From: Salty Legend

Subject: No New Housewives

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After a blockbuster second season, Salt Lake City have struggled to find new housewives. The cast will only be the returning 5 OG’s. No one else has earned a snowflake. Angie Katsanevas will be the only official new cast member. She’s got a cast photo and will have confessionals but will ultimately be a friend. Danna Bui-Negrete & Angie Harrington will be guests of the show, kind of like the way the two Kim’s were during season 2 of RHONJ. Although Harrington has a confessional and may have a cast photo although that’s unconfirmed. The season has been sensational again. These ladies really deliver. The new season will be far less dark than the last season. We’ll see a round up of Mary’s storyline as she’s mentioned a lot in the early episodes, and the ladies film at her boarded up church. Also the season WILL cover Jennie’s Facebook posts and we’ll see her on the early episodes. Barlow is having a tough season; but likely Whitney will have the toughest season. Jen, Meredith & Heather are totally done with her, and she’ll be called out on a lot of things this year. Expect the new season in August. Photo attached is Heather & Jen investigating Mary’s church.

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