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Nov 23, 2022

From: Under Fire
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Subject: Under fire

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The Potomac housewife is under fire. Clearly she instigated the fight and is the one who made it physical. We all saw how that worked out for Monique. She’s trying to garner sympathy and hinting that she’s stepping away, that’s because she’s fearful she won’t be asked back and wants to frame it as if she left.

She extra mad at the duo who encouraged her behind the scenes and promised to back her. Sure they sat there and said she wasn’t wrong but there no where to be found now that she’s really feeling the heat. She’s even alienated her own in real life friend who we see on the show.

I wouldn’t expect to see her back.

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  1. Itsmytime53

    I think she did the exact same thing last season!

  2. ProfessorWho?

    Mia is by no means my favorite, but I am so over holier than thou Wendy talking down to EVERYONE around her thinking she’s so much better than everyone when she’s in fact the biggest hypocrite. She came hard last season about her husband being discussed yet goes and throws similar comments around this season? Then wants to play victim about Mia’s violence as if she wasn’t caught saying how she was gonna beat her ass…..girl bye. They both wrong, and Mia’s friend put it best – what did you think would happen when two strong personalities who don’t get along and have never been told no before? It’s gonna bubble over. The hypocrisy tho of Wendy like I can’t.

  3. Rae

    Bye Messy Mia.

  4. Boo

    Mia sucks and is NOT a good fit. She’s a fake try hard who needs to go. Wendy is just as insufferable but at least she doesn’t get physical with people.

  5. Just My Two Sense

    I think they are both in the wrong. Mia should not have thrown the drink/plus other stuff. The way Wendy came after Mia’s marriage was nasty and what was even worse was how Wendy kept calling her crater face. To cut down a woman’s appearance and what I am sure is a huge insecurity for Mia is just gross. Wendy has no class and Johns Hopkins University should be embarrassed to have her on their staff. She does not conduct herself in a way that is respectful to her career.

  6. nm

    Since when is throwing a drink the same as physical assault? Does no one remember Tamra throwing wine on Jeana…? It’s just not the same as what Monique did to Candace.

  7. Erika

    Is no different than what Margaret Joseph’s did to Danielle on real housewives of New Jersey. This double standards has to stop now.

  8. EffZenWen

    Wendy is a nasty instigator. Hasn’t anyone noticed how many awful things she’s said over the years!? Yes this scene may not have warranted a drink in the kisser, but I can’t blame Robyn for having no sympathy.

    Wendy is the worst Housewife EVER.

    Get rid of both her and Mia and get someone decent in to replace them.

  9. sarah

    This all started because Wendy was being messy with Charisse and Karen, getting involved earlier in the day, and then bringing it up at dinner.

    Mia shouldn’t have thrown a drink or brought up Peter. Wendy shouldn’t have had talked about Wendy’s marriage, talked about Wendy’s skin, or acted in a way that she needed to be held back by the bodyguard. They are both desperate to be right.

    What i’ve noticed about Wendy is that she really plays with the reality tv aspect of things. I’ll talk trash, but it’s just TV. She talked ish about Robin and Juan’s marriage for an entire season but wanted to be cool with Robin at Karen’s spring event. Or the infamous hot mic moment about whether Mia was lying about cancer.

    Mia on the other hand is just desperate to be on TV, and does whatever she can for screen time.

  10. Bye to both

    Wendy is NOT innocent in all this. She is a HUGE hypocrite saying Robyn was wanting to fight by standing up but she did the SAME thing! She plays the victim all the time! Over her! I don’t like Mia either. They both can go!

  11. Jess

    I’ve been on the fence about her this season.. But seeing the way she treated her “best friend” while on camera showed her true colors and gave me the ick. I would be so pissed if a friend treated me like that on camera

  12. Blue Eyes

    At least it feels like real conflict unlike Gizelle and Ashley trying to take down Chris for no good reason. Mia and Wendy may not be my favorite housewives, but at least they’re giving us something.

  13. JM

    Sorry, but tossing a drink is hardly assault and insinuating it is is extremely insulting to people who have been assaulted – speaking from experience. People seriously need to get off their high-horse and accept this for what it is – a Real Housewives show! We want the drama and part of that is arguments.

    You would all be moaning if there was no drama.

  14. Wendy sucks

    I’m sorry but someone can only hold their cool for so long. If I was Mia and Wendy was calling me crater face and antagonizing me for that long…. I would have done a lot worse than Mia did

  15. GirlS bye

    Can we all just agree that Mia AND Wendy need to go? They’re both so thirsty for the spotlight, so over these two classless women.

  16. Stating facts

    I believe the assault was actually Mia hitting Wendy with her purse, not her throwing the drink. Also, Wendy only said maybe you guys get down like that in your marriage but we don’t do that in mine before the drink was thrown at her. That is not coming for someone’s marriage.

    Now, both were wrong and I’m not sure I’m a fan of either of them, but the way y’all have twisted the facts in the comment section simply because you don’t like Wendy….. smh


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