We have some insider information about the now-infamous Real Housewives of Miami Hot Mic moment. And, we’re hearing a lot of “tips” that Mary Cosby is coming back to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. More emails over the last two weeks about two possible new Housewives or Bravo show cities. New Orleans and Las Vegas. Also: do you pronounce New Orleans  New OrLEANS or New OrLINS? And are people who live in New Orleans called New Orleanians? We need an expert to weigh in, please. We talk White Lotus – what we think was really happening on the show, and the key storyline that didn’t get wrapped up, much to our disappointment. A quick Something Navy/Arielle Charnas update.


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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 32

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In last night’s episode that she attempted suicide because of the Instagram account, you are a woman facing 20 years in federal prison and an Instagram account is going to cause you. Come on, come on, come on. God forbid that it is true that she made an attempt, God forbid, I would have to believe that is the sum of all parts, and not just the Instagram account that oh, you know.

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and cocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. B.

Amanda 0:52
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip

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What’s up cocktailers?

Amanda 1:02
Hey, cocktailers. So as you know, it is December and it’s a holidays. And we got a great present of four episodes of Miami. So I feel like we should start there. So B What are you thinking?

B 1:22
I really love Miami. I mean, they came out of the gate. Incredible. The Hot Mic moment. I actually Amanda have a mutual friend of veto. Veto is the guy that Lenny has that hot mic moment within the kitchen. Everyone’s saying who is he? I had the same question and a friend of mine reached out to say she went to the University of Miami with him. She said apparently he was the hot older guy, I guess older meaning like he was an upperclassman she must have been like maybe freshman or sophomore. And she said he’s a big promoter he works or worked in the club world. I don’t know if he still does. I assume that’s how Lenny and Lisa know him. But the fact that that hot mic moment happened early in the season, where clearly if she knew that there was trouble, which obviously there has been ongoing trouble. She did not know they were headed for a divorce. So like my question like, What do you think? Do you think production? Like what is production do in that case? Like they have this audio? Do they share it with her? I guess not.

Amanda 2:29
I mean, haven’t they said like unless or somebody is like physically in danger or something like that. They do not step in. I feel like I’ve heard them say that in interviews.

B 2:43
I know. Okay, so obviously she learned about the divorce prior to this coming out. But let’s like think of another scenario where he didn’t get caught cheating. And they didn’t split. Imagine if the first time she was sent the episodes. This is when she saw it like, would they allow it to go that far? I guess there would be a point where like production would say to her listen, it’s just in the footage, and this is going to be airing.

Amanda 3:09
So well now that I’m thinking about it too. Because I mean, if I’m Lisa, I would be super pissed if production didn’t tell me, right? And so I would imagine she’s got to be kind of mad. But if you think about it, right, like, I understand why production would have that policy. Because think about all the times like for example, a housewife has said something awful about somebody else on like, interview or whatever. And then the other housewife doesn’t find out until it airs.

B 3:39
Okay, your spouse saying that they’re planning on divorcing, you know, and again, it does beg the question now, maybe you know, Lenny, at that point realized, you know, you heard the guy say you might and he’s like yeah, that’s why I’m whispering but you wonder why if that’s why

Amanda 3:56
they weren’t Glenny? Yeah.

B 4:00
But you wonder if that’s why like, would he have kept it a secret for longer? And how long after this hot mic moment does she find out and again, this is all stuff where I think it’s fairly soon after it is Thursday, guys, so I have not watched the episode. I’m planning on doing that hopefully later today. I know we’re all in the thick of the holidays. So I’m hoping I get to watch that tonight. Okay, so so we have them there. And my friend that knows veto explained to me and we did get attacked like we posted a DM exchange between a follower who messaged the guy veto. Basically he was like, yeah, he said it whatever. But my friend did explain to me that the Miami social scene, it’s pretty small. Like she’s like, You can’t compare it to New York City. Like everyone knows everyone, even if there’s like an age difference, right. So if they’re in their 40s and or in Monday’s case 50s. I mean, this guy is in his late 30s. What like that doesn’t really make a difference because and we know that they throw these parties With all these young people, so it does make sense, though, right? When you picture the Miami scene, and you know now that like, the wealth and the movers and the shakers are, like all connected because it’s a small scene, it makes sense why the show so good, we have these real relationships, right? Whether it’s Friend or foe, they really know each other. They know each other’s business, right? They know who cheated or who’s cheating and who because they’re all at the same hotspots. I think that’s why, you know, when you see the franchises that really work the best, the real friendships, the real connections, you know, that’s Miami. And clearly Lenny had one foot out the door and you see Lisa like trying to convince herself almost that everything’s great. Yeah, but we see him cold we see him rude we see him dismissive tart to watch. Good news, though. In the meantime, paid chicks just posted an article that she was seeing canoodling with tech entrepreneur, Jody Glidden. And an account that Bravo gay I believe posted, you know, the, the scene where Karen and Potomac goes, robins gone tech, and they wrote on it. leashes gone tech, which is fantastic.

Amanda 6:17
I know. I love it. I saw that. And I was I was I was laughing about that one. Have you looked this person up to see like what this god Glidden person’s about or No, but I think maybe we should. Yeah, I think we should too. I’m very curious to see what he looks like.

B 6:35
I just show up tall, dark and handsome. So

Amanda 6:37
oh, well, perfect. That’s perfect for her. So on other Miami news, what did you think about when Alexia was talking with my soul about her son, Peter, and that like the girl with her son, Peter was the same girl who had him arrested for domestic violence.

B 7:02
So, you know, I was obviously surprised. Alexia, you know, she told a story that made it sound like the girl was drunk. And that’s why her son was arrested. I mean, that seems like a very abbreviated version of what happened, right? Two things can be true, or the girl could have been drunk, and he could have acted inappropriately. I’m endless and the charges were dropped. But clearly, it’s a toxic relationship. And we can see why her son, she would want you know, her son, not with the girl that had him arrested or that causes him to. Yeah, you know, it’s toxic. And I don’t want to I shouldn’t say it like that, that causes him to because he’s in charge of himself. Right. But clearly, maybe he needs to work on himself. I don’t know, I think

Amanda 7:50
some people bring out the worst in each other. And that’s not causing anything. It’s just some people just don’t don’t mesh well.

B 7:59
And I think that she carries a lot of guilt. I think that he had an estranged relationship with his father, clearly his father was incarcerated for a number of years. You know, and Alexia is like, such a great mom and such a loving mom. And, you know, she can’t help that his father was incarcerated. So she tries to compensate for it. And I just think it’s sad. I see her wanting him to make better choices in relationships. And then she also says, like, look at me, you know, my mother didn’t want me with your father. She was very honest with him, you know, and I don’t want to be that person who makes you choose. But on the same token, like, how do you expect me to welcome this girl with open arms? When you guys have such a toxic situation? Yeah. And of course, he just is basically like, you’re difficult in general, which I think he’s way off base. I think, you know, he’s still young. And children often don’t appreciate their parents in, you know, at the time, and in the future, he will and all that sort of stuff. It’s hard to it’s realistic, Alexia gives us the real deal. We love her for it. She doesn’t shield us from her troubles. Certainly she never has, and she didn’t have to talk about it on camera, you know, so,

Amanda 9:16
no, I mean, she definitely kind of made a point of bringing it up. So, you know, and I guess back to your kind of point about things can be true at the same time, like, it could be true that something did happen, right. But then that, you know, the girl is either forgiven him or or for whatever it is, because I don’t I don’t really know the details of what was what supposedly happened, and I kind of don’t want to, but, you know, it could be that something did happen, and you’re right, that they are in a toxic situation and, you know, have stayed together. I don’t know. I just I agree like, with Alexia showing her Her mess, like she always does. Her vulnerability makes her so much I think, I mean, she’s just she’s such a likable person, but feels like such a human person. But also just, I think I just I really look up to being able to show that kind of vulnerability because I think that’s the ultimate bravery. So I applaud her. Absolutely. Also other Miami stuff, which we know we have been talking about some of some of what we think this might be about. But we got an email that sounds like it could be about Larsa. So let’s read it. It’s from ballin, boy, email is milfit miami.com. Subject is not all in the family. His parents are not happy about his quote unquote, friends. This housewife can claim that they are just friends, all she wants. His parents do not love the idea of French of this friendship. It is odd and quite frankly, uncomfortable for all of them.

B 11:07
I mean, I have to say he was at her party that she had. This was filmed in the spring. We’re like, eight months away from this. And he was just with her at her watch what happens live appearance with Lisa in the audience now. You certainly can be friends with people, your friends who traveled to New York together your friends who are always together. I mean, come on. Do we believe they’re just friends? I don’t believe they’re just friends. Again, this is an email. This is not a source. I don’t know that his parents are unhappy. This is an email that we received, right? I mean, it just makes sense. It tracks right. So again, they’re adults, they can do what they want. But you would understand that

Amanda 11:59
it’s weird. Yeah. Yes,

B 12:02
I also speaking of Larissa and Lisa. I hated them fighting. And I think that we’re going to see because clearly we do know that when everything came out, Larissa and Lisa were like, together together. And we had that. Oh, you know, we got that play by play. We we posted about that before it was, you know, on page six or wherever? Yeah, we we had a cocktail or who was there and witnessed it. So I love that even though they clearly weren’t in the best place. Larissa rallied around her girl and was like, oh, hell, no, we’re going to the hotspots and you’re shaking your ass in their face and good for her. And, yeah, it’s that moment. And it’s that moment on Potomac. And I don’t remember if we spoke about it. But when Robin and Candice I don’t think we spoke about it. We’re in a fight but can’t But Robin had found out that one of her close friends who clearly Candice knows and is friendly with who is not someone who’s on camera, someone in their family passed, were in an accident. And Candace was like, This is nonsense. Like, how are you doing? And they cried, and they hugged. And that’s what the viewers want. They want those real connections. They want those situations where yeah, we’re fighting about housewives. But if your husband freakin cheats on you, and he’s at a club with your mistress, all is forgiven, and I’m hopping in your Bentley, and we’re going on a car ball. And like, that’s what we want to say we love the ride or die. We love the real friendships and the real connections.

Amanda 13:29
Right? That’s exactly what tells you there is that real friendship? And there is that real connection? Because if it were a lot of what we’ve seen a lot of other situations. I mean, some people would be sitting there and gloating as they’re seeing, you know, maybe not so much the robin situation. But you know, if somebody really hated Lisa, maybe they would gloat that her husband, you know, is being seen out on the town. And it

B 14:02
wasn’t a true if there wasn’t a true bond beforehand, right. Like, if you’re really friends with somebody and you have differences with them, you’re there with them through divorce through that through all those things, regardless of where your friendship is at because that because at the end of the day, that’s your friend, right? Whereas if your cast mates, it’s different. And I think that’s why we see fans loving Potomac, and loving Miami so much because they know genuine and I really truly hope that they casted the neurone correctly because that is going to be the eight that makes the show a hit or not. Yeah, I totally know we were just sent a video last night of all of them at Aaron lychees engagement on that engagement excuse me, 10 year anniversary party, and they were all there. But like what I want to know is were they thrown together did they know each other peripherally which is not the same as having a connection or a friendship or even if Whoa ship with somebody like, you know did scout in the city? No Aaron lychee with a girls did they go to cocktails together? Or did they know of each other through social media or just the circles in New York and now they’re filming together? So they’re like, becoming friends. We don’t know the answer. They’re saying that they know each other. Of course, they’re gonna say that but where I know viewers are gonna know right away how authentic those connections are.

Amanda 15:24
Yeah, the camera misses nothing when it comes to that kind of stuff and definitely the cocktail are sold either.

B 15:30

Amanda 15:32
So in other Miami news, you posted this week, an article about Peter. So Cynthia’s ex husband from Atlanta, his restaurant? What was it called?

B 15:46
Bar one one club one

Amanda 15:47
or I don’t remember bar one bar one I think so. The Housewives that’s where the the infamous drink? Wasn’t it? Where the the drink throwing? Yeah,

B 15:57
me and Wendy got into it. Yeah, where that took

Amanda 16:01
place. A waterfront restaurant was ordered to close. And didn’t say temporarily. Or, usually,

B 16:10
violations are temporarily and if they fix it, they allow them to reopen. And then they check them more frequently.

Amanda 16:16
Yes. Okay. So it was multiple health code violations. 37 were found there. So Bugs in the Kitchen, toxic substances in the food, something about slime, which I don’t even would not, I don’t really think I want to know where the slime would come from but slime. So this was in a local paper and some local caulk tailors sent it our way.

B 16:45
And then a couple of cocktails reached out and they were like, they work for health, you know, the health department in whatever city they live, and they’re like, oh my gosh, like, the things he was cited for are egregious. Like, you’d rather eat off a prison floor than that. And so to that, I say, Peter, it’s been a rough season for you on Potomac. You know, take a break.

Amanda 17:10
Get your shale together.

B 17:12
Oh, I mean, and you know what’s funny, I’m sure he’s like hope I’m sure he was hoping to be at the Potomac reunion in some capacity. And he might want to sit down on that because those ladies are gonna call him out now. Public. Oh, my God, this is a public thing. Like it’s like, if you’re in Miami go Why is restaurant and let us know it’s closed.

Amanda 17:32
As poor women. We are all like, oh, I eat bugs.

B 17:36
Yeah. Oh, God. Oh, we also got a cryptic email that another marriage in Miami is in trouble. Yeah. Again, this is an email not a source.

Amanda 17:50
Okay, so who is still married of the woman I’m thinking about? So Julia Alexia newly married Marie Saul. Who am I forgetting? So Larissa is not engaged.

B 18:08
I can tell you that I a source who is friends with Marisol says they’re fine. Alexia is fine. I mean, again, this is an email but things are very tense. And Julia says as much we actually I believe we had this email before I even saw that episode. But Julia says as much and Martina we have not seen her, right. We’ve seen her but only in the house. She hasn’t attended any group events, which is always you know, we’re doing this a long time. That’s always a telltale sign that there’s trouble in paradise. So I mean, I hope not, but could very well be that it’s them. Yeah. And you always wonder right when people split because they were together years. So when someone goes on a show, you almost wonder if they know it. And they kind of I don’t know, it’s like a parting gift. Like very Kelsey Grammer to Camille. Like, here’s your parting gift. I’ll get because let’s face it, Julia would not be on the show without the celebrity connection to Martina right. And I mean, Andy has like, bragged about it. I mean, she’s a big deal. If you’re a sports fan, Martina is a legend of the tennis world. It would be like having Messi his wife on like, you know what I mean? Yeah, in that people in that world. I mean, she’s huge. She’s like a Gretzky or, you know, Joe Namath, or you name them. She’s a top name. Right? So do you see Julia being cast without that connection?

Amanda 19:41
No. I mean, I think she’s, I like watching her. I think she’s been a good addition. But no, I do not think I think 100% What’s

B 19:51
been a good addition. Yeah, I gotta say, I don’t love the whole cow milking and catch. Not really my vibe. Oh, Also, these friends of theirs like no differentiation, they’re in just as many scenes they have just as many confessionals. And I feel like all of Julia’s scenes are with Adriana. Yeah, like it’s always Adriana his house, but they’re together so I don’t know.

Amanda 20:19
Is there something else going on maybe though with Adriana, like with people refuse is anybody refusing to film? With Adriana? Is there something you know, I wonder

B 20:30
maybe Adriana doesn’t have a home that she wants on television or maybe the network doesn’t deem it like aspirational, whereas the other ladies all have fancy digs? Yeah, because we see Marisol is home. Yeah, we have not seen Adriana at home.

Amanda 20:46
Yeah, and yeah, because yeah, you’re right. Because kind of

B 20:49
watch for that. Let’s see if we see her home at all this season. Yeah, just fine. Like is there are people who are not rich and have normal apartment and I’m sure it’s still very nice. You know what I’m saying? But, and yeah,

Amanda 21:02
yeah, no one’s being critical of that. But it is interesting that she’s getting a different treatment than the other friends have.

B 21:09
But we’re here from Miami. I love it. It’s great. And we’re gonna get better.

Amanda 21:15
Is it gonna keep going? Like, is it taking a break? I haven’t looked. Is it taking a break over the holidays? I hope not.

B 21:22
I hope not. I know there’s an episode. Today that one dropped. I don’t know that I can’t answer.

Amanda 21:29
So today is it’s Thursday. Tomorrow. We know that Salt Lake City is filming their reunion. I want to talk about something that we actually haven’t really talked about too much because there was some activity at the beginning of the year about this and then it kind of got quiet and so far as we’ve seen, we have not seen anything about Mary Crosby so Mary Cosby as you will remember was on the first two seasons of Salt Lake City she was the is the I think a leader of a Pentecostal I believe church in Salt Lake City there’s been all kinds of things said about her and the way that she runs the church and all that stuff that we won’t go into we do know that I think it was was Heather and Meredith maybe who went to go check out the church and then those scenes were never shown at the beginning of the season of Salt Lake City

B 22:32
been shown yet and not yet. Could we see a midseason trailer? I don’t think we have

Amanda 22:39
so then we’re not we’re not quite there yet then

B 22:42
that’s could be in for Wow love.

Amanda 22:46
I don’t know so. Okay, so back to Mary Cosby. I think you posted this this week that we got a tip from somebody not a source but a tip saying that she

B 23:01
if I didn’t post it I haven’t posted this this is OCAD exclusive

Amanda 23:04
products who said that she is in talks to come back in some way shape or form some capacity next season you know and there’s been a lot said about her saying I would never come back and you know, I’m not interested. So we kind of assumed you know, maybe our legs were getting pulled there’s a lot of little pieces to this story that are starting to come together which is why we wanted to bring it up on the pod this week. Because then we just got a another surprising email. So we I think should read it for the COC Taylor’s it’s from Bravo watcher, subject Pentecostal First Lady reunion. Expect the unexpected. The first time in housewives reunion history. This former Salt Lake City wife is expected to be bought out for the reunion to talk things out from her no show from last year.

B 24:08
So okay, clearly this is very hard to believe I actually responded to the email and it ended up being a real email address which was fantastic. I just said Wait, seriously LOL, and the sender replied. I was shocked when I heard it too. Still not sure but I believe it is. I think it has to do with the show. Needing good ratings going into the next season since Jen is going to present I guess we’ll see. I mean listen, I haven’t posted it. I’m talking about it on the pod because in the off chance that this is true. I want to document it in some capacity because we have had wild shit be true that I haven’t posted and I’ve regretted it the fact remains Amanda and cocktail hours. The network is not happy with the ratings. And you know we can hem and haw over shows like say Beverly Hills but Erica and Reno, whatever toxicity they bring people tune in, in big numbers. So I think we can all expect them back. I still don’t have a confirmation. It’s not true that they’ve signed a contract. But I do believe that they’ll be back on Beverly Hills. Mary will have people tune in to that reunion. I think Bravo would do it without hesitation. My question is, would she do it? Now she recently posted on Instagram, which he hadn’t for a long time, like thank you to all my followers would who have stuck by me. I mean, if they come out with a midseason trailer where she’s in it, because we have another email, which is back in January.

Amanda 25:42
Yeah. We had one from January 30. And one from February 5, saying would have been right when they are just before they started filming, I think

B 25:56
that would have been the beginning of filming. But it says that Mary is filming personal scenes and will be it will be a shock. I think I posted this one will be a shock to some of the ladies at the first group event which clearly we know it didn’t happen. The first group event or if it did, they didn’t show it. Jen and Heather kind of got a tip she was filming. And that’s why they went to her church. Mary will be back in some capacity. Season three. And then the one in February says the producers are getting people who get Mary is Filming for season three. The only thing I can say is that her status could be a friend of next season. So that would be season four. Supposedly an ex member from our church sent a casting tape. Oh. So it’s very interesting. These rumors keep flying. I do know that they are currently casting for Salt Lake City. And that’s wrapping up now. So I don’t know. All things are possible. All things are possible. We’re gonna see some new faces. Some people are saying maybe they should pause for a while because they’re not I know you’re loving it. I’m enjoying it. I don’t see them pausing. I really don’t. They’ve invested in these women. And Lisa Barlow is such a heather gay is a fan favorite. I do think that the people they brought on the Angie’s and Diana, think they’re sort of there’s nothing wrong. They’re perfectly fine women. Although Angie Harrington annoys me. I don’t see them. I don’t see them back on next season. So I see them getting replaced. I think Bravo could secure Mary, I say that they’re going to do it.

Amanda 27:39
I I 100% agree. And guy is like, this is sort of how these things can work sometimes where we get little bits and pieces from multiple places. And then that’s when the picture starts to get a little bit clearer. So that’s why we’re sharing this today is because we’re seeing we’re just hearing a little bit more and more about this. And I mean, it’s a great point, right with Jen going away, that they’re going to need some sort of big ratings boost ratings boost. Yeah. And, and so I did want to say like, I am still really liking it, I’m not loving it as much as I have. In the past. I feel like they’re kind of getting into this like little bit of a sophomore slump, where they’re, you know, doing some storyline stuff that might not be as genuine as they want us to believe. You know, some of the some of the housewives are doing that. I also want to say a couple of things. I think Angie, cats and avis. I actually would like to see her come back. Yeah. And she’s

B 28:53
got, I have to be honest, A source told me they don’t see her. They don’t think she’s slated to come back and things can change. You know, she doesn’t want her to react more positively to I don’t know, she’s gung ho about it. She’s kind of on the fence herself.

Amanda 29:08
Yeah, I think I see potential in her. I and I don’t know what’s happening. But like, I’m really starting to like Lisa Barlow more. This season. I

B 29:18
love Lisa’s a legend. I mean, she’s too fun. Like she’s not even intentionally funny, but she’s funny.

Amanda 29:23
Yeah, she’s a little bit of a caricature of herself. And part of it too, was just I thought she was just kind of mean, and a little holier than now on previous seasons. But I think this whole situation with her and with Meredith has kind of brought her down a couple of pegs and she’s felt I’ve seen more of her humanity this season. So I have like that. I don’t know.

B 29:50
Well, and then hearing that someone with a connection to Salt Lake City told me that Jen Chow will be at the reunion. I mean, so my kids fusion is that the network completely Shandra from Bravo con. But what we’re seeing with that is that that’s sort of going forward. And let’s face it at Bravo con, they had so much talent there, she wasn’t needed. However, they could,

Amanda 30:15
I just want to just jump in and say something really quick with the Bravo con thing to like, there is a certain amount of liability, I would I could imagine that they would have had to with having to get, you know, keep people safe and have security and stuff like that, that they did not plan for her. So I can imagine to it could have been almost more of an HR call of like, she’s, you know, we’re not going to feature her and you know, so we can’t we can’t be driving her in company cars. We can’t have her at some of these events. We can’t have her on stage, that sort of thing. Anyway, didn’t mean interrupt you. But

B 30:52
no, no, that’s a great point. And so you have Bravo saying, Yeah, well, you know, she signed a contract for this season. We need to give her a chance to tell her story. Does that look like? She’s there, but maybe not on stage, but then we see cuts to just her and Andy, you know what I’m saying? I hear she’s going to be at the reunion or, you know, featured in some way. Did the crappy ratings influence this decision? You know, is Bravo Khan happening after the guilty plea? Like that’s why or I think your security issues point, the good point. But her contract includes a reunion. So, you know, lots of thoughts and questions I am hearing she’s going to be there. I really hope we get some boots on the ground info tomorrow.

Amanda 31:37
Yeah, we’re gonna put out the bat signal on that, because we’re gonna need to hear as much as possible. I think there is no reason she wouldn’t have been. I think that you know, them probably coming out and saying that when she put in her her guilty plea, like that was the right that was the easy answer at that point for why she wasn’t at Bravo con, right? Because they understand it too, right. Like they’re further putting her on a pedestal and a Bravo constitution, versus calling her to the carpet. And like making her answer for some of the things that she has, you know, the full on lying and gaslighting and things that she has done, not just regarding the same

B 32:23
in last night’s episode that she attempted suicide because of the Instagram account. You are a woman facing 20 years in federal prison, and an Instagram account is going to cause you to come on, come on, come on. God forbid that it is true that she made an attempt, God forbid, I would have to believe that is the sum of all parts, and not just the Instagram account that you know,

Amanda 32:50
I agree. I agree. I mean, I

B 32:52
don’t want you weaponizing that against the other ladies. It’s it’s not okay.

Amanda 32:57
It’s it’s pretty, it’s pretty low. So we Okay, so I’m trying to think if there’s anything else I wanted to say about Salt Lake City before we kind of move on from that. But yeah, I mean, if we’re putting money on this, My money is on her being there. And Bravo. Do you? Here’s another interesting question for you. If she is there, do you think Bravo goes all out to keep it quiet? Or do you think they want to leak it on purpose?

B 33:29
I don’t really think they go all out to keep things quiet. If they did, our account wouldn’t exist, because they would tighten it up. Right? I think they’re okay with leaks here. And there. Listen, it makes Baazi creates buzz, it brings viewers, it all turns into dollars for them. Well, she’s there every account is going to be posting and people are going to be tuning in. So why Why keep it quiet. You want people to tune in. If it’s quiet, then no one’s going to be watching to see it.

Amanda 33:59
Here’s here’s a prediction. So they say Jen is there? And they probably would have to explain it to some extent. So they say and then we then they say, and there’s a mystery guest and they don’t say it’s Mary. And they like, you know, like blur her out in the video and they just show the wives reactions as she walks onto the stage. Oh, let’s see. For we will see hold us hold us accountable guys. Let’s Yes, let’s see how this Louisiana if we have the if we have the chops. Okay, so we have been getting some other emails this week. Multiple I would say actually over the last couple about some other housewife cities that either are being cast or that our had been doing some scouting and that sort of thing. So we’ve heard about New Orleans. And then we’ve also heard that Las Vegas could possibly be a new location for a Bravo show. So first of

B 35:03
all, I would like to point out that I pronounced it New Orleans. Oh, is that wrong?

Amanda 35:08
I don’t know. To me. Anyway, Orleans is how I’ve always called it, but that could just be.

B 35:16
I feel like this is a tomato tomahto. Okay, we’ll pull that on. Yeah,

Amanda 35:20
we will pull that. Are you somebody, somebody from there? Tell us tell us the proper way so that I can fix my errant way as if I am pronouncing it wrong for whoever

B 35:31
wins over the other round of drinks. Perfect

Amanda 35:35
on it. Okay, so we have heard they are casting for a show. Not necessarily a housewives show, but a show in New Orleans. So I just want to say, I’ve been to New Orleans, or New Orleans many times to visit friends. And I have to tell you now I’m probably going to have this wrong to New Orleanians. What is

B 36:05

Amanda 36:06
Like? You’re a New Yorker. What do you call somebody who lives in New Orleans? New Orleans?

B 36:13
People? I don’t know. He knew our

Amanda 36:15
Linnaean I don’t know. Okay, I don’t know most we all you want guys. I deserve it. And this is one of the things like probably could have taken a little time to do a little bit of research on but I like New Orleanian. So I’m gonna run with it until somebody tells me I’m wrong. But these people who live in New Orleans, they really live I’ve got to tell you, I mean, they not just Mardi Gras, which Mardi Gras is so cool, because if you are not familiar with Mardi Gras, there’s obviously lots of parades and parties. But there’s people who live there are in a thing called things called crews, and you kind of pick your crew and there’s usually a charity element. And there’s always like a gala ball that is associated with it. And then there’s parades, like it’s the craziest thing being there. Because

B 37:04
we have a cop any cocktails who live there. Can you invite us to be in your crew and take us to your parties and your parades? I love it.

Amanda 37:10
Oh my gosh, please, we will we will record a special episode of the pod down there. But there’s I mean, I don’t know that I’ve been there multiple times. And it’s always it’s literally always a party. You’ll be there in like two o’clock in the afternoon. A parade will just start going down the street. There’s Halloween is nuts there that has been really fun. I’ve been for that. And then like crawfish boil. So I love this idea. And because it is a very small community who Pino has lived there for generations, kind of similar to Charleston, where there’s I think a lot of younger people who kind of moved there, but there’s families who have lived there, you know, literally generation after generation and so people know each other. So I think this would be an amazing backdrop for real connections that we’re talking about. Yeah, because I mean they know each other and like not just know each other, like, have known each other for a long time and probably have beef and alliances going into this that have nothing to do with drama just made up for a TV show. And the homes in New Orleans are breathtaking. There’s insane restaurants there.

B 38:25
So restaurants are insane. The food is so good.

Amanda 38:28
We gotta go. We got to do this. And

B 38:31
there’s like a different culture. It’s something unique. It’s a whole different vibe that we haven’t seen as Bravo viewers while there was the southern charm Nola, which so many followers asked me all the time. Why was it canceled? Is it coming back? So maybe we could see some of those faces on the show. They are not currently billing this casting as housewives although they I have heard them hint that it’s possible. I think Bravo was leaving that open because I think they want to be open minded going into casting because remember, a lot of their other shows summerhouse, winter house southern charm. They’ve had great success. So it doesn’t have to be a housewives show. But if they find those women it could be a housewives show. So we know we know with certainty that something for Bravo is being casted in New Orleans or New Orleans. However we say it now the Vegas show so this wasn’t part of the New Orleans email. I’ve heard whispers before my store said to me that he has always heard that Bravo is like off put about a Vegas show because apparently there’s a tacky show on I don’t know what the I’m assuming Netflix or something like that about like Vegas wives. I don’t know something like that. Yeah. But what I said to him was I know that Jacqueline is on the shortlist for ultimate girls trip not that she’s on One that’s filming right now. But she is on the list when they go when they do their next round of ex wives or whatever it is. And she lives in Vegas. So,

Amanda 40:10
you know, I mean, who do you do you think it’s possible that she perhaps was the one to pitch the idea?

B 40:19
Certainly, I think it’s possible. I think that she would want to be back on television, I don’t believe you know, she left for a variety of reasons. And she had to move for financial reasons. So I don’t know, Vegas, other than you know, it’s a party and gamble town like I’ve been there. But of course, I went to the strip and did that whole thing, right? I’m cool with it. But as a housewives show, and again, cocktail hours, you know, let us know neither of us live in Vegas. Is it something where there are these women with these lifestyles that are connected that we could do it? Or would it make more sense to do like, a Vanderpump Rules style show? And if they weren’t going to do a crossover, we know that they filmed Vanderpump Rules at Lisa’s location in Vegas, which Garcelle son Oliver works at. So less than a company could be filming. And it could all be a rumor and have nothing to do with Bravo. But you do wonder why I mean, Vegas is one of those, like, if you think of America, right? And you think of cities, Vegas is somebody from another country would name Vegas. Right? Right. Which begs the question, why hasn’t there been?

Amanda 41:27
Okay, well, I actually have some thoughts on this because I have been to Vegas many times, sometimes I’ve had to go for work. I’ve gone for, you know, for fun. I think I mentioned that. I was actually there a couple of weeks ago. Here. Here’s my thoughts. So I have a dear friend who lives in Henderson which is 10 minutes away from the strip. So it’s According to her, you know, most a lot of people who live and kind of work in the you know, on the strip or in the strip or around you know, old Vegas all of those places actually live in Henderson they don’t live in actual Las Vegas, which having just been there and actually been between the strip and Henderson it’s super close. So that would make sense to me. I also am just crushing so with the Vanderpump Rules the the cocktail garden there. It is in Caesars where there’s a bunch of shopping. I wonder how they can film a show there. Because the entrance to it, like opens up within a mall? Essentially a mall? Yeah. And so like, it’s so loud and cavernous, like I don’t think they would be able to and then you can go in. And I’m sure there’s places that are quieter. But that has always seemed interesting to me. Because I’m like, how would they actually film a show here. And then with so many of the restaurants and places, they’re there next to casinos, which is just a nightmare from a sound standpoint, like the master rows, which is Masters is one of my favorite restaurants. Like any when there’s multiple but you know, locations in the country. The Masters there is like next the mall, right? And some like the Gianna is like, upstairs from a casino with all of the you know, like all of the digging of the slot machines and that kind of thing. And so I’m like, I just think I feel like logistically, it would be kind of a nightmare.

B 43:37
Just maybe that’s why they haven’t done it. I remember and I’m sure you remember, because we’re old enough to remember Real Housewives Vegas. And I remember that being loud now that you say it like when they were on the casino floor. Remember, they lived at the pond and they had that fancy suite. Yeah. But it was like and I do remember like the cast like screaming a lot like and it was yeah, it was loud. So

Amanda 43:58
yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see. I would love to see New Orleans. I back to the whole like Henderson and Vegas thing. That’s not that there’s anything bad about you know, Salt Lake City. A lot of the women actually live in Park City, not in Salt Lake City and Park Cities. 3045 minutes away from there. I just don’t what my other the other thing My friend has said is it’s a very transient town. And so there’s a lot of people who are in and out and don’t matter people. Yeah, and the people actually who live there. Don’t like to go to the strip. So I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see.

B 44:38
So Okay, talk about the Beverly Hills thing that I sent you.

Amanda 44:44
I saw this so that’s so funny. I don’t watch Entertainment Tonight. It’s on like sometimes right when I’m kind of cooking dinner. So I happened to turn it on that it was I want to say maybe Tuesday Are Monday it was Monday maybe that it was on. And I was like, Oh, I gotta see this thing about Kathy Hilton. And yeah, I

B 45:07
mean, so she does this interview with et. I mean, shady boots Kathy is so she so at her house showing how she makes wreaths, right like she loves this kitschy angle, and I personalize them and I made one for Rihanna with all stuff she loves, like as if she’s so acquainted with Rihanna has preferences. And then she like casually goes, and I made one for Lisa, you know, she’s so easy going talking about Lisa Rinna. Okay. And I made one for Sutton. And of course, Garcelle and Garcelle sent me this and this is your thank, thank you. Wishing you and the boys a very Merry Christmas and I love you and I can’t wait to get together with you again gushing about her. No mention of crystal, which I don’t think necessarily means anything, Erica, which could mean something. No mention of Kyle. So I reached out to like my Beverly Hills source and I’m like, come on. He’s like, shady. But he goes, Listen, Rick just was bought. I mean, Rick bought out, was bought out by his partner at Hilton and Hyland. You know, that was probably a huge pay day. But she’s not speaking to Kyle in any capacity. He said to me, there’s just so many layers of this. He’s hearing that the success of the agency has really been a big source of, of contention between the families. We thought they were over it, but, you know, there’s agencies worldwide and now Hilton and Hyland he, you know, was bought out and it exists, but it seems like sort of irrelevant in Hollywood. I mean, we see on Million Dollar Listing la no mention of it. Buying Beverly Hills, no mention of it. So this goes this runs so deep.

Amanda 46:55
Yeah. Agreed. I, she just seemed extra kooky on on this. She’s in her pajamas, right, which we know that she’s done this line, and she explains it. But she’s in pajamas. She puts the little dog in this like little Christmas carriage. She talks about how she’s been collecting Christmas for 35 years. I mean, it is. Oh, the other thing that you guys I think would think is interesting is they’re like, where do you put all this when it’s not Christmas? And she said they have a room a storage room under their pool that has it’s like 2000 square feet. That’s just to put all this Christmas.

B 47:37
Must be nice. Yeah,

Amanda 47:39
I mean, I don’t know. So what are we thinking? We know that they’re supposed to start filming in about a month. What are we thinking? Who’s coming back?

B 47:50
So again, nothing is confirmed as of right now. My feeling is that we can expect them all back. I did hear perhaps a demotion for Crystal and order eat. I’m not even sure if we’ll have confirmation on that when they start filming. Because as we know, that could depend on what’s going on during filming. Right? Because there were rumors that terete was going to be demoted. And then, you know, sadly, she had that awful storyline of being robbed. So they’ll be back. And I think that Kathy will be back in some capacity because she’s publicly saying that her and Lisa are fine. She’s doing all these interviews. If she wanted to feed into the woodwork, she wouldn’t have gone to the People’s Choice dinner right with them and sat at a table next to Lisa.

Amanda 48:30
Right. Yeah, so infamous awkward video from Kyle. And then we got that email that folded out Heidi Klum. And then Kathy’s friend, Ursula, which I had heard her name before and I was trying to picture where I had heard it if it was from another email or or what but I had heard I forget Ursula. So

B 48:53
we got so many of those. We’ve gotten so many of those emails, I can tell you that Heidi is a no go my source confirmed she has not even been approached. That’s the good thing about posting everybody we get because people reach out to me to confirm or deny the source did not deny Kathy’s friend Ursula they didn’t confirm it, but they didn’t deny it. And true to Kathy forum she posted on Ursuline Instagram like, Hey, you’re joining like, come on. Kathy. No one believes this is how you’re gonna communicate with your friends. You’re gonna call her and ask her. I mean, listen, we talked so much shit about Beverly Hills, but they keep us entertained and they keep us engaged. They do not cause us to disengage. Also before we’re gonna move on to White Lotus because I know everybody wants it. But before we do, I want to do a little side note pagers, pagers, you hear me pagers, so you know I’m talking about followers will not stop asking me about Craig and page. They have not split. There was a rumor that they split but they don’t post each other. Last night, all of our cocktails were on our zoom. It was so much fun. And we talked about this a little bit and a cocktail or had a very good point or it was amazing. And I forget because, you know, that’s what I do is forget. But their point was, they’re trying to be the antithesis to Carl and Lindsey, which is like they’ve branded themselves together. And somebody said that Paige and Craig want to kind of come out and be like, we are reality personalities and successful in our own right, because at the beginning of their relationship, if you remember, there was a lot of like, oh, this is for show, this is only to like, get another spin off, or whatever. So I think they’re purposely doing that so that they can have success in their own lanes without it being like, they’re successful because of one another.

Amanda 50:37
I think Paige is really smart. By the way, that was, that was a cocktail party, or who brought up that point, that was not me, I can’t take credit for that. But it’s I agree with that, because I think I do see that and Paige making that, like, they’re not hiding it, that they’re together on their social media. And they’ll support each other, you know, she’ll right post some of his stuff. And he’ll do the same, but I totally agree. She is very much. And he is very much trying to keep their own brands intact, which I would say is a really, that’s a smart business decision. I don’t want to back yourself into a corner where people only want to see you if you’re with, you know, with the boyfriend or with you know, another person.

B 51:22
And I and I, and if people are really paying attention, there was a story. I don’t know if it was an advertisement or it was just something that she liked. But she shared she was like, last year I got it for my partner’s family. I shouldn’t say boyfriend, but she’s like, and it was like, I forget what team Baltimore Ravens and I think that’s I think it was the Ravens. I think that whatever team he likes to Yeah, so it’s like they are and he was at her parents house on Thanksgiving. There was you saw shots of Sierra. I mean, if you follow page, you saw that she was posting the same table he was. So like, they’re showing they’re still together. They’ve never done the whole grid thing and like, whatever. So

Amanda 51:57
is this I can’t even figure out why this is even happening other than Austin, and Craig were in New York, they went to go see someone’s show. I’m forgetting whose it was. And then they went to this restaurant after a page was not in the pictures is that where else is coming from?

B 52:19
I think so. And that is actually a restaurant. That page on that page. Excuse me, Craig and Austin invested in with Sierra’s friend. And what I know is that they weren’t he was staying at her apartment that weekend. And she may have been there. They just didn’t post pictures of her and she didn’t post. Yeah, again, and it’s the point that they’re separating their brand which is smart.

Amanda 52:39
Well am Ciara was in that picture and knowing like if there were a breakup, I don’t think Ciara would be in a picture with Craig.

B 52:47
Right? She’s not gonna hang out with her best friend’s ex boyfriend.

Amanda 52:50
No. So yeah, although they’re

B 52:53
fine. I want my engagement. I want to spin off. I want a baby. I want a wedding. I want it all make it happen.

Amanda 52:59
Let’s do it. Okay, so white lotus. I was texting you the day. I was like, You’re gonna watch it before me. Text me after the show. Like one to 10 Tell me what you think.

B 53:11
And then you were restless because you text me before like anything had really happened. And I was like, It’s okay. Like you let me I don’t know yet. And then I texted you exclamation points.

Amanda 53:22
So by the way, guys, hopefully you’ve watched by now but if you haven’t, so fast forward. Yeah. Because in comeback once you have. So. All right, we’ve got so for those of us who have watched right, so Tanya, somebody had posted that picture of if you guys remember from when they were in when the Porsche had gone and gone tourists like sightseeing. With the three generations of Degrassi Oh, man, they were talking about the place where the Godfather was filmed. And there’s a woman in like a dummy of a woman sitting in a car wearing this dress. And so somebody had said, I have to say, I know you feel this way too. Like, I was like, it looks like this was it’s the same dress or it looks like the same dress that Tanya is wearing in the finale. And I was never put

B 54:23
that together unless that these people who are these internet sleuth like are they’re incredible. It was the same, like pattern dress that Tonya was found drown in like, wow, who noticed that?

Amanda 54:36
I know. I think so many of us are still having this. Like, I don’t think I’ve gone through all the stages of grief with this yet, because I’m still kind of in the denial phase of how can we make this so that she doesn’t die? And funny enough, my sister

B 54:54
in law calls me and she’s like, okay, but you know, technically, maybe she wasn’t dead. Unlike she was floating facedown in the water, she’s freaking dead. And so she’s like, okay, next season, I bet they’re gonna do like a throwback because you know, she had been to the White Lotus many times. I’m like, Okay, you can go with that if nobody sleep at night, but I think she’s done. And I love Jennifer Coolidge. But we all

Amanda 55:17
know, I think there’s many of us who are feeling like this, right? Like, she’s, yes. What a memorable, amazing character. And what great casting? I don’t know. I mean, absolutely.

B 55:31
And I think that somebody a cocktail or said, what if, next season we see Porsche vacationing with Alby and somehow Greg is there and Porsche like gets a conscience and realizes, okay, this guy probably had my boss killed, and I need to figure something out. And so that’s part of the storyline.

Amanda 55:53
I mean, there’s gotta be, there’s gonna be a tie or some sort of thread. Yes, that takes us from the second season into the third. And so I think that would would be a good one. I don’t think we’re done with Greg yet. I think people are gonna want to know what more of what he’s doing or what he’s really all about, because we never that’s one thing that kind of pissed me off honestly, about the finale is like, we never got a full answer about where Greg was, like, were they having I think they were having a sexual, I think, Greg, and what’s his name? Quinton? Yeah, Quentin, we’re having a sexual relationship, because the I went back and watch the first episode again, so that I could kind of like try to figure out what was gonna happen. And if you remember when Tanya comes, she’s like, I’ve been trying to call him all day. I don’t know where he is. He’s already here. And then he’s like, sitting outside at the table and gives her this big kiss, and they go up to the hotel room, and she puts on lingerie, and like, wants to get down and he is like, oh, right now, no, no, he’s like, I’ve got swamp crotch. And then he has like, go and shower. So I think I think they were a bit like, it bothers me that we don’t have more of like a, like, just better understanding of what his his motivation is what was really happening with him.

B 57:17
I agree. I agree. There’s a lot there. I mean, it’s also obvious. That’s why he was mad that Porsche was there because that, you know, put a bump in his road because she was obviously they’re going to be we’d have to distract her. Which Jack? Do you know, I saw a rumor online that Jack and Daphne in real life are dating. Mm hmm. And there were like a bunch of hookups. And I think, I think we have I think we’re gonna get to that. Okay. So Harper and Ethan so after Harper confesses some of what happened to Ethan, personally, I think the first flashback of them at the table by the door is more accurate than just to kiss. And then I saw an interview of the actress Aubrey Plaza, who I never watched, recreations whatever that was Parks and Rec Parks and Recreation. I love her and I’m going to, she basically says to Seth Meyers, in this interview, she’s like, Oh, shit, it wasn’t just a kiss. What are you crazy? So when Ethan attacks Cameron in the ocean for a split second, and I’m sure a lot of us did, I thought one of them would die. I definitely think they tried to throw us off by having them fight in the water. And then that was right around the spot that Daphne later found Tanya’s floating body. Right? And then what happened between Ethan and Daphne? Like, okay, her reaction is so hard. Like she looks sad for a second when she leaves leaves Ethan to some remote part of the island, where they may or may not have engaged in a sexy revenge. When I mean,

Amanda 58:53
yeah, I think I know, I think I think 100% I think Daphne is like, also, like, I think they’re both I think both Daphne and Cameron are. They both have like some kind of screw loose or you could even go as far as to say, like, they’re sociopaths, or I don’t know quite what the right word would be. Because do you see it? I mean, I think that that whole scene, you see it on her face, right? Where like her face clouds for a minute and like, I was watching it, and I’m like, you know, like, you haven’t seen her freckles, the whole week. And then all of a sudden this last like she just looks really vulnerable. You see her freckles and then you see like her face change a little bit and then you kind of see the wheels turn and then her kind of make her mind and then you know, that island where they walked to has all that mythology around it. And I mean, I think 100% They went over there And she took them over there to seduce him. I think their whole thing with Cameron and Daphne, is they’re both. They’re both sociopaths and that she’s just as bad as him. She’s just a lot more sneaky about it, which is why we saw the whole thing with her kids. You know her pretty much saying that kids aren’t. The kids are not Cameron’s that they’re the trainers. And that they’re both mother.

B 1:00:26
And when she said they both play games. Yeah. Like when she was on FaceTime. Did you see him in the bathroom? To me? Yes.

Amanda 1:00:33
Just flossing. It was

B 1:00:35
so obvious in that moment. That like he took his time to get to the phone. And then when he gets there, it was like a very detached Hey, buddy. It confirmed to me that the kid is in his and he knows it. Yeah, I mean,

Amanda 1:00:48
along together, right. Like I think that’s the whole point is like, we work together because they both do this stuff.

B 1:00:54
And like yes, I agree, sociopath, because it’s not just their relationship they’re messing with. It’s, you know, yeah, these two innocent people, but like, for them, they’re obviously okay with how things are. And then the last night after everything that happened. I mean, Cameron and Daphne still come to sit and eat with them. It was hysterical. I was like, You gotta be kidding me. And then Cameron rubs everyone’s nose in. When like, during his toes, he says, and Harper, it has been fantastic to finally get to know you properly. Did you see her face? She was like, Is this guy fucking crazy? I mean, gaslighting Ethan the whole time throughout the season, and then Ethan getting his final revenge. Like, you know what, I am going to forgive my wife, my fucking your wife. So fuck you.

Amanda 1:01:41
Totally. I don’t know. It was it was? I don’t know. I honestly, I didn’t think that. I thought maybe Cameron the whole, like Cameron and Harper story that too, like, because I went back. And as I mentioned, watch the first episode. And in the beginning, he’s there talking about how she’s an employment lawyer. And then Daphne’s. Like, what is that? And he, he was like, oh, yeah, we’ve had a lot of complaints. But you know, they’re all bullshit and Harper’s, like, well, they’re not actually all bullshit. And Ethan talks about how she’s the star lawyer at this employment firm. So it was like, I thought something was gonna happen.

B 1:02:20
Yeah, about those rumors online. So there’s all these rumors online, that several of the younger white lotus characters hooked up during the making of the show. I mean, younger meaning that none of the people who are married right, we didn’t hear that. I’m curious. I did hear that Jack, the British guy, who foxes uncle, and Daphne hooked up, which is funny because in my mind, I see Daphne as like this established married woman in my mind. He’s a kid, but obviously, they’re both single and good looking. So it’s totally possible.

Amanda 1:02:54
I love that for them. And so

B 1:02:57
Cameron’s, the actor Theo, James said, when asked because he was asked in an interview, and you know what else was great about the show with the exception? Well, Aubrey Plaza is very well known, but she’s a character so she gives great interviews regardless, but except for Michael Imperioli, like Jennifer Coolidge is very well known, but she’s also a character and everybody else seems to be really enjoying this new success. And they’re just spilling the beans, which we love that. And it has so much more interest to the show, obviously.

Amanda 1:03:27
I mean, there’s been so many great memes to like, I’ve been really enjoying all the Jennifer Coolidge like the gays are trying to kill me. There’s been so many great memes just that the whole boat seen her when she goes on her rampage. And it just makes me it makes me so happy to see there’s so many other people that are just as into the show as we are because they’ve Yes, everyone is like, oh my gosh, are you watching White Lotus?

B 1:03:53
Everybody? Yeah. And if someone says no, I’m like, oh my god, are you okay? Get HBO now. Yeah. But Theo James said, when asked if people like hooked up, he said, and we had a great time. He’s like, listen, we were in Sicily in Rome for six and a half months. The show is about unfettered hedonism. He goes, so in some ways, yeah, we were embracing that a little bit. He said, It’s a massive cast. So not every person is like hanging out and high fiving each other, but we definitely had a lot of fun. He said, We also tried to remind ourselves that doing a show written by Mike white satin, Sicily does not come around often. So you should enjoy every moment and not take it for granted. So it sounds like they had a rip roaring time. As a matter of fact, in the interview on the Seth Meyer show, or repositor said, he’s like, you know, we had, I don’t know, Daphne’s an actress named Megan Fahey. Right, Megan. She was on and she’s like, Yeah, and you know, Aubrey took me on this hike, or vice versa, and we got lost and we had she had done the hike a bunch of times. And like, Did she mention that we were on mushrooms? We were fucking stoned and I like oh my god. Yes. Like on a main stream is Seth Meyers on like regular television or cable. I don’t even know I watched it online. He’s on

Amanda 1:05:05
like, he’s like late night after he’s on NBC, I think. Yeah, so

B 1:05:09
that was wild. One thing I want to say Dominic was right. And I knew he would be when he’s told Albie, you’re not gonna get far in life. If you’re this easy of a mark. I always knew that Lucci was going to take advantage. She left just like she said she would. I honestly thought Lucia was capable of more like, I’m happy I’ll be wasn’t hurt in any way. And seeing her and Mia who, by the way, our best friends for 10 years and audition together, which makes so much sense because their chemistry was intense. And like very, you know, real. Seeing them at the end in the streets of town, Amina happy and thriving while everyone else’s lives are falling apart was like chef’s kiss.

Amanda 1:05:50
Well, I was watching it with my husband. And I look at him. And I’m like, I think kind of the point too, is like, she could technically do this every week. Right? Like, it’s just like, it’s just another drop in the bucket for the kind of you know what she does? Who knows if she does, but I think that was kind of the point. Right? Yes. A great. Next boat full of tourists. You know, next

B 1:06:16
I pictured them walking back down to the dock. Yes, totally. So a follower said that for season three. They heard Thailand or Bali? I don’t know may are Porsche and Albie going to run into? Greg? I don’t know. I don’t know. But we loved White Lotus and keep sending your theories, because I will certainly post and share them. But Amanda, did you want to tie up the something Navy situation?

Amanda 1:06:41
Yeah, I mean, I can at least provide a quick update. So we had mentioned last week that so you know, just to catch you guys up. There’s this woman named Arielle charnas, who has started this company called something navy. Definitely tuned into last week’s because we do a whole Deep Dive. But there have been a lot of talk about a Business Insider article that was supposed to be coming out that kept getting pushed back. It was supposed to come out I think early last week, and it got pushed back day by day. It literally came out right after we recorded. So I found the article I read it honestly, I found it a bit disappointing. Not that it has it was well written. It’s not that it’s that the a lot of the rumors that have been floating around were not mentioned in that article. So you know, Business Insider is true news source, they have to do, you know, a very rigorous process of confirming stories and that sort of thing. So, you know, they that could be one reason that this stuff, or it could just be that the rumors were not true. Who knows, but the kind of juiciest bits from that article, or that something maybe has missed payroll by a few days a few times, and that some suppliers have not been paid or been paid partially or have been paid super late. That is actually really big news, because that’s very, very bad business practice, but also a pretty telltale sign that the company is in trouble and having some pretty big cash issues if they’re not able to pay their suppliers, and a lot of employees have left the company so last year, 22 employees left and there are 28 still there so almost half of them have left. We also kept hearing in the weeks leading up to that article being posted that multiple people had been threatened with lawsuits to take down anything they posted about Arielle charnas Or about something Navy so it could be that Business Insider was threatened with a lawsuit so they took some of the juicy stuff out. It’s kind of hard to say I actually read another theory, though, that said, maybe Arielle planted the rumors herself to take the spotlight off of what’s really happening at the company

B 1:09:08
or heritage. Well, yeah,

Amanda 1:09:11
because a lot of the rumors were about her marriage and about her husband Brendon and possibly misappropriating funds with the company. You know, a lot of something

B 1:09:21
isn’t adding up and it’s gonna it’s just it and also I think it’s important to note that even visit insider and like everybody’s busy, it’s holiday season, everything is slow, but we’re going to hear more, this isn’t over.

Amanda 1:09:35
No, it’s definitely not. And then we don’t ever want to end on a sad note, but we didn’t want to let this occasion go without sending our condolences and are loved the family of Steven Twitch boss. He sadly ended his life this week. So you and I were talking last night after we did our cocktail party, zoom, and I have been a fan of his since his So You Think You Can Dance days, which is quite a long time ago. I’ve followed him on Instagram because he’s married to another woman a woman from. So you think that you can dance like they they met on the show and fall in love. And they have this adorable family. And they do all these cute dance videos. You know, most people I think know him as being the DJ on the Ellen show. I just I thought we should bring this up because it is if you had asked me if I thought he was struggling from watching his Instagram, I would never, ever have guessed. And so it’s I think it’s a great reminder that people don’t always show when they’re struggling. And we just wanted to say, you know, if you or someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, there’s there’s help for you. So there’s a number, it’s 988. So it works similarly to 911. In that you can text it or you can call it and you can even chat using it. And that’s a number that you can call and use to reach the national suicide and crisis lifeline where there is there’s help for people who are in crisis.

B 1:11:13
Yes, absolutely. Our thoughts and prayers are with Stephen Twitch boss and his you know, beautiful family. His wife has three children and his you know, I saw his grandfather post and so many you know, obviously celebrities have come out and just Justin Timberlake, obviously, Alan, you know, may God bless them during this time. So, on that note, I’m sorry, that’s depressing. But yeah, okay. tailors and things. I have some good tea for you next week, I promise.

Amanda 1:11:45
And I’m sure we’ll cut this out. But I will say this is the first episode where my mother in law has walked in in the middle of filming all the way back upstairs into our master bedroom through the bathroom and into the closet room. So

B 1:12:01
we have that shout out to a mother in law going the extra mile today. Literally Happy holidays every thing either she wasn’t even like Amanda Yeah, home. Oh, I could

Amanda 1:12:14
hear I was like, oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening right now.

B 1:12:19
You sounded very startled. Alright, cocktail. next time.

Amanda 1:12:23
Bye cocktail hours.

Amanda 1:12:31
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:13:12
Bye guys. See you next time.