She’s out but she’ll be there?!

Oct 2, 2022

From a source:

I heard from a good friend of Andy’s that Rinna for sure won’t be coming back to RHOBH, but she IS scheduled to go to Bravocon. So not all that you see there will actually be. She’s not listed yet but she should be, unless something changes again. Anon if you share please.

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  1. Karen

    I hate defending Rinna (ugh) but she was never listed from the beginning. She’s on HSN that weekend. Who would buy her garbage? Never see her wear dusters-only designers are important to her

  2. 1 last paycheck

    I think she posted a teaser about having Bravocon news.

  3. OWN IT

    She posted today that she would be there on her stories ☺️

  4. Bunny

    She needs that last paycheck

  5. Andy Devil Cohen

    She doesn’t need that last paycheck but happy that gives you peace.
    Billie Reed alter ego will always make money. Being hot pays, too bad Big Kathy’s children can’t stop fighting… Andy Cohen got shit on by a bird… Karma is moist!


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