Summer house spin-off!

Sep 1, 2022

Bravo’s hit franchise, Summer House, returns with a new spin-off. Summer House: Marta’s Vineyard. This reality series features the franchise’s first all African American cast! See in the New England idyllic island of Martha’s Vineyard, these friends will show exactly what happens when you mix big personalities, a bit of history and plenty of Sun and Sand!


  1. Ms. Joyce

    Wasn’t Kandi & The Gang the first all African American spin off?

    • Kandi and the Gang did it first but I’m here for this

      Righhhhttt???? I’m like huh

    • Satchels of Gold

      Franchise, not network’s first all African American cast.

  2. Em

    Love the idea of this!!! However Martha’s Vineyard natives aren’t huge on shows like this being filmed there so this will stir some things up if this is legit. I also have a feeling that a majority of that content will not reflect real life there for those who live there full time.

    • SH

      I agree this show won’t reflect real life for locals just like summer house. Summer house has a big beautiful home, however they definitely don’t live like the locals. They never film at locations that locals love and would never allow filming

    • Completely missed the mark

      Well I doubt it will reflect “real life” of those that live there since that’s literally the exact opposite point of the show lol. Read the title. SUMMER HOUSE: Martha’s Vineyard. It’s for people who SUMMER there. Vacationers. Summerers. Tourists. Have you watched the original? In no way does it claim to be about the “locals” of the hamptoms lol. Don’t try to be an entitled know it all who’s so in the know of Martha’s Vineyard.

      • Completely too pressed

        Woah pretentious, chill

      • Dramamrama

        Plus that Hamptons “locals” show on Amazon is the biggest joke. Couldn’t get past one episode, so manufactured. Show me people on vacation!

      • Lollllll


      • Em

        Dude relax lol. Tourists and people who stay there for the summer DO NOT just live a glamorous life there. If you’re lucky enough to have a rich lifestyle, yes it will be like summer house. For someone who’s calling people “know-it-all’s” you’re really trying to “tell us all.” Also I’m from MV but thanks for sharing.

  3. Tramella

    I’m super excited to see this show as I have African American friends who go vacation there every year. I have yet had a chance to go. I look forward to vicariously visiting through this show. Super exciting.

  4. Get off our island

    Oof. From a local on MV this is NOT something we want on the Island. The description alone is dreadful. This should have been take to Nantucket or something. For the love of G, stay off the Island! There is no way that they are filming full-year locals for this show- FULL STOP.

    • Chilmark Lifer

      Couldn’t agree more! They tried it 10+ years ago and we hated it then, too. Jaws > Bravo.

  5. Susan

    There was a show years ago filmed on the vineyard. They all worked at the black dog I think

  6. TheHobKnob

    Anyone know what town they filmed in?

  7. Mike

    They were filming nine OB on the harbor on Friday night.


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