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Feb 25, 2023

Subject: SLC

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At first none of the friends from season 3 were coming back, until the two newbies for the upcoming season were fired before production due to racism. Now that leaves everyone from season 3 except Jen, obviously, back for s4. Plus, once again Mary is back and has been filming!!!

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  1. slcfan

    I hate the fandom sometimes. I was looking forward to Candice and Debbie🙄

  2. Ally

    Ugh. It’s going to be another lame season isn’t it.

  3. G

    I think it was pretty clear production got blindsided by Mary’s quitting and Jennie’s firing as filming was just beginning last year, plus Jen’s ever-delayed trial. Considering how much more interesting Angie K and Danna were in the later part of the season, I’m more than willing to give them a proper whirl to see what the season is like with them being part of the show at the start of the season.

    I’m also more than fine with firing racists before they film than partway through, thanks very much.

    (It is a shame Angie H is coming back, though. Maybe Mary will start calling her, “Little girl!” at least.)

  4. Jk

    Peaked and the valley’d so fast. Boring. Also production doesn’t seem to know how to vet!!!


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