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Lots of housewives fabricate stories for a story line. If they know they must produce, a lot of them will exaggerate or straight up make up a storyline.
Well this one made up a wild one. She will talk about being abused as a child. She will blame her father.
The truth is that she needed a storyline. She also needed to deflect from husband’s employment issue.
She is estranged from her dad so it was the perfect timing. And her dad did something pretty shitty recently so perfect to kill 2 birds one stone.
The problem? When you have another “family” member on the cast- you can’t really rewrite familial history.
Look for family member to call her out. When push comes to shove (and it will) it’s all because family member tells her (and the world) that this is the first she has ever heard even an inkling of abuse and it’s hard to believe. THAT is where the divide happens. THAT is the tornado that broke up bad weather.

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