Back on Bravo!

May 9, 2023


Real Housewives of Miami is officially back on Bravo! It will air on Bravo before it airs on Peacock 🎉


  1. Bravo bravo fucking bravo

    Why?!? peacock brought it back to life. Peacock also gave us the first 3 episodes at once.

  2. NotAboutTom

    The mothership of bravo shows 💃

  3. Lindsay Lohan's daddy

    Yay!! Those ladies deserve to be on Bravo and move other franchises to Peacock. Miami is everything housewives used to be at it’s height.

  4. LCBinChicago

    I realize most people will be happy for this, but I love having shows on Peacock. For RHUGT and RHOM, more often that not, I’d watch before or during lunch (a work from home luxury!). Now we have to wait until the evening again…the horror!

  5. Emily Canning

    I’ll still watch on peacock. No commercials, I have been spoiled and I won’t go back Lol

  6. Gphilly

    Miami is the best franchise. I love that they’re not constantly fighting around a dinner table and show their lives!


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