Old faces….

Jan 31, 2023

From: Mama Cosby

Subject: Old faces returning to the ❄️

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Mary Cosby is back for s4!!!She will be a friend of. this has been the goal for a long time, I know you posted over the summer and well… it’s true!

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  1. Kari

    Oh god I hope not ?

  2. Julia

    Mary was entertaining but at the same time very uncomfortable to watch. It would probably help with ratings but I am getting more and more nostalgic for watching real friendships of the ridiculous and rich. Bringing Mary back is a gimmick and doesn’t move the franchise forward in terms of quality.

  3. Ed

    Yayyyy my prayers were answered. ????

  4. Hope not...

    Surely this can’t be ethical, if true. Mary was good TV sometimes but other times, as Julia said, uncomfortable to watch. Clearly has mental health issues not helped by the show, and it wouldn’t be right to exploit that further.

  5. Please no

    They’d bring back Mary with the accusations that were, or are against her? Accusations of her and her husband scamming the people of her church? Bravo is really normalizing criminals lately. Why can’t they find women who uplift and support each other like Miami? SLC is already getting stale, Mary coming back won’t help the ratings. SLC is the cattiest franchise.

  6. Heidi Smith

    So they are bringing back someone who scammed her parishioners?

  7. Little girl

    I’m torn with this one, but something’s gotta give. This season was an absolute snooze fest. If Mary brings it on back then let it be.

  8. Meredith


  9. M2M fan

    Great bravo bringing back that racist.

  10. Titsmcgee

    As long as we can talk about her scamming people out of money through her church I’m game.

  11. Kim Simon

    Old faces could be a friend of …doesn’t mean Mary

  12. Jess

    Ugh please no

  13. JC

    Noooooo!!! If she comes back I’m out I can’t stand her. She’s evil.

  14. Sami

    She has made more racist comments than anyone on real housewives! How are they bringing her back? She’s a thief, she’s a liar.


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