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Jan 27, 2023

From: Football Coach

Subject: Spotted

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Coach was spotted at a Texas University two hours from where Jen’s prison will be. Is he recruiting for his team in SLC or is he looking for a coaching job closer to where she’ll be residing?

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  1. Crystal

    I am going to guess Baylor? Even though that’s not 2 hours from FW. But before I go investigating I am going to need someone to look at a map of Texas and confirm the distance because I think this is wrong lol

  2. Steph

    Texas A&M is right near the prison

  3. Cathy

    As a lifelong Texan, I can tell you: UT Austin is just under 2 hours away, Baylor is a little less than an hour and a half, University of Houston is about the same distance as UT Austin. Texas A&M is basically next door to the prison so only like 15 min away…TCU & SMU are around 2.5 – 3 hours…so who knows!

  4. JusticeforCoach

    I’d say it’s way more likely he’s just recruiting. I give it 3 years before he files for divorce, maybe sooner. He’s got a good reputation in his community so why on earth would he stay married to a convicted felon who has demonstrated literally zero remorse?


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