Episode 34: RHUGT Spin-off? Alex McCord? Fake Cartier; Is this the last of RHOC? Brandi’s Diamond

Jan 24, 2023

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip tea we’ve been hearing and sharing is firming up. And, it looks like there will be an official RHUGT spin-off. We’ve got an update on the cast and the location. Instagram accounts are suggesting that there might be something fishy about the Christmas gifts Luis Ruelas gave to Teresa’s girls. Is Brandi getting a diamond? And we got an email about this season of the OC – could it be the last? Miami continues to bring the heat.


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Episode 34

B: [00:00:00] What’s up Cocktailers? I hope you all had a very happy holiday, a very happy new Year. Here we are. It’s 2023. Lots of exciting stuff to look forward to this year.

Amanda: Hey, cocktails. So B and I are both coming to you from [00:01:00] trips.

So if our sound is sounding a little crazy, that’s just because we’re not in our usual recording studio Closets, . We’re in our mobile recording studios, which is my hotel room bed. And also I feel fine guys, but I’m so sorry. I have a little bit of. , just an annoying cold that luckily has not turned into the full blown man flu.

Nobody in the family it has, because, that can be a big epidemic, but e epidemic. But it’s, don’t even

B: ask Amanda, picture it. 30 plus people in my house Christmas day. Yeah. And I’m very fortunate that, like my husband is teammate and a partner and like we do it together. I’m not like, yeah.

I am not the one running the whole show by any means. If anything, I’m more of the entertainer, and he’s more of get the obviously the food’s already cooked, but get the meat cut, do like, all that kind of stuff. An hour into it. He wa So you would need, we wake [00:02:00] up early Santa Claus.

Yeah. Go about our day. I, of course, somebody is vacuuming right outside. I’m in my condo building. I’m in the library because of course my wifi isn’t working. Great. . There’s also five children in my condo right now because we have cousins over . So if people interrupt guys, I do apologize, but I don’t own the whole building.

Not yet. Anyway, , so there I am and we wake up early and we’re like all going and we were both tired. I mean we had Christmas Eve the night before, we obviously were having some wine there. I get a text like an hour into it. I’m in bed. I really don’t feel good. Something’s off with my stomach.

Yeah. So thankfully my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, like we all pitched in and we got it done. Yeah. And I was like, listen, we’re getting on a flight tomorrow, Masco. And he was like, okay. But he’s been like a little off. But to your point, nobody else caught it. Like just so far it’s just been him and I feel like it’s enough days now.

Amanda: Yeah. Good. Especially cuz, you’re on a trip, you wanna be out having a

B: good time. , [00:03:00] right? He’s my dd, which is nice, but

he’s I’m

Amanda: not testing that stomach out the place where I am. There’s just so we don’t have to walk anywhere unless, or we don’t have to drive anywhere. But there’s a lot of stairs and so I’m like, God, I need a designated walker after I’ve had a few .

B: Oh my gosh. Makes me

Amanda: nervous. . No, I’m fine. It’s just, there’s a lot of stairs everywhere and it’s anyway, it’s fine.

Every nobody has been injured. The worst situation is just this annoying, cold cough thing. Okay, so on. What’s usually a slow week? We have been getting a lot of information. I guess we’ve, this has been happening for a while now, but it’s starting to become, it seems a little bit more solid in terms of the cast for Ultimate Girls Trip.

So we heard Alex McCord. and we heard Camille, [00:04:00] so

B: my source who has been, he, they’ve just been saying to me like, there’s been a lot of starts and stops and separate sources have told me that. But changes, I guess they really don’t want it to leak all this kind of stuff. My source said to me first he told me the two names, but he only let me leak like one a day.

first was, yeah, first was Alex McCord. Come on. The thing about it for me is, can we have her without Simon? It almost doesn’t feel right. And I’ll be honest, I was like, was this Simon coming? I haven’t heard that he is and is only women, but that never stops him before. , all things are possible where

Amanda: the Van Campins are concerned.

B: I feel like we want an update of their life and like obviously that wouldn’t need to be a season, but can’t they go to Australia where they now live and film an episode and like, where are they now?

Amanda: Agreed. I really wanna see and their kids I think are grown and I wanna see if they still have that same interesting dynamic between the two [00:05:00] of them.

I don’t even know how to like, put my finger on what I think is so interesting. They’re just like the way that he would always want to dress her and that she’s like such a smart woman that, but didn’t mind playing Barbie beat all for just such an interesting, just an interesting vibe. But I’m really excited to see her cuz she’s so the straight per she doesn’t have a she’s not really the funny one. She’s not like the mean one. She’s generally the voice of reason. So it’ll be interesting to just see her again on her screens.

B: I can’t say that I liked them, cuz that’s not the right word. But they were interesting. And then the other person is Camille, which to me makes total sense.

Camille’s always in the mix. Yeah. She’s done appearances throughout the years on the show. Heaven knows she tweets about the show all day long. . Why don’t you read the email that we got and then we’ll go over it.

Amanda: Okay. All right. Real Housewives, ultimate Girls Trip four is filming in late January in [00:06:00] Morocco with the Ex-Wives Club again, but with four new people in the mix.

Vicky Fedra Eva, Brandy Are Back. , but Gretchen, Camille, Jacqueline and Carolyn. Carol or Caroline, right? Manzo, yes. Are joining them. No mention of Alex. We’ve heard Caroline and the pos.

B: What’s that? No, so that’s not part of the email. So I wrote the, I’m sorry, I’m . I wrote in that this specific email that we got does not mention Alex.

So Yes. But it did say another face. So that could be Alex. We’ve heard Caroline, we’ve heard Caroline for this trip and then we know that Jacqueline’s name was being floated, but we didn’t know if she’d be on this trip or next trip. So the Alex part to me is she that name? That’s not confirmed.

Again, I keep saying there have been a lot of starts and stops guys. We [00:07:00] have received a lot of, my source has given me names and been like, don’t put this out there yet, cuz contracts aren’t signed. Yeah. However, the latest that I got is I’m going into my screenshots. This is what I’ve got. Vicky and Gretchen, OC Fedra and Eva Atlanta, Brandy and Camille, Beverly Hills, Carolyn and Jacqueline, New Jersey.

We are hearing someone else is in the mix though. To me that means Alex McCord. All I could say is, let’s see, and

Amanda: then maybe somebody else from New York to go to match up with Alex.

B: Could you imagine if they do like a Ramona? Oh my gosh. Jill would make sense because Jill was in the last one.


Amanda: Ramona went on the first one,

B: didn’t she? She did. She did. She did. Joe was, and Joe was in the ex-wives, and technically Ramona is now an ex-wife. [00:08:00]

Amanda: It and don’t have. And Alex and Ramona hate each other. Yes.

B: And Alex and Jill hate each other too. I was rewatching like the first couple seasons of Rooney not long ago.

So I would take either, I think I’d take either, it would be funny. I know people are like anti Ramona, which I get, I’m not pro Ramona, but in a short thing, , come on. But then this is very interesting. So we also got another email. Okay. And we’re the only ones I’ve seen so far with this. I’ve seen people repost the cast that we posted, which that’s all good.

It’d be nice to cite, but that’s okay. We always try to cite ultimate Girl Ship now has its own official spinoff, ex-Wives Club. So they’re saying that this, the Ex-Wives Club will be produced separately and apart from Ultimate Girls Trip. Which will have different casting themes going forward, such as frenemies.

, basically all the names we’ve been hearing for Ultimate Girl Trip four. My thoughts are the names we’ve been hearing for that are Current Housewives are gonna be for the girls trip and [00:09:00] the names we just said are gonna be for the Ex-Wives trip and they could be filming simultaneous simultaneously.

I’m hearing Morocco for Ex-Wives Club and that’s amazing. I freaking forget what the other one was. So whatever.

Amanda: And this makes everything start to make more sense too, right? Because we’ve been getting so, so much information about this and we’re like, either this is planning for like multiple shows out.

right? Because we kept getting like the frenemies theme and what was the one that we just thought was hilarious? I’m trying to remember what

B: that one was. The seven deadly sins. Seven deadly sins. . Remember, I’m the sloth.

Amanda: So may maybe that wasn’t so far back. Maybe it’s gonna happen. I don’t know. I think it’s gonna be super fun. I love watching the show. I think that it’s a smart formula for Bravo slash Peacock to do this because they can get people to come, and do a couple weeks. It’s if [00:10:00] they’re, gonna have somebody come and, go film a movie on set, on a remote set.

It’s the same kind of thing where they’re just there, but it’s not. , having to commit to being filmed for six, eight months at a time. So I think it makes sense and it’s been I think it’s been really fun to watch ’em. And I think, Bravo has picked up on the fact that we miss these people and we wanna see what’s happening with them and we want to see more of them on our screen.

So like that nostalgia factor, mixed up and into a little bit of a new format that it

B: Totally works. And I also I see them ch, I see them separating current and ex-wives because, let’s face it, most of the ex-wives, not all, but many, are a little bitter. So mixing them with current wives isn’t the best idea.

It’s almost there’s a power differential. With the current wives, maybe they would act superior. It would bring an actual drama, but I just think ex-wives and then car and separating them is smart. It’s also interesting, the show Trader, which we know has Kate Chastain, [00:11:00] who’s no longer on a show, Reza, who we’re hoping their show gets green lit, but no word on that yet.

And then we have Kyle, who’s on Summer House, or at least he was this past season. And then who was the fourth one? Reza, Kyle. Brandy. Brandy. So now they’re and they put all these other people in the mix, which by the way, Ryan Lockey, you know the Olympian? Is in it. So this is so random. So one of my followers like, knows him and No, she knows.

So traitor is basically like a challenge type show. . But there’s only four Bravo stars, which we just named. And then there’s a bunch of just random people. , one of the random people is Ryan Lockey. I don’t know if they like note Hey, by the way, I’m an Olympian. Or they’re just gonna throw him in the mix and people are gonna be like, wait, is that the Olympian swimmer?

I imagine they’re gonna note that. And then it also makes me wonder, are there more people like that? Like maybe not as well known as Ryan Lockey, but [00:12:00] I don’t know. Athletic people. Maybe PE people in the fitness world or like in Influe. You know what I’m like influencers. That we might ra. So it’s interesting.

They’re really taking their talent and just doing all these spinoffs. It’s not just Housewives anymore. Now it’s becomes challenge. Which I mean a lot of US sites have always said, why don’t we have a c?

Amanda: I love it. I love it. . Okay. , one of the funniest things that I saw on Instagram this week.

So something fun for everybody to giggle about. We’ve been talking about how Jen Shaw got a lot of her stuff taken away and a lot of it turned out to be fake, which turned into a conversation about there’s actually good fakes and then not good fakes. So this week the account at the real bad fashions who post stuff about, like showing out when the housewives usually a house has, but not always are wearing fake stuff.

I remember they had posted, this would’ve been a couple years ago with [00:13:00] Theresa, with this, the bad fake Chanel shirt. It was like a white shirt with the black seas and the seas were just like wonky and off. And then it also shows like the. The real thing next to the housewife, zoomed in next to a fake thing.

So this week they posted pictures of Teresa, her daughters they were gifted Cartier bracelets and I’m gonna say Cartier in quote unquote Cartier bracelets. The Justin clue the, looks like a nail that is turned around. Each girl was given one by Louie. And if you follow these types of things, you would know that each of those bracelets are like $12,500 cuz he got them the ones with the diamonds on them.

So in his post, the post shows the box and it shows the piece of jewelry from, I think it’s Gia is holding hers. and she had posted it. [00:14:00] And so it shows what the, what she’s holding next to a official Cartier box. And you can look at them and you can make up your mind about whether those are

B: the same.

Yeah. So you’re talking $50,000 roughly in bracelets if they’re real. . . of course I get a DM from one of the ex’s who said I could share that Louie gave her son a fake Rolex and let him think it was real when they split up. Her son took it to the jeweler and found out it was a knockoff.

Now, I’m not an expert, but people in the know are posting the specs, like our friends at the real bad fashions and showing why. And then there’s a lot of tos. Again, I’m not the most TikTok savvy, but my followers always send me the stuff. And my friend at Chrissy Balls, she. did a video and it’s, it, like we said, it’s giggle worthy.

I will say I do know in Manhattan in the Diamond District, you can go in and [00:15:00] a cart bracelet is a gold bracelet, right? the same as Tiffany’s. The brand makes it more expensive. I know that the jeweler that my husband and I use makes doops of the Cartier bracelets and they’re still expensive because it’s gold if the bracelet is real gold.

And if it’s real diamond, it’s obviously gonna cost what a gold bracelet cost minus the markup. Now we don’t know if these are real gold but my thing is it’s weird to post this publicly. Sure, it’s a nice gesture, but if my parent gets me a piece of jewelry, I don’t take a picture of it and put it on my Instagram.

They’re young girls, so maybe it’s different, but why does everyone need to know what he got them? and like last we heard he was out of work. He said he was fired from his company. He still isn’t working. So there’s a public s e c filing against his company. We’ve discussed that similar to Jen Shah’s fraud case.

I, I I don’t see the upside of [00:16:00] posting. If you are able to afford it, that’s great, but keep it to yourself. .

Amanda: Yeah. What is it? Money. Money talks, wealth whispers. Yes. And, okay, here I have a question and I don’t know, I’m gonna ask you, but I don’t know if you know the answer to this either, but I, as we’re talking about this, it occurred to me, is it illegal to have something like that?

Because I know it’s illegal, obviously, to, if you are, doing a counterfeit good. It is. I know it’s obviously illegal to sell them, but is it illegal to be in possession of them? . That’s a good

B: question. I don’t believe, maybe it is, but what’s really gonna happen to you if someone gives you something?

And also what if you think it’s real, right? If that style bracelet is trademarked, which I’m gonna go ahead and assume it is. , then I’m sure, and again, good question. Like in the Diamond District, they probably don’t have them out on display. And I don’t even remember. I feel like they did because my husband even said to me, he’s oh, showed it to me.

And I’m, I’m the person I love gold, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t wanna, [00:17:00] I’m not gonna buy, even if it’s real gold, like I’d rather just get a gold bracelet, you know what I’m saying? I’m not gonna have, I don’t know. Cause I know Oh, but I have to ask you this, Amanda. This is another thing while we’re on the topic of yes.

Them, so Theresa claims she’s watching New Jersey for the first time. Now I was considering this and I said to myself, Maybe that’s why she always looks like dumbfounded and unprepared at reunions. Because if you haven’t watched it and you’ve only seen a clip here or there and you’re watching things for the first time, you’re like, okay. Number one, we know that went back when they did those blogs that was ghost written. We saw Laura Manzo point that out with the napalm spell it. Mm-hmm. .. Do you even know what that means? Fine. A lot of them goes Dr. But like this is your job. Not watching the show is not a flex to brag about.

Like you are too busy for it. Like it actually makes you look like you’re not doing your job.

Amanda: Because you need to know about the shit that went down when you were in the room. Unless she is so self-centered that she is like, nothing good happens unless I’m in the room, so I don’t need to watch it.

What? What is

B: that? [00:18:00] Then somewhere else, somebody said that she only posted scenes that she was in. Or she not posted. Excuse me. She only watched scenes she was in. Which to your point, , but this is, especially because it’s a contentious show. I think she said the reason she didn’t watch was cuz she wanted, to keep the peace between her brother and Melissa.

And maybe for a period of time that was true. But what about when you weren’t getting along? Why didn’t you watch Then wouldn’t you wanna know what Jacqueline or Carolyn or anybody that was saying about you so that you could be prepared at a reunion?

Amanda: And was Teresa, now that I’m thinking about this, was Theresa in the room when Caroline pulls out the cop without a badge book? I feel like

B: yeah, that was right before she flipped the

Amanda: table. But I’m trying to remember if Teresa was in the room. You know what I mean? Like again, yeah I don’t know.

I just, that seems so strange to me. I don’t know that I believe, I don’t know that I believe.

B: that she really didn’t know. I don’t know that I believe it either. Although she,

Amanda: and if she didn’t then that is not [00:19:00] an a real, like a, you’re right. It does make a lot of things make a little bit more sense that she just comes off.

So unprepared, I guess we’ll put it that way. At these do not, she stu not .

B: Remember when I texted you that and you asked me if I was stoned? I was like, , I’m, I told Amanda, I’m like, I’m a little Stu not, she’s wait a stoned. I’m like, no, you’re stoned. Stud is like an Italian.

It’s not even a real Italian. It’s like Italian American slang for stupid . I

Amanda: had never heard that, so I thought, I was like, good for you, . I thought she was

B: stoned. Guys, let me know. Is that a regional, New York, New Jersey thing or do people in other places say,

Amanda: do not. I like it though. I’m gonna use it.

definitely. Your friends will be like, that’s a good what? That’s good. Okay, so speaking of Jen, we heard that she, we, and I think we talked about this, but she requested 36 months for her sentencing, but the government is calling for 10

B: years. [00:20:00] The second this went public, someone sent me it before it was posted anywhere.

It was public record, but literally, I don’t know how these cocktailers do it. Literally like t m Z Pay. Nobody had posted it. They sent it to me and I of course made a post cuz I never know if stuff is like po, like if it’s gonna go whatever. And then within 15 minutes of me posting it, people obviously were posting the public documents, but the government is calling for 10 years.

I’m not surprised. They also cite her behavior. Post-arrest is a big factor, which like, duh. and then, there were letters released from the victims about how they were suicidal. There were text messages released that Jen sent, I just saw today. No filter by Zach posts a lot of good stuff. He posted some text messages of her telling Stu and other employees see if she’s really sick.

In other words is she still able to give us a money or is she dead? Okay. Scary. Also, they were trying to do offshore [00:21:00] in Greece and I wanna say KaVo Kosovo. So cuz it would limit the risk if it was offshore. So she worded it like, so we can do this for the long haul. So she was planning on retiring, doing this.


Amanda: So did they say with, so I didn’t, I have seen like a couple of little bits and pieces. . Obviously it’s the holidays, so it’s been a busier time. So I haven’t gotten and sat down and read through all the documents like I planned to soon. But when they were saying they were citing the behavior, was it, is it, did they, were they specific about it?

Did they say it’s like cuz of the partying because of the like Oh,

B: they said filming. Yes. They were, they said, a result of her actions on the reality show. She’s on real Housewives of Salt Lake City partying, all these things. Yes. Her ba her public behavior, her public persona, cl things she said on television.

Yes, absolutely. I can’t, that does

Amanda: not surprise me. I feel like if you’re, if you’ve pled guilty and then you have [00:22:00] such a large gap between when you pled and then when you get sentenced, like you look, you must look as, you have to be as model citizen. as possible because of course, only a dumbass would think that your behavior wouldn’t be looked at.

And like it, get out there and volunteer and be working at soup kitchens and doing all that kind of stuff. It’s gonna give a much better impression of you versus an I don’t give a fuck attitude that she clearly has had. And it’s gonna, it, it might cost her, those partying and all that kind of stuff like that, that could cost her a few years in jail.

And it goes back to her

B: delusion, her like extreme delusion. Crazy.

Amanda: What about, oh, how about the, all this talk about Paris Hilton this week?

B: So I reached out to my source because this guy’s in the know , especially where Hollywood’s concerned. [00:23:00] He was like hysterically laughing. He’s b. Not only would they never meaning her or Nikki, they don’t want their mom on the show.

They never understood why she went on to begin with. They really want her to stop. They think it’s a bad look. So it’s a no-go. Absolutely not happening. I don’t know where this came from. Thin air, she

Amanda: did say she’s got big news and I think she’s gonna, and she said she’s gonna announce it today.

Today is the 30th that we’re recording on. . So it could be, I don’t know. I think we’ll hear about it in a minute. But it could be that she is, it could be she’s pregnant. It could be she’s got a new show, like a

B: partnership, a new brand.

Amanda: Right. But she’s got us all talking about her there we go. She’s good at that. I would love for her to go

B: on.

Amanda: I would too. I think she would be interesting. I think she would be interesting too. She, yeah. I don’t, I just. , I don’t see it being the top of her list. Like why would she go? And I just, I think she’d want the show to be about [00:24:00] her, i, and not come into a, an ensemble cast like that. And then Brandy holding the diamond this week, which is, I thought a great fun little teaser. Cuz of course the Housewives of Beverly Hills hold diamonds.

B: And a couple weeks ago our source told us she’s absolutely negotiating a separate source.

Told me it’s out of the question for her to be full-time. I’m not exactly sure why, but he said the exacts and the people he knows that work at Bravo laugh at that. He said that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t bring her in as a friend cameos. Clearly she was on a housewife trip. She’s gonna, she’s gonna be on another one.

So the network utilizes her, but he says that we should not expect to see her full-time. I want her back. I think. She’s perfect. I, we, I’m assuming run is back and I think that Brandy going for Renna

Amanda: would be a beautiful thing. Yeah. I, she, there’s something just very endearing about her to me.

I just hope that she [00:25:00] can cuz I think she’s plenty messy even without drinking. So maybe we can have the mess, but I just, I like my heart goes out to her when I see her kind of get out of control and lose her, lose control of herself. Like that stuff I don’t love.

B: Like recently she came out, I don’t, did we discuss this?

She came out and talked about her ex-husband cheating. Did we talk about this? Yes. Forgot. Did we, I don’t know. Did we talk about it? I don’t know. But don’t. , like the whole point is she made amends with her ex and his new wife. Why are you bringing up an affair for when you guys are together? I know. There are a lot of rumors that he cheats on Leanne.

I don’t know any of them to be true. I’m just saying there are rumors, so it’s just leave well enough alone. You’re invited to Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can be with your sons. Things are copacetic. You’re friendly with Leanne. Now let’s sleeping dogs lie.

Amanda: I know. Seriously. So New York reboot, scoop.

We know that Lizzie left or was fired, so there’s [00:26:00] been a new cast member filming. She, her name is Priya Ulka. We actually spoke about her over the summer and she is a Vera Wang executive. And what’s cool about her and what we were liking about it when we were talking about her over the summer is, , she seems to be already friends with many of the cast members.

Seems to be pretty well known and connected in the fashion world. And she had been either test, filming or doing a little, doing some kind of filming and was shortlisted to be a full-time housewife. So we’re hearing that she will likely be a friend of but could get promoted to full-time if she is received.

She’s adorable. So I’m looking forward to getting to know her as well. So we’ll see.

B: And again, like she’s friends with the class with the cast. Yes, please. And thank you. What we want, I remember season one of Ronnie Bill Zon said we [00:27:00] were, I run with a fabulous circle of women and. they did.

They all knew each other. They were all connected through their children’s schools, charities, their husbands, like they all knew, with the exception of Alex. And again, that was okay cuz she was like the odd duck out of a group of friends and she was trying to social climb, which they pointed out you can have one you know what I’m saying?

Even two. . But there has to be a core connection or even like a core connection and then two people who are trying to get to know the rest of the cast. Speaking of Jill, I’m seeing on social media, she bought this new house in Miami. I don’t know if she sold her beautiful house in Boca, but it’s looks sick.

Millions of dollars. She just built another mansion out east. She is rich. Rich. I was talking to somebody who you know a lot of, so a lot of South Florida people are also New York people because a lot of us retire here or we have second properties here and like apparently. , [00:28:00] she will take people on that for a living, do things like work with brands or work with, partnerships.

That’s their job. But she will have them, get her into events or, that kind of stuff. Promote things. But then it’s almost like working with her is the payment, which, oh yeah. And I’m sure this is not unique to her. I’ve ho I’ve heard Ramona, I’ve heard a lot of housewives that do this.

Theresa, this kind of thing cuz you’re OG and but the reality of it is, especially when you’re a wealthy person, these are people. Yes. On the one hand I can, I, Sonya Morgan does it. She did it with my friend. Remember when we set up her whole house, which is why we hung out, but why we hung out in her townhouse.

Cocktailers know what I’m talking about. But I don’t know. It bothers me. . Yes, I understand. A friends and family discount or something like that. But you’re a wealthy woman. You own three mansions that we know of, [00:29:00] plus I’m sure a we a huge apartment in Manhattan. Pay people.

Amanda: Two things on this.

I think one, when you go into a working relationship, you’ve gotta have clear terms though, that to me is just interesting that these people would be so wanting to work with her without nailing down terms if any of this stuff, obviously it’s all alleged but if something were about that were to be true, but then also I just feel like you gotta take care of the people who take care of you.

Like that’s, if it, if this is true, that really bums me out because the people who are making you look good. helping you get brand partnerships or publicity, things like that. Like they, they deserve to be paid. There’s a saying about plumbers and or any, really, anybody, Wyatt, it’s so expensive, and it’s true, right? Is it’s the wisdom that you’re paying for. It’s the expertise that you’re paying for. And that just, that bums me out. But they should also charge, and they should also be clear and say, if you want me to do this for you, [00:30:00] then I will charge you X dollars or X percentage.

So anyway, absolutely. I can see both sides of that. Just for

B: you, cocktailers. Yeah. If you’re on, if you’re on the come up, right? Yeah. You, I don’t know. I think that there’s also a hope that oh, it’s good to work with this person, but I also think there’s an assumption when you’re working with a wealthy person that you’re gonna get paid.

Like If somebody hires, if I hire somebody, right? , I’m a normal person. They don’t know if I have means or not. They’re gonna make sure that contract’s clear cuz they don’t know if I have it. I like Jill Zarin. This isn’t we’re guessing she has money, right? We know she has money. We know she owns serious properties.

We know she owns these businesses like we know she does well. So I don’t know. It’s almost like maybe they feel insulted like they don’t wanna insult her again. I agree with you. You absolutely should have clear terms. Yeah. And, business advice to everybody, like never assume Right?

Amanda: Never assume and know your worth. Absolutely. Okay, so we got an email [00:31:00] with some info about OC and honestly this is like the, this was a big shocker for me. You

B: wanna read it? Sure. Okay. It says the new. Real Housewives of Orange County has those in the know concerned. It’ll be the last. Amara is not coming across as genuine and trying too hard to create drama.

Heather is selective on the storyline she participated in than in parenthesis a much heavier rainbow family focus for the de Bros. I take that to mean in that she’s focusing on her kids and we know that some of them have come out of the, come out as bisexual or so. Shannon is just there for the money and she can’t fake it.

Vicky’s return in the second half of the season may act as a bookend for the entire series. The series may even move to peacock or air simultaneously to allow a fast burn of the episodes with the reunion to [00:32:00] be more of a retrospective special with cast members from the past. If it defies expectations and does get another season, expect a break between filming

Amanda: I, I am like.

what do you think? Do you believe it?

B: This is an email. I do think that this is an option for them if it doesn’t perform. . So I think that they’re thinking if they bring it out and it’s not getting the viewer, they’ll probably maybe put more episodes out or something like that, or whatever it is.

But I do see them, if the numbers are low, doing the re the reunion, have Gina come ha have some of the, there’s so many Gretchen Alexis have, close it out, maybe do a couple episodes, give it, its due, right? Because it is the, it’s, oh my gosh original. But are they gonna keep trying to make something work?

If this flops, you’re now on your like third or even [00:33:00] fourth season of a downward

Amanda: spiral. Ugh. I just like it. I hate that this does sound believable cuz that is how they would end it, right? Like they, that would be a good way to do it, is by doing this retrospective, having all the old bbs housewives come.

But, oh, I just hope it’s not true. And the thing that I don’t know, I believe is the part about Tamara not seeming genuine unless unless she just doesn’t have a real connection with the other ladies. Cuz I love Tamara because she does not have a fake bone in her body. I think if she’s quote unquote not coming off as genuine, I think maybe it’s because she’s just not feeling it with that group.

. I guess I just came out of the closet as a Tamara stand. . But listen, I’ve always looked her love

B: Tamara. I love her too. And I, I don’t know if I posted this yet, but I got an email yesterday. I think I posted it. If not, it’s in drafts. So I posted this week an [00:34:00] email about a West Coast show. The email said something about Seattle, but it looked like it was somebody’s name too.

So I took it out because I wasn’t sure what I should share. . And we know we’ve been hearing about New Orleans. New Orleans, which by the way, cocktailers say you say it correct? I say it wrong. Oh, so I thought somebody

Amanda: else also said, you can say it either

B: way. Yeah. But I think they were trying to be nice to me.

Oh, okay. Okay. This might be news to you if you haven’t checked your email, cuz we just got this. So it says housewives contest and this is what makes me of believe the OC thing is true. Cuz if this isn’t a go, they scrap it and they’re just gonna add a new city Word on the street is Nola and Seattle.

or competing for a 2024 release on Bravo. Seattle is looking for six women, maybe five. One of them is rumored to be the ex-wife of a famous billionaire and a Native American lifestyle influencer is in the talks Cocktailers. Tell us who those people are. I’m not that familiar with Seattle. Nola is casting around Tamira Lee from Southern [00:35:00] Charm Nola.

Go. If the OC thing is true, they have their West Coast cities ready to roll. I

Amanda: think that I could see it. I love New Orleans and Seattle is absolutely gorgeous. We know there’s all of

B: that. I just know there’s a lot of, oh, and the first email said something about. They’re filming and they had to stop filming because of weather.

And I didn’t put the email in, which said Seattle. And then a couple comments on the site were like, it must be Seattle because they’ve had bad weather or something.

Amanda: , it makes sense. And I could see there being like a really cool powerful women in tech angle there, because there is so much tech there.

And if you haven’t been to Seattle, it is dauntingly gorgeous. The real estate I can already see it is gorgeous. There’s water everywhere. I would be all for it. I think that would be a really fun one, honestly. All right, we’ll see. We’ll see. So we like it. We’ll see. And just like 2022, it seems Luke and [00:36:00] Ashley’s flinging has ended.

B: Amanda, and I heard a while ago it was a stunt. Yeah. Which I figured it was for clout for both of them. Why not? Let’s both get tons of attention on social media. Good for each of them. I do think they were really hooking up. I don’t think that they lied about hooking up. They’re both hot.

They’re both single. But what I’m hearing is that it was more of a planned PR stunt to try to get him back on TV again, this is an allegation. I don’t know this to be true, but the person is saying the same production company that owns Summer and Windsor House also owns Potomac. Oh, he’s not on either show anymore.

We’re gonna see him. I think he pops up this summer, but he hasn’t been renewed by Bravo. And there’s some rumors surrounding that. I don’t know the truth of any of it. My thing is, while. , she may have not cared initially that yeah, we’re both Bravo stars. We’re both getting attention. If she found out that it really was a planned thing, like if someone in production was like, that Luke heard you said he was [00:37:00] cute on watch what happens live and he schemed with production like that would be very different than her just assuming that he likes the attention. Yeah. So I don’t know if we’re ever gonna find out, if she’s gonna come out and say something, if she’ll just say, oh, it fizzled. We weren’t into the long di distance thing. But, I

Amanda: don’t think she was probably ever looking at him as a real option anyway.

I’m hoping, I’m sure that she was like fun playing. I hope she boned the crap out of him. But like single guy lives in either New York or Minnesota Weber. He lives not in DC , I wouldn’t ever have considered him a serious option for her. Cause I think she’s a smart person and I think that, she’ll be looking for somebody who is successful, who can hold their own, with her Right.

Who’s old enough to handle, having two kids

B: more established. Obviously Luke is still building his career and his brand and whatever, and I think that, if history were to repeat itself, she’s gonna want somebody with a more established thing going on. Yeah.

But wait [00:38:00] Summer.

But there’s, sorry, go

Amanda: ahead. Oh, I was just gonna say with summer house stuff too it’s interesting because things are, things seem to be changing a little bit with all of the, with the dynamics, right? You said something earlier that I thought was interesting. You said Kyle Cook, when we were talking about the other reality show, Kyle, if he’s on again next summer, I was gonna ask you about that because, , the dynamics seem to be shifting.

And Lindsay, we know Lindsay had that fight with Amanda and they’ve seemed to have fallen out because of the comment that Amanda made on watch what Happens live and if Luke isn’t around because he doesn’t have it, like who, who’s Lindsay’s person other than Carl.

B: So listen, there’s a lot of bad blood between the summer house cast and Lindsay, that’s a secret to nobody.

The Danielle beef runs deep according to sources that I was talking with this week. I’m curious to see the edit that she gets because what I’m hearing is that Lindsay is [00:39:00] actually mean in some moments to Danielle. To the point of Danielle going to talk to her about their distance and their fight, and Lindsay just being like, get a alive, like whatever.

, it seems very cold. I’m sure there are two sides. I wanna keep that in mind, but. , they were a pair and Danielle wasn’t friends with Paige or Ciara or Maya, but now all three of them who arguably were closer with Lindsay, right? They whatever are all team Danielle. So they all picked her side.

I just don’t see how Lindsay fits in going forward. Because Amanda was her one link, right? She was the one mutual. And now with the watch what happens? Live comment, they’re not speaking right. So I don’t know. I don’t know. But we did break a story though, and I don’t know how many Cocktailers know who this is.

Okay. So we know Maya’s ex Cume, who is from Top Chef. We know Maya is broken up with Oliver. We know [00:40:00] Maya was at Cume. He just opened a restaurant in Lincoln Center called Tatiana’s. We know he was with her at Bravo Con. We’re assuming it’s just his friends. , I get ’em in my inbox that a woman named, her account name is Elizabeth Obon, is pregnant with Kme Maya’s ex-fiance, Beyonce’s baby.

So I look at this woman’s page, it says bestselling author. I’m looking at her, I’m like, this woman looks so much like Karin Steffens, Karen Steffens, who had a somewhat vulgar nickname. I actually took it off the post cause it was pointed out by a couple of followers that, it’s Superhead, which was like given to her by men and it’s, derogatory all that.

I took

Amanda: it off. Oh, I, oh yeah. Okay.

B: So the long and short of it is this woman and she says she’s 44 years old now. Which to me, I would think she was older cuz I was quite young when this was all happening. But in any event, whatever her age may be she wrote Confessions of a Video, Vixen and a few other books.

They’re [00:41:00] bestsellers, she was married to Cool g Rap. briefly when she was like 17. And then she was in all the music videos, all the rap videos. She hooked up with every rapper from Jay-Z to Ja Rule, who was very big at the time. Mystical. The list goes on so many. So apparently he’s having a baby with her.

She’s a pretty controversial figure. If you guys aren’t familiar, a quick Google search will show you. I personally love hip hop. I wa I remember the whole situation with her, the videos. I certainly remember her book. I read her first book. I don’t remember if I read the others. But their bestselling now her name, her Instagram name is now Elizabeth Oxon, is her legal name, Corrine Steffens.

And did she change it or was Corrine Steffens her stage name? Honestly, I don’t know. , but the book she wrote were, she really spun it. So she was this controversial figure that the men, the hip hop men, presented as a video ho, right? , she spun it, she wrote these bestselling books, which basically were for young women, warning them about the pitfalls and risks of [00:42:00] hanging out in the hip hop world and the music world and entertainment.

So to me it’s like very, and, admirable that she took something that people were trying to make it negative and make her like, quote unquote the video ho. And yet she became a bestselling author and very successful. But again, she’s controversial for a number of reasons. You can Google it.

I’m just wondering how Maya, who is clearly still friendly with her ex-fiance is wrapping her head around this. Yeah.

Amanda: Interesting. . I’m, I wanna look into her now cause I don’t, I didn’t know who she was, but good s sleuthing on your part, by the way, right?

B: I think so. Always I just, when I’m looking at her to bravo, I was like,

The thing was, I would know her right away if when I clicked it said Corrine Steffens, but it said Elizabeth, whatever. So I’m like, this girl looks ju. Which by the way, she’s a beautiful girl. Look, not that she looks like Maya, but like cute figure petite, like that same sort of look. . The faces don’t look like, but like they’re cute figures though.

Like he has a type, but I’m like, this looks just like her and Stephans. But again, in my [00:43:00] mind she was older. So just side note, he’s 31, she’s 44, no big deal there. Or he’s 33, whatever, both grown adults. But for me, I just, I don’t know. I thought she was older. I obviously I was wrong

Amanda: or whatever. Yeah. Interesting.

We’ll have to keep, I wanna, I’m gonna dig into her when I have a little time I wanna read and I wanna read her book now. Oh

B: my. All those. You should really read it. I wanna reread it. And there’s so many big names that I’m not even remembering. I don’t know, I don’t wanna speak out of turn and say people that weren’t, but.

Amanda: Yeah. Put, we should put it on the book club list. Yes. That we’ve been talking about doing so,

B: and somebody wrote commented and they were like, Corrine is gonna read you for filth when she sees that you posted this. And I was like, she made a public Instagram post. Everything I noted is on her Wikipedia page.

I am not. And being very clear, I was a fan of hers. I thought it was super cool that they were all trying to make her this thing. And she went out and wrote a series of books and obviously a three time New York Time bestseller made a ton of money. Like she’s had various [00:44:00] specials. Like I’m not consulting her.

I’m just pointing out that this person who’s very well known is now having a baby with a Bravo All Roads lead to fricking Bravo. A Bravo Star’s ex-fiance who also was on Bravo cuz he was on. .

Amanda: Yeah. And congratulations. That’s exciting cuz she said in her post that it sounds like she’s had a hard time getting pregnant in the past.


B: she has one son that she had years ago with Cool G Rap. I assume he’s probably 20 now cuz she had him when she was in her teens. Oh wow.

Amanda: You’re same. Yep. What do you think about Miami? I do, I wanna say like I loved that post that you posted about why we’re loving Miami. So I thought it’d be fun to wrap with that and have you reread that We can chat a little

B: bit about it.

Every episode is better and I’m gonna try to summarize cause I don’t have the post in front of me, but it was something like Mi Miami, you hear me? Miami isn’t Miami isn’t lit because of Lisa’s divorce. We absolutely hate that for her, [00:45:00] it’s lit because of the loyalty and support from the women. . These women signed up for a reality show and they give us their real lives, their real struggles.

Lenny’s mom, fully backing Lisa. Love that. I remember in the early seasons, Amanda, do you remember that? They didn’t really have the tightest bond like Lisa wanting to be closed, but the mothers being closed off with her. . And now you can see, that was years ago. And over the years, and now Lisa and Lenny have two children, the mom is clearly very close with Lisa and she says to her, I don’t recognize my son.

This is disgusting. . And Lisa’s I’m a single mom. I’m by myself. And Marina, who’s his mom, says, no, you’re not. You have me. You have our family. You are my family, and I support you in a hundred percent. And the children, and again, this was Phil months ago, I have to imagine mom still of that mindset because that’s her grandchildren’s mother and she hasn’t done anything wrong.

She loves her son. She was good to her son. And it’s refreshing to see that the mom recognizes that. Whereas I feel so many mothers, which is blindly back their child. . .

Amanda: Yeah, [00:46:00] I agree. It’s been really good. I think, I’m continuing to pick up and I think I might be one episode behind, cuz it’s with Peacock.

It I’m not on it enough that I sometimes I forget to watch it but the thing that I’ve found really interesting is Adriana and Julia are so closed off to everybody else. There must have been something else that happened behind the scenes cuz it’s really starting to feel like nobody wants to film with them or they don’t want to film.

And it really bummed me out when you could see they, it, they weren’t fighting when Lisa was talk, like when they’re in the Keys and Lisa’s sitting over there talking and the other girls are reacting. You can tell if somebody’s fighting versus somebody is like, outrage on your friend’s behalf.

Totally. And they fact, they’re just sitting over and they’re like, what’s going on over? They’re like, like I just was like, No wonder, like that’s just bullshit behavior. Like you go over and even if you’re not as close and you just say, what’s going on? Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I don’t know.

I was bummed out to

B: see that. In the latest [00:47:00] episode too, you’re gonna see that Adriana’s filming a music video. I know. I didn’t know she was a singer either. and the only girl who shows up, cuz she wants them all in the video and to, and I think they all ultimately go to the video, but she wanted them to learn choreography.

The only one who showed up was Kiki. Yeah. Yeah, it’s weird. And Gerdy in this, in the newest episode, talks about the divide. She’s like, how come like we’re not equal. If Alexia has the microphone, everybody listens. But if I talk, no one listens. And I don’t know what you’re talking about.

She’s she’s just so confusing. Yeah. I do like though that one thing I don’t like is that Julia and Adriana are like such a team where you’re a group of friends. You don’t see Marisol like bid for Alexia. Like she lets her handle her own business. She doesn’t jump in when Alexia’s disagreeing.

. And then this episode you’re gonna see Amanda Larson dropped the bomb that her friend saw Julia making out at a club in Miami. Which again, we had that email about another marriage being on the rocks. We’re seeing a [00:48:00] lot of stuff,

Amanda: was she making out with a man or a woman? What did they say?

A man. A

B: man. A man.

Amanda: Oh, interesting. Which

B: I think would probably be even more hurtful to Martina, but I guess we’ll see.

Amanda: Oh, I’m gonna watch that while I’m here. It’s been so good though, and I’m like, I think everyone agrees, right? Everyone’s loving Miami. I listen to some other podcasts and. . It seems across the board everyone is really loving this season, so it’s a, it Peacock did a great job bringing it back.

B: Absolutely. And I don’t know about you Amanda, but I’m ready to hit up the beach. So Cocktail, we love you guys again. We hope you had a very happy holiday, a very happy new year. We do have some really fun stuff planned for our subscription site. Yes. So make sure you click the link in my bio at Bravo and cocktails underscore if you would like to join.

It is, it’s worth it. You’re gonna get a Zoom, you’re gonna get, and I’ve been getting this week, Amanda, before the [00:49:00] holidays. Were a little slower this week. Yeah. I’m getting so much tea. A lot of it I’m just putting on the subscription site because Yes, it’s enough tea to go around and the people that are like you, Paying for and I feel they should get a little extra something

Amanda: And you guys, we opened up the vaults and because we, knew that it might be a slow week, so we went through and for whatever reason we don’t always post everything we get.

So we went, opened up the vaults and have been posting at least one of those pieces of tea every day. We’re calling it like the 10 days of tea. And this will actually will tell you guys this, but this will actually go past the first and a couple days. We’re gonna do a couple of bonus days. So if you join, you can also go back and look at all of the other posts.

Since the very first day of the membership site, you get all of that content. You get all of his old podcasts too.

B: Oh yeah, if you join now, there’s a ton of stuff because we’ve been rolling for over a month. We have, so we have, there’s [00:50:00] a lot of, and our extra podcasts are exclusive team mostly. Which some of it is come true though.

Yeah. Very interesting stuff going on over there. So it’s worth checking out if you enjoy listening, I think you’ll enjoy our subscription site. And Amanda pointed out when I was like, I don’t know if anyone’s gonna pay for this. She’s B, you roll through Starbucks, you pay more than what we’re charging a month.

Which I’m like, that’s very true. .

Amanda: That’s so true. Thank you guys. Happy New Year. Let’s all cheers to an amazing 2023. Till

B: next time.


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