Sep 30, 2022

*** we keep getting tea about this. Expect an announcement at Bravocon!

Girl! I am on a flight right now to Martha’s Vineyard and I overheard these two dudes sitting next to me talking about a show they were filming. They said something about summer house so I got excited obvi and asked them what they’re filming now. They said a new show called Fall House!!! it’s been filming in Martha’s Vineyard. Filming wraps tomorrow!

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  1. MD

    Love the scoop but hate the name! LOL can they give us some more creativity

  2. Islander

    I live on the Vineyard and no locals are talking about this show. Also, fall is quiet here unless you fish so I don’t see why this is the location they picked for another Summer House spin off.
    Islanders do not want anything filmed here unless it’s Jaws. (Myself included!)

  3. JC

    It’s pretty dead this time of year, so that would be pretty weird. Kind of like why they don’t film Summer House in the off seasons. But also, wasn’t there a reality show called The Vineyard a while back? Not related, just wondering

  4. Dontscrewthecrew

    This seems like odd location choice.
    It would be better to house share with working people during summer all below deck. Vermont would be better for fall. That my opinion — or ACK for summer dealing with tourists ?


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