katharine can put her in her place. Ciara lost a story line without Luke and austen. Mya acts like she’s been here the entire time and also annoying. They should end this series with some of the OGs from first two seasons then start a new series with Sam and kory.

  8. Kaitlin Rekola

    Pretty clear after tonight whose side Andy was on. Lindsey looked cold and unemotional

  9. Liz Young

    Well done Andy. You didn’t hold boring Mya to the coals over not sharing her relationship. Or Paige or Ciara or Danielle. You allowed them to once again gang up and be nasty to Lyndsay and change the narrative from what we actually saw. Danielle acted dramatic and irrational but no worries. Lyndsay is the cold and uncaring person. Her feelings don’t count. The mean girls can all come back and lay in bed with no storyline. Paige with her weasel face and nasty personality. Ciara don’t know what she does except follow Paige. Mya who is self important and doesn’t share her relationships and the newest member and bottom of the Paige totem pole Danielle. So who will they go after next year since I doubt Lyndsay and Carl will be back. Sweet Sam or amazing Gabby? So disgusted with Andy.

  10. Dana Michniewicz

    It’s a shame how mean the girls are. The eye rolls, talking under their breath, obvious hate for Lindsey and Carl. They bring nothing but mean girl energy. They got to go

  11. Joanne Scott

    Liz Young

    EXACTLY! Andy did not pull through. One sided for sure the whole season was a bitch fest about Lindsey. And she’s not supposed to be hurt?! She’s been in love with Carl for awhile now. I hope they make it!

  12. CocoLou

    I agree with you 100% Liz. Andy CLEARLY does not care for Lindsay and I find it tough to watch. He allowed Kyle, one of his crushes, to interrupt her every time she tried to speak as well! I wish Carl would tell Kyle he needs to lighten up on Lindsay! Everything about Paige was awful, her facial expressions, her body language, her snide comments under her breath. She did the same thing last year at the reunion and Andy let her get away with it. The bed sisters were only nice to Danielle because she was feuding with Lindsay. This show is dunnzo. I hope Andy and the girls are pleased with themselves.


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